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Do you want a fantastic tool to help create a better booking process? The GoHighLevel calendar lets you manage multiple appointments and create automation in one place.

You’ll see how this tool can simplify your life in this article. Whether you want a better view of your personal and business engagements or looking to replace tools like Calendly, this feature is worth considering.

What Can You Do with GoHighLevel Calendar? 

outbound reach for local seo

The GoHighLevel calendar is ideal for agency owners, freelancers, and even small businesses. So you’ll find this applicable whichever category you fall into.

It lets you create and oversee all your appointments, meetings, and schedules in one place. And since it’s connected with other features in the GoHighLevel platform, you can conduct your processes more smoothly.

Manually Book Appointments

book appointment

If you need to suddenly schedule an appointment with an important client or team member, GoHighLevel lets you book it manually.

You can choose the best timeslot, date, and timezone for both parties. In addition, you can customize your meeting location. Whether it’s a Zoom call, a Google Meet session, or even an in-person meeting at your favorite coffee shop.

Manage Calendar Events

GoHighLevel also provides more valuable options for better appointment management. 

You can add, edit, or delete bookings as needed in a few clicks. You can even deactivate calendars you’re not using.

Moreover, you can easily change the appointment status to “confirmed,” “show,” “no-show,” “canceled,” and more. These statuses will reflect in your reports, allowing you to keep accurate records and improve client communication. 

Create Multiple Calendars 

calendar settings

With this tool, you can add as many calendars as you want. For example, let’s say you have one calendar for discovery calls, another for proposal calls, and even one for monthly team member meetings.

This feature allows you to organize your schedules to fit your specific needs.

Add Group Calendar

add new calendar

Now, here’s where things get interesting. With GoHighLevel, you can create calendar groups to bunch multiple calendars together. And you’ll love this if you’re running a digital marketing agency with different services.

Let’s say you’re offering SEO consultation and services. But you also provide social media and email marketing. You can group all SEO-related calendars.

Once you group them, GoHighLevel creates one URL link where all these calendars are visible. This is handy for sharing multiple booking options with a client or team member in just one link.

Modify Calendar Preferences

modify calendar preferences

Let’s not overlook the personal touch. GoHighLevel calendar allows you to modify preferences to suit your needs and those of your clients.

Want to change the language or time format? No problem. Prefer to start your week on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday? You can do that too.

These personalized calendar settings may seem negligible. But they’re still useful.

Choose Scheduling Type 

scheduling type

GoHighLevel also lets you pick which type of appointment system you’d like.

  • Simple Calendar. This is perfect for arranging physical events or one-on-one meetings. This is your go-to option if you’re hosting a workshop or need to sit down with a team member.
  • Round Robin. Need to handle troubleshooting calls, inbound sales calls, or conduct interviews? Round Robin ensures that there’s an equal distribution to your team. It keeps things fair and efficient.
  • Class Booking. This is ideal when offering one-on-one consultation calls with one of your expert members.
  • Collective Booking. Meanwhile, collective booking is ideal for sales calls, technical support, or group interviews. It lets you connect with multiple people at once.

Assign Team Members 

new calendar select team members

If we look closely at some schedule types, like round-robin and collective booking, you’ll notice that they involve more than one person.

That’s where GoHighLevel’s feature of assigning a team member to your new calendar shines.

In essence, being able to assign team members streamlines the booking process. It places the right people in the right meetings. It promotes collaboration and efficiency.

Offer Paid Bookings


Now, let’s step beyond the usual discovery calls and team meetings. With GoHighLevel, your calendar isn’t just a scheduling tool; it can also be a revenue generator. 

How so? You can modify these for paid appointments for coaching calls, marketing consultations, or other premium services.

It turns your calendar into a versatile platform for free and paid appointments. It simplifies the process, making it easier for clients to book and pay for their valuable time.

And here’s the best part. Integrating payment is effortless with GoHighLevel. You can start accepting payments immediately by linking Stripe to your calendar, which GoHighLevel allows you to do directly.

Connect to Your Personal Calendar

GoHighLevel makes it possible to sync your calendar right into its system.

This means you won’t miss any appointments, whether they’re personal or professional. You’ll also see if your scheduled times overlap with personal agendas.

And just like with the Stripe integration, syncing your calendar inside GoHighLevel is super easy. With a few clicks, your personal and professional calendars become one harmonious schedule. 

