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Every marketing professional who comes across GoHighLevel knows how great its CRM and automation tools are. But how do its website-building capabilities measure up to platforms like WordPress?

You might be surprised by what you’re about to find out.

In this article, you’ll learn about the GoHighLevel website builder in detail. I’ll pull back the curtains and show you its strengths, drawbacks, and how it works.

Can I Build Websites on GoHighLevel

Yes. GoHighLevel offers a powerful and native website builder. You don’t need to invest in separate tools or buy themes to get started.  In 2024, you can even create e-commerce stores with the HighLevel platform.

On top of that, you can create unlimited websites for your business on all its plans. But you can only enjoy its potential on the Agency Unlimited ($297/month) and SaaS Pro ($497/month) plans. These two offer unlimited sub-accounts, so you can use the website builder for more clients and web pages.

What Are the Features of GoHighLevel Website Builder

website builder

You can create phenomenal GoHighLevel websites without losing precious hours in coding. It offers tools that make a challenging task doable. 

First, GoHighLevel provides a great selection of pre-made templates. You can choose one based on your industry or page type. 

In addition, GoHighLevel also uses a drag-and-drop editor like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. 

This provides a user-friendly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. Of course, you can have this on WordPress, but you’ll need to rely on third-party themes and page builders like Elementor or Divi. 

Another feature worth mentioning is “Version.” You’ll love this one if you’re prone to accidentally deleting crucial elements on your page. 

Lastly, GoHighLevel added a Content AI to help you make highly converting websites. You can tap on this assistant if you have some writing issues.

Why Use GoHighLevel Website Builder

The website builder is impressive enough. But what makes this platform a great choice is that it opens a full suite of integrated tools to run your agency or freelancing business. 

For example, you can add booking calendars, contact forms, and order forms and trigger an email marketing campaign within the website via workflows

You won’t need to go back and forth between different software or pay third-party apps to automate your web pages. 

But like any tool, the GoHighLevel website builder has good and bad sides. Here are some of them.


  • You can create unlimited websites for you and your clients
  • It provides well-designed pre-made templates
  • It lets you add custom CSS and HTML
  • The interface is responsive and user-friendly
  • It allows you to import data from ClickFunnels


  • It doesn’t allow individual subscriptions to features
  • It’s not as customizable as WordPress
  • It’s not the cheapest option out there

How to Use GoHighLevel Website Builder

Let me walk you through how to get the most out of this feature-packed tool.

Create a Website From Scratch or With Pre-made Templates

create new website

You might prefer to start with a blank canvas if you already have a clear website vision. But if you despise the idea, GoHighLevel provides around 250 templates you can choose from.

To help you quickly find the perfect design, apply filters or use the search feature.

For example, your client is offering coaching services for small business owners. You can type “coach” in the search bar or select “Business, Coaching, and Consulting” under categories.

business coaching consulting

GoHighLevel also provides detailed descriptions aside from the available previews. They contain insights into which business it’s ideal, what elements it has, and the pages it offers. You can also see if there are any pre-requisite tools (i.e., booking calendars)

thrive business consulting

Once you decide which template to use, click “+Continue” to save it.

Manage All Your Pages

GoHighLevel’s website builder enables you to add, remove, import, and duplicate a website page in one place. Click “+Add New Page” and simply complete the form to create a new one.

If you have an existing ClickFunnels website and want to transfer its data, you can copy the URL and paste it inside this portion.

import from clickfunnels

Meanwhile, you can click the vertical ellipsis next to the page you wish to clone or delete. With it, you can create a copy of a page within the same website or your other client’s websites.


Customize Your Page

Click one page from your dashboard to start designing your website. Doing so will directly take you to the website builder.

One thing I like about it is the unified control panel. It puts all the website features within your reach.

Let’s say you want to change the layout. You can quickly access the column, row, and section tab on the screen and make adjustments. Selecting any section on your page also triggers the left sidebar to display various basic and advanced settings.

more customization

Reorganize Sections, Columns, and Rows

You can effortlessly rearrange your website’s parts through the drag-and-drop feature. GoHighLevel also includes a simpler option like the up and down arrows to move sections within your layout precisely.

drag and drop function

But it’s important to note that GoHighLevel’s website builder only permits dragging sections, elements, and rows within the confines of a page. It follows a structured grid layout. And you’re not allowed to drag columns. You can only use the arrows for them.

Add, Duplicate, or Delete Page Elements

Do you want to add a similar section or column on your page? Click on the “+” icon, and it will automatically attach the same piece. But if you want to replicate it as it is, you can select the duplicate icon.

With one click, you’ll have a cloned version under the original one. Meanwhile, if you want to remove unnecessary elements, simply hit the trash icon.

clone section element

Undo, Redo, or Revert Actions

Mistakes are inevitable when making a website. With GoHighLevel, you can stay relaxed.

