GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive (2024): Features, Cost, & More Compared

Perfect for freelancers, agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Starts at $97/month

  • Launched in 2018

  • Ratings: 4.4/5 on G2. 4.9/5 on Trustpilot

  • Built for marketing agencies and businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to manage their clients' CRM and marketing efforts

It can cater to small businesses but excels more in meeting the needs of larger enterprises.

  • Starts at $15/month

  • Launched in 2010

  • Ratings: 4.2/5 on G2. 4.5/5 on Trustpilot

  • The ideal choice for businesses seeking an efficient solution to enhance their sales processes and drive revenue growth.

Running a marketing agency or company means working and managing many tasks. We fight battles on multiple fronts – strategy, creativity, sales, and data – and finding the right platform to use might be challenging.

That’s where platforms like GoHighLevel and Pipedrive become helpful. But which one offers the best business tools? That’s what you’ll find out today.

This article will be a straight-to-the-point yet detailed comparison of these two CRM platforms.

What Is GoHighLevel?

gohighlevel close more deals page

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform that goes beyond offering a fancy “customer relationship management” system. It’s a whole toolbox packed with features that help you attract leads, nurture them into clients, and keep them coming back to you. 

This platform ends the era of stacking multiple tools to run marketing campaigns, connect with your clients and team members, and analyze and report on your results.

It brings everything you need under one roof – lead-capturing tools, page builders, call and SMS capabilities, social media tools, sales pipeline management, and more.

GoHighLevel started humbly, actualized by two people who felt the pain of marketing agencies struggling to manage multiple software solutions to handle their day-to-day operations.

Now, it’s being used by over 40,000 agencies and 1.2 million businesses.

Who Is GoHighLevel For?

GoHighLevel is for the action-takers who want to ditch the tool clutter and get things done. That includes:

  • Agencies blending sales and marketing services. Ideal for those prioritizing marketing services, GoHighLevel streamlines tasks onto a single platform, boosting efficiency in sales processes from lead capture to deal closure.
  • Businesses focused on amplifying lead generation. The platform offers a comprehensive suite for lead generation activities, supporting efforts from initial interest to nurturing and conversion, perfect for businesses seeking to improve their sales funnel’s effectiveness.
  • Digital marketers in search of a unified solution. For managing campaigns, analyzing data, and seamless client communication, GoHighLevel provides an all-in-one dashboard to launch, oversee, and refine marketing efforts, increasing productivity and focus.

GoHighLevel Key Features

gohighlevel check in client features

Let’s zoom in on why GoHighLevel sets itself apart from other platforms: 

  • Website Builder and Landing Pages. Craft stunning websites and captivating landing pages in minutes – no coding needed! Drag, drop, and customize, then watch those leads roll in.
  • Comprehensive Suite for CRMManage client accounts, track customer relationships, and nurture leads effortlessly with its innovative contact data feature.
  • Marketing Automation. Set it and forget it! Automate emails, texts, and social media posts to engage leads, answer questions, and move them through your sales funnel like clockwork.
  • Built-in Call and SMS Capabilities. Connect with clients directly. No more switching between platforms or scrambling for contact info.
  • Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads. Go where your audience is! Run targeted ads directly from GoHighLevel and track results seamlessly. Attract suitable leads and watch your ROI skyrocket.
  • Powerful Analytics. Get laser-focused insights into your campaigns with GoHighLevel’s in-depth analytics. See what’s working and what’s not, and optimize your marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Membership Sites & Courses. Host and manage your membership sites or online courses – GoHighLevel has you covered! Deliver exclusive content, engage your audience, and boost your recurring revenue.
  • Surveys & Forms. Capture valuable feedback and leads with easy-to-create surveys and forms. Customize them to your needs and gather the data that drives intelligent marketing decisions.
  • Reputation Management. Stay on top of your online reputation with GoHighLevel’s built-in tools. Manage reviews, respond to feedback, and protect your brand with ease.
  • White-Labeling. Brand GoHighLevel as your own! Give your agency a professional edge and offer clients a seamless experience under your logo.

What Is Pipedrive?

pipedrive homepage

Pipedrive isn’t your average CRM – it’s a laser-focused tool for streamlining your sales processes.

Launched in 2010 by a team of sales professionals, Pipedrive was created out of frustration with the CRM solutions available at the time. The founders sought to design a platform that was easy to use and effective in managing sales pipelines.

At its core, Pipedrive enables businesses to track their sales pipeline, manage leads, and automate the sales process from one central location.

This focus on simplification and efficiency is evident when you visit its homepage, which clearly outlines its mission to empower SMBs.