Editor’s Note – As of writing, the option to connect the Outlook calendar isn’t available. It’s best to stick with the Google Calendar for now. 

What Are the GoHighLevel Calendar Features? 

Besides the above, GoHighLevel has more useful features that make this tool effective and fun for online businesses.


customization meeting details

Though GoHighLevel’s platform may not be bursting with personalization options, it does provide enough flexibility to craft an attractive calendar page. 

This is beneficial as it allows you to give a professional touch that aligns with your brand. For starters, you can use a unique URL.

Instead of a randomly generated URL like “widget/bookings/12345,” you get something like “widget/bookings/discovery-call-for-local-seo.

Also, you can choose a widget style, either neo or classic, add a logo, include a description, and even insert custom code for a sleeker look.

Want a unified appearance? You can select one solid color for your booking event, like bright blue. This color will appear in your Google calendar once synced, keeping things visually cohesive. It’s these simple touches that make all the difference.

Booking Availability 

GoHighLevel offers flexibility in choosing your availability type. The standard option lets you pick specific days and times for calls.

standard my availability

But there’s also a “Custom” feature, where you can add unique dates and time windows. This is useful for particular scenarios like limited paid appointment offers or unique service offerings.

custom my availability

Here’s a peek into what else you can change:

  • Slot Interval. Do you want appointments to be available every 2 hours or every 30 minutes? You can do that.
  • Slot Duration. Set how long each meeting lasts, from 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • Date Range. Control how far into the future someone can book—for instance, two weeks from their desired schedule.
  • Maximum Bookings per Day. Decide the total number of appointments you can handle in a day.
  • Maximum Bookings per Slot. Put a limit on how many people can book a single slot.
  • Buffer Duration. Add a cushion before or after an appointment. No back-to-back bookings, so you’ve got time to breathe.

These options are vital in customizing your calendar. For example, using buffer time can prevent you from rushing between client meetings, and setting a maximum booking per day can help maintain a manageable schedule.

Code Embedding 

Whether your landing pages are hosted on WordPress, Wix, or another platform, GoHighLevel simplifies adding your booking calendar. All you have to do is copy the code and embed it on your web page.

The process is straightforward, keeping your calendar seamlessly connected wherever it’s hosted. It’s another way GoHighLevel ensures convenience for you.

Default or Custom Form

select form

When gathering information from your contacts, GoHighLevel gives you flexibility. You can create a custom form to get specific details or use the default one to get specific details. It’s all about what works best for your needs.

It also lets you help your contacts fill out the form. You can turn on the Pre-populate fields option, also known as sticky contacts. 

Think of it like your browser’s Autofill feature. When active, the fields come filled with information added earlier.

Confirmation Page 

confirmation page

What happens after someone makes a booking with you? With GoHighLevel, you have control over the next steps. 

You can either display a custom message on the same page (Default) or lead them to a different page (Redirect).

For instance, after scheduling a marketing consultation, you can redirect your clients to a page with a free ebook on marketing strategies. Or, you could lead them to a landing page showcasing related services they might find appealing.


appointment booking

Automation tools are real-life savers. GoHighLevel brings this convenience into its calendar feature, too.

Imagine the time you save with an automatic SMS or email confirmation sent as soon as an appointment is booked. You can also schedule multiple reminders to ensure neither you nor your contact forgets the call. No more manual follow-ups; just set it and forget it.

Another thing you can do is add contact tags. This makes it easy to segment and find contacts later for targeted communication or follow-up.

And for better appointment management, you can set internal notifications so a team member responsible for the call stay in the loop.


The calendar feature of the GoHighLevel platform doesn’t disappoint. It will make things easier for you and your team.

In addition, you can do much more inside this software than you can with simple appointment scheduling software.

GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial, so you can check how this tool works along with its other solid features.


Does GoHighLevel have a calendar?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers a calendar tool you can use to manually or automatically book appointments with your prospects. It’s included in all GoHighLevel plans. 

How can I connect my calendar to GoHighLevel? 

You must first connect your Google account inside “Integrations” under the “Settings” tab. Afterward, you can go to your calendar settings, choose which you’d like, and click “Edit.” Go to the “Connections” tab and select your syncing option. 

How many calendars can I create inside the GoHighLevel platform?

The GoHighLevel platform allows you to create unlimited calendars. This means you and your clients can book appointments for various services, team members, or locations without limitations.

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