The platform offers some features to correct these errors easily. First, it allows you to undo or redo your actions up to nine times. It works as a safety net for your design process.

But what if you’ve saved your work before realizing an error? The “Version” feature will be your lifesaver.  


This tool saves each progress of your page, keeping a record of all versions. You can use it to revert or restore your page to an earlier state.

Add Media

Adding media to your website increases its appeal and makes it more engaging for your visitors. Fortunately, GoHighLevel offers flexible options to incorporate multimedia into your designs.

highlevel website builder media
Add images from uploads, built-in Unsplash, Pixabay, or use image AI!

You can add videos or images to any part of your website. But note that GoHighLevel doesn’t support direct uploads to the page. Instead, you can add them to your media library.

Another way is to upload your video content to a platform like YouTube and then paste the link to your website.

If you plan to run your blog, GoHighLevel has a built-in feature for that. And you can add a ‘blog list’ element to showcase recent blog posts on your website. This helps keep your audience updated and encourages repeat visits.

Set Countdown Times or Progress Bars

Countdown timers and progress bars are excellent elements when designing your website. They add a sense of urgency, which can effectively engage users and guide them toward desired actions.


With GoHighLevel, adding minute or day countdown timers is possible. Minute timers create urgency for short-term promotions or webinars. In comparison, daytimers are perfect for counting down significant business events or product launches. 

You can also customize these timers. For instance, you can change the time zone, format, style, and language to match your audience.

On the other hand, progress bars are useful visual aids to indicate completion or progression, such as steps in a signup process. GoHighLevel lets you easily modify the text, font, and color to blend seamlessly with your design.

Include Custom Elements

In addition to the previously discussed elements, GoHighLevel offers numerous custom components you can use for your and your client’s websites. Here are some of them.

custom html
  • Testimonial Sections. Showcase customer testimonials, increasing trust and attracting more leads.
  • Newsletter Signup Forms. Keep visitors informed about new content or promotions.
  • Booking Calendars. Make scheduling free calls or demos a breeze directly from your GoHighLevel dashboard.
  • Google Map Views. Boost local visibility by displaying your physical location.
  • Clickable SVG Icons. These can guide visitors to different sections of your site or external links.
  • Order Forms. Choose from a one-step or two-step order form, depending on your sales funnel.

While GoHighLevel might not provide the same level of customization as WordPress, it allows you to add unique touches. 

You can include Javascript, HTML, or CSS code to personalize your site further. Despite the platform’s simplicity, its flexibility ensures you can create unique web pages.

Insert a Pop-up Window

Pop-up windows can be a great asset, whether promoting a new product or offering a lead-generating freebie. With GoHighLevel, creating a customizable pop-up window is easy. 

large call to action pop-up

Notably, it lets you add various elements to your pop-up, mirroring those available for your web page.

For instance, you can incorporate videos and buttons or even convert them into a checkout form. Thus, GoHighLevel’s pop-up window capability can amplify your engagement and conversion opportunities.

Save Global Sections

GoHighLevel presents a convenient feature of saving sections as a template or a global component. 

save section

When saved as a template, a section can be used across multiple websites, with changes made on one page not affecting the others. 

In contrast, a global component acts as a universal template; an alteration made in one place automatically reflects across all component instances. 

Optimize for Search

Before publishing any websites on GoHighLevel, ensure they are optimized for search. Click on the “Settings” tab inside the page, then select “SEO Meta Data.” Type in your main keyword, then add it in the title and meta description for SEO. 

seo meta data

Additionally, select an appealing image displayed when your link is shared on social platforms, further enhancing your page’s attractiveness and engagement.

Edit Other Pages

create new website from blank

You don’t have to click the arrow back to access the other web pages. You can edit. Click the multiple tab icon on the top right corner and choose which page you’d like to edit next. 

Just don’t forget to save before making any changes.


The GoHighLevel website tool is great for beginners and even intermediate users. You can add some unique features with coding, but you can create amazing websites for your business just by using the available elements.

So what do you think? Is GoHighLevel’s website builder better than WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix? 

If you are still unsure, register for a HighLevel free trial to try the above steps.


Is GoHighLevel Website Builder Worth It?

Yes. GoHighLevel allows you to create well-designed websites with its builder. It also offers many templates you can choose from, and its editor is pretty responsive. On top of that, it’s super easy to use. 

How Many Websites Can I Build With GoHighLevel? 

You can create unlimited GoHighLevel websites.

Can I Make Some Automation on My GoHighLevel Website? 

Yes! You can create some automation, like adding a contact to your email list once they complete a form. Additionally, you could set up a thank-you email after someone completes a purchase.

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