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Do you want a better system for managing your leads and closing sales? GoHighLevel Pipelines can help.

This feature lets you create stages for your marketing campaigns, allowing you to see how each lead moves through your sales process.

Let’s discuss this feature in detail, find out the benefits of GoHighLevel Pipelines for business and marketing agency owners, and learn how to set up your own in a few steps.

What Are GoHighLevel Pipelines? 

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In marketing, a sales pipeline is a visual way to track your potential sales and conversion rates. It shows you your future clients and where they are in their customer journey.

A pipeline lets you see your leads clearly and helps your sales team know two crucial things.

  1. Where your lead is in the buying process
  2. What marketing campaign got them interested in the first place

GoHighLevel has made building a pipeline as easy as typing out the stages. You won’t need to struggle with tools like Google Sheets or Excel, where you might spend hours learning formulas or making charts.

Furthermore, this feature works hand-in-hand with the “Opportunities” feature. Once you set up your GoHighLevel Pipeline, you can view each lead or opportunity and monitor their progress through your sales funnel.

Why Use GoHighLevel Pipelines? 

With this feature, you and your team can:

  • Focus on a more practical approach. Pipelines allow you to match your actions to where leads are in their journey. They can also help you identify bottlenecks, see where you can improve your efforts, and create data-driven decisions. 
  • Build powerful automationGoHighLevel lets you use Pipelines as a trigger and build a series of actions to improve your campaign’s efficiency. From sending targeted emails to scheduling follow-up calls, automation ensures no lead is left behind or neglected.
  • No Extra Fees. You can add unlimited pipelines inside your sub-account. Additionally, the platform allows you to add as many steps as you want so you can design a more complex one.

How to Build A Pipeline in GoHighLevel?

First, you must choose a sub-account from your Agency dashboard. Then, click the “Opportunities” tab and select “Pipelines.” 

gohighlevel opportunity

Select the “Create New Pipeline” button on the top right part of your dashboard. 

gohighlevel create new pipeline

Type in the name of your Pipeline and select “+Add Stage.”

gohighlevel add pipeline name

If you want to change the order, click the arrow up or down next to the stage. 

gohighlevel pipeline name stage

GoHighLevel enables the funnel and pie chart by default, but you can turn them off. This lets you see your Pipeline’s conversion rate overview in your main dashboard.

gohighlevel visible in funnel chart

If there’s a particular Pipeline step that you don’t want to reflect on your charts, you can click turn them off under the “Actions” column. 

gohighlevel stage name actions

Click “Save” once you’re done. 

gohighlevel stage name save

Afterward, you can go to the “Opportunities” tab next to “Pipelines” and add a new lead by clicking “+New Opportunity.”

gohighlevel opportunity

Once you create a new opportunity, you can manually drag and drop it to the stages or add more leads.

Editor’s Note – You don’t have to add stages for closed, missing, or lost deals. GoHighLevel automatically provides “Won,” “Abandoned,” and “Lost” for each pipeline. It’s visible once you drag your contact inside the “Opportunities” tab.

How to Automate Your GoHighLevel Pipeline

GoHighLevel Automation can improve your pipeline and make it more powerful. There are many things you can do, like:

  • Automatically assigning new leads to team members based on specific criteria,
  • Sending follow-up emails or SMS when your prospect moves to a new stage,
  • And connecting your pipeline with third-party tools through webhook or Premium Actions inside GoHighLevel.

There are so many possibilities. Here’s one that I created as an example:

gohighlevel pipeline builder trigger

You can experiment and explore your options by going to the “Automations” tab and selecting “+Create Workflow” under “Workflows.”

gohighlevel automation create workflow


What Does GoHighLevel Pipeline Offer?

GoHighLevel provides a beginner-friendly way to build a sales pipeline for your services. This feature can help you and your team monitor your prospects’ journey and ensure you don’t miss any opportunity.

What’s the Difference Between A GoHighLevel Pipeline and Opportunity?

A Pipeline maps out the stages of your sales campaign, while an Opportunity is a potential sale or lead that moves through your campaign.

How Many Pipelines Can I Create in One GoHighLevel Sub-Account?

You can create as much as you want in any sub-account with no extra fees and any GoHighLevel subscription plan.


If you want to increase your conversion rate, build more effective campaigns, and keep all your leads in your team’s sight, GoHighLevel Pipelines offers the solution you need.

Build your first sales campaign with the platform by signing in to your account or registering for one of the HighLevel trial options.

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