With Pipedrive, staying organized, productive, and efficient becomes the norm, thanks to features like multiple integrations, automation capabilities, in-depth reporting, and customizable dashboards.

Currently, Pipedrive serves over 100,000 businesses worldwide, a testament to its popularity and effectiveness as a sales management tool.

Who Is Pipedrive For?

Pipedrive caters to those who prioritize efficiency and clarity in their sales processes. It’s specifically designed for:

  • Sales teams looking to refine their approach to managing pipelines. Pipedrive’s intuitive interface and visual pipeline management tools make it easier for teams to stay on top of deals and tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Sales reps seeking to enhance their productivity. With features like automated task reminders, email integration, and mobile access, sales reps can efficiently manage their schedules, follow up on leads, and close deals even when moving.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their businesses should consider Pipedrive. It provides a scalable solution that grows with your business. Its easy setup and user-friendly design mean even those without a sales background can effectively manage their sales pipeline.

Pipedrive Key Features

pipedrive features products

Pipedrive organizes its tools into clear categories, including a diverse marketplace of integrations. Here’s a snapshot of what Pipedrive offers.

  • Sales Automation & CRM. Pipedrive’s automation removes the busy work so you can concentrate on selling. Moreover, it provides an AI sales assistant for better tips and insights.
  • Email Marketing & Project Management. From crafting compelling emails quickly to managing projects without chaos, Pipedrive keeps your communication centralized and your projects on track.
  • Insights & Customization. Discover winning patterns and tailor your CRM to fit your unique process. Pipedrive’s insights and reports help you make sense of your sales data to drive decisions.
  • Lead Generation & Web Tracking. With the LeadBooster and Web Visitors add-ons, Pipedrive helps capture qualified leads and gives insights into who’s visiting your website and how they engage with your content.

GoHighLevel and Pipeline – Similarities 

Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive make your sales work easier. They share some key features that might catch your interest.

First, automation is a big deal for both. These programs help you do less manual work. You can set up sequences to follow up with leads or manage sales tasks. You can spend more time on important stuff, like growing your business.

Next, they utilize a user-friendly interface. Whether you’re new to CRMs or have used them for years doesn’t matter. Both platforms are straightforward. You’ll find navigating and using their features simple from day one.

Both platforms also offer two-factor authentication, so you can be confident that your data remains secure. It will only allow team members and users who can pass this extra security.

Lastly, third-party integrations are available on each platform. You’ll likely use other tools for your business. Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive play well with many other software. This helps you keep everything connected and running smoothly.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – Differences at a Glance 

There are several differences between these platforms. Here are some of the most significant ones.

  • Pipedrive offers more affordable and attractive pricing tiers than GoHighLevel.
  • GoHighLevel provides a comprehensive suite including CRM, marketing, sales tools, landing page builders, memberships, and courses. In comparison, Pipedrive focuses primarily on sales pipeline management and CRM features.
  • GoHighLevel provides various triggers and actions covering calls, affiliates, and payments. Meanwhile, Pipedrive mainly focuses on sales, project management, and activity tracking.
  • GoHighLevel allows for white-labeling and easy access to reselling its platform directly with plan purchases. Pipedrive doesn’t offer white labeling, and its reselling feature requires you to undergo application and technical certifications.
  • GoHighLevel supports comprehensive communication channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, webchat, and in-platform appointment settings. Pipedrive’s communication channels are primarily through email, Facebook Messenger, and its chatbot feature.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros

  • The reselling and white-labeling features make it perfect for agencies.
  • It has better usage limits, such as unlimited team members, websites, blogs, automation, contacts, and more.
  • It can replace many third-party apps for businesses.
  • Offers more marketing channels to its users.
  • Has better direct integrations available inside the dashboard (customizable via CSS) and more extensive automation.

GoHighLevel Cons

  • It’s more expensive compared to Pipedrive.
  • Its home page doesn’t provide detailed info about the platform and what it offers.
  • Training materials are outdated.

Pipedrive Pros

  • Offers a more detailed breakdown of its features on its home and landing pages.
  • Provides more affordable and flexible pricing plans.
  • Has better sales tools, including the AI sales assistant and Smart Docs.
  • High-class privacy and security features for its users
  • It is user-friendly and has excellent customer support.

Pipedrive Cons

  • Doesn’t offer other core marketing channels for better customer interactions.
  • No website and landing page builder.
  • Depends too much on third-party integration for other features outside sales and CRM.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – Pricing 

gohighlevel pricing

GoHighLevel offers three main pricing plans:

  • Starter – ($97 per month)
  • Freelancer or Unlimited – ($297 per month)
  • Agency Pro – ($497 per month)

The Starter plan includes unlimited users, three business accounts, essential features like workflow and campaign builders, two-way SMS and email, and sales pipeline management.

Meanwhile, the Freelancer plan adds white-label capabilities, primary API access, and enhanced support.

Lastly, there is Agency Pro, the most comprehensive plan. You can only unlock it after starting a complimentary free trial on any of the two plans above.

This plan includes a SaaS mode, rebilling options, split testing, more advanced API access, agent reporting, and an AI bot. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy the features of this all-in-one platform and sell it to others.

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pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive’s pricing offers a range of plans to suit different business needs:

  • Essential – ($15.00 per user/month)
  • Advanced -($29.00 per user/month)
  • Professional – ($59.00 per user/month)
  • Power – ($69.90 per user/month)
  • Enterprise – ($99.00 per user/month)

The Essential plan is designed to help you get organized and set up your sales processes quickly.

It includes core features such as lead, deal, contact, calendar, pipeline management, seamless data import, and over 400 integrations.

The Advanced plan adds full email sync with templates, group emailing, and automation builder, including email sequences, which are crucial for engaging leads and saving time on routine tasks.

The Professional plan optimizes performance with more customizations and reporting, providing streamlined lead routing, document management with e-signatures, and deeper revenue forecasts.

For larger teams, the Power plan offers flexible collaboration and support, project planning, tracking, and enhanced account control of permissions and visibility.

The Enterprise plan is the pinnacle, offering the complete Pipedrive experience without limits. It includes enhanced security preferences, unlimited reports, customizations, and double the number of automations per user.

It’s the best plan for businesses seeking the utmost CRM and sales pipeline sophistication.

Like GoHighLevel, choosing an annual payment with Pipedrive can save you up to 17%, making it an attractive option for those committed to long-term use.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – User-Friendliness

Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive boast responsive designs. Their dashboards are similar, with all tools easily accessible from the left-hand side of the screen.

gohighlevel opportunities dashboard

This thoughtful layout simplifies navigation, allowing you to find what you need on both platforms quickly.

The platforms also adopt a minimalistic design and are free from excessive elements, contributing to a clean and uncluttered user experience.

If you have used any SaaS platform, both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive will feel intuitive. (despite the former being an all-in-one platform.)

However, Pipedrive might have a slight edge for complete novices. It enhances accessibility by providing explanatory videos and texts within specific feature dashboards, guiding new users through its functionalities.

pipedrive campaigns

I think this is something that GoHighLevel should implement on its dashboard in the future.

Winner – Tie

Regardless of the slight differences, both platforms offer a user-friendly interface that can suit both experienced users and newcomers to the SaaS world.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – CRM and Pipelines

Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive excel in managing your sales process and customer relationship management.

They streamline collecting client information through automation or manually importing data – individually or in bulk.

In accessing contacts, both platforms enable you to customize fields, attach notes and documents, set activities/tasks, and schedule appointments —tools that are crucial for keeping track of client interactions and sales activities.

For managing the sales pipeline, both offer dedicated tabs. “Opportunities” in GoHighLevel and “Deals” in Pipedrive. They have similar functionalities. You can create and customize pipelines, drag-and-drop leads to different stages, and manage the details efficiently.

While both platforms make managing leads and contacts seamless, Pipedrive has additional features like viewing leads in a list format, forecasting future revenue, and generating lead ideas (still in beta mode.)

pipedrive additional features welcome

These tools can provide an edge by offering a more precise overview of your sales activities and potential earnings.

Winner – Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers more advanced features to help you get better leads, like the “Smart Contact Data” feature, which allows you to scan the internet for other important info through their email address and phone number.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – Marketing and Automation Features

If Pipedrive edges ahead in sales management, GoHighLevel confidently claims the spotlight in marketing and automation. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Emails and SMS

Both platforms allow for comprehensive email campaign management and tracking. SMS capabilities, however, differ.

Pipedrive requires you to choose from various integrations, while GoHighLevel offers a selected, cost-effective integration already built for its system – the LeadConnector.

Moreover, GoHighLevel provides a visual email editor where you can drag and drop elements to create a stunning email for your clients.

gohighlevel first email sample

Pipedrive doesn’t offer this similar feature.

Web Presence

GoHighLevel shines with its all-in-one approach, providing a robust page builder with templates for websites, landing pages, and sales funnels — all without limitations.

gohighlevel funnels websites blogs

You can also craft blogs on HighLevel or integrate WordPress seamlessly. Pipedrive, in contrast, focuses on capturing leads through web forms, a narrower scope compared to GoHighLevel’s offerings.

Social Media

GoHighLevel stands out with its social media planner, allowing scheduling across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Google My Business.

gohighlevel planner

This feature eliminates the need for additional tools like Hootsuite. Pipedrive does not offer a native social media management tool.

Workflow and Automation

Both platforms excel in automation, enabling you to streamline email campaigns, update pipelines and leads, and create activities.

Pipedrive’s “Rule” feature simplifies lead and deal management, potentially boosting conversions.

gohighlevel deal lead

GoHighLevel takes automation further, offering advanced workflows for affiliate tracking, client onboarding, and payment processing.

gohighlevel sample affiliate automation

Winner – GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel shows how it lives up to its title as an all-in-one platform with its marketing features. You can connect with your leads and customers in different channels.

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GoHighLevel vs Pipeline – Analytics Tools 

GoHighLevel provides analytics tools that help you track where your leads are coming from and understand your conversion metrics.

The platform’s attribution reports, including Conversion and Source Reports, offer insights into revenue generation, leads closed, and the effectiveness of marketing channels, all through clear graphs and detailed data points.

Call Reporting features enable monitoring of call activities, and Appointment Reports detail engagement outcomes, including no-shows and cancellations, alongside the sources and channels driving these interactions.

For agency owners, GoHighLevel’s Agency Pro plan includes rolled-up reporting for a comprehensive view of all client accounts, offering vital data and insights for informed decision-making across the agency.

Pipedrive’s analytics tools offer custom field reporting, allowing real-time data to inform sales and CRM reports and a revenue forecast feature to plan with an eye on predicted income.

Performance and conversion reports provide a transparent view of lead activity and success rates.

Additionally, Pipedrive’s Sales AI is an intelligent assistant, offering timely tips and analyses to optimize workflows and reduce human error, empowering sales teams to concentrate on closing deals effectively.

Both platforms provide helpful reporting tools and enough customization for you as a user.

Winner – Tie

These platforms provide crucial data that you can use to work on your sales and marketing efforts.

GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive – Customer Support 

Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive recognize the importance of customer support and provide various resources for their users.

GoHighLevel welcomes new users with a complimentary kick-off call to set the stage for success. Additional support comes from Q&A sessions, weekly training, a welcome course, and a comprehensive knowledge base to help you leverage the platform to its fullest potential.

gohighlevel youtube videos

GoHighLevel’s customer support is reachable via phone and live chat if you encounter issues. However, email support is notably absent, and the assistance is generally aimed at agency owners rather than their clients, meaning you’ll need to handle client support queries yourself.

Additionally, GoHighLevel’s help center could benefit from more current updates.

Pipedrive, on the other hand, maintains an up-to-date knowledge base and offers an Academy with educational content to help you navigate and maximize the platform for your business needs. It hosts multiple live webinars weekly, available in English and Portuguese.

pipedrive academy courses

Support channels include email and live chat, but unlike GoHighLevel, Pipedrive lacks phone support.

Winner – Tie

Each has its strengths and missing elements in customer support—GoHighLevel lacks email support and updated resources, while Pipedrive doesn’t offer phone support.


Which Platform Is Better for Multi-Channel Marketing Automation? GoHighLevel or Pipedrive?

GoHighLevel is generally preferred for multi-channel marketing automation as it offers integrated tools for email, SMS, social media, and more within a single platform.

Can I Create Sales Funnels on GoHighLevel or Pipedrive?

GoHighLevel offers built-in tools for creating and managing sales funnels. But Pipedrive doesn’t have this feature.

Which CRM Platform Is More User-Friendly for Beginners?

Due to its educational resources and simple interface, Pipedrive may be more user-friendly for beginners.

Which platform provides better client account management features?

GoHighLevel (the Agency Pro plan, in particular) includes features tailored to agency owners’ needs to manage client accounts more effectively.

Is There a Clear Winner Between GoHighLevel and Pipedrive?

Both platforms are strong contenders in CRM and pipeline management. The best choice depends on your needs and whether the focus is on broader marketing features or sales process specialization.

How Do GoHighLevel and Pipedrive Compare in Terms of Customer Support for Agencies?

They are both excellent. GoHighLevel offers phone and live chat support, along with training resources. Meanwhile, Pipedrive provides updated resources, email, and live chat support.


As you can see, GoHighLevel and Pipedrive are fantastic CRM options. It will still depend on what your priorities and focus are in the end.

GoHighLevel is ideal if you want something more comprehensive and are willing to spend more money to get a complete solution. But if you want to focus on your sales and affordability, Pipedrive is the best pick.

So, which one will you choose? 

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