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In SaaS platforms, a dashboard shows you critical data concisely and visually.

The same applies to the GoHighLevel dashboard. It’s a solid tool that marketing agencies and business owners like you can use to get a quick view of your efforts. You can see how your projects and campaigns are doing in one place.

Let’s look deeper into what the GoHighLevel dashboard offers, what you can do with it, and how to use it.

GoHighLevel Dashboard Overview 

gohighlevel dashboard

The GoHighLevel dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you open your account – whether in the agency or sub-account view.

Besides containing all the different tools of the software on the sidebar, it also provides you with a live overview of your business and revenue status.

It shows info like your current conversion rate, your pending tasks, and what stages your leads are currently at.

While the standard dashboard is neat and functional, you might want to add some personal touch. You may wish for a more modern display or a design matching your brand.

GoHighLevel lets you do this in two different ways.

You can personalize it through coding or the new customization feature available inside GoHighLevel. This newly introduced option is more than just a marketer’s toolkit; it’s a great way to make your workspace truly yours.

What Does the GoHighLevel Dashboard Contain? 

These are some of the core widgets available inside your dashboard:


The Opportunities section shows you a summary of the current standing of your leads. Are they closed and won? Still open? Or are they lost? It’s a clear and straightforward way to monitor your potential sales.

Pipeline Value

Pipeline Value tells you the dollar value of all your opportunities. This section helps you see how much money you could make and what you might lose. It’s a straightforward way to check the success of your sales pipeline.

Conversion Rate

This part exhibits how many of your leads are turning into wins. This rate is crucial because it helps you understand your effectiveness in closing deals.


This widget helps you find out where you’re losing potential clients. For instance, is it during appointment booking or contract signing? Understanding this can help you act smarter and improve your conversion rates.

Stages Distribution

If the funnels section shows where leads drop off, stage distribution is about where your leads currently are.

This part of the dashboard displays a pie chart. It shows how many leads are active in each stage of your pipeline.

Other Widgets

The GoHighLevel dashboard also includes a Lead Source report. This feature tracks the origin of your leads. Did they find you through your email campaigns, online ads, or a form on your website?

This report breaks down each lead source, providing insights into the number of leads, their overall value, and their current status – whether they’re still open, successfully closed, or lost.

The last widgets are the Manual Actions and Tasks. They help you stay on top of your unfinished tasks, primarily messaging or calling your leads or customers. 

What Kind of Customization Does the GoHighLevel Dashboard Allow? 

Option 1 – CSS Code 

At first, CSS code was the only way to customize the GoHighLevel dashboard. This option is great because it lets you change the style and color.

But it comes with some downsides. First, you must know how to code or hire someone who does. Second, if GoHighLevel updates, your custom code might break.

Customizing with CSS is only allowed on the Agency level. Any changes you make will show up in all your sub-accounts. Here’s how you can add CSS code:

  • Inside your Agency dashboard, go to “Settings.”
gohighlevel settings tab
  • Under the “My Profile” tab, select “Company.”
gohighlevel my profile tab
  • Scroll down to “Custom CSS.” You can type in your CSS code or paste one you already have.
gohighlevel custom css
  • You can also switch to Dark mode if you prefer.
gohighlevel theme
  • Click “Update Company” to save your changes.
gohighlevel update company

If you’re not familiar with coding or don’t want to spend too much time on it, you have other options:

Hire Someone or Buy and Apply Third-Party CSS Codes

You can hire someone from Fiverr or other marketplaces to customize your account. Alternatively, websites like GHL Experts and The Marketers Toolkit offer themes and customization options.

GHL Experts provide some free themes. You only need to copy and paste the design code you like. On the other hand, the Marketers Toolkit has a product called the GHL Customizer.

It lets you customize the templates and other parts of your GoHighLevel account, like menus, inbox, and notifications. However, you have to pay for it, unlike the ones from GHL Experts.

Visual CSS Editor

gohighlevel visual css editor

Visual CSS editor is a Chrome extension that offers a more beginner-friendly way to customize your dashboard. This extension uses a live editor so you can see what your dashboard would look like with your customization efforts.

Then, you can formally apply all the changes by exporting the code. This free tool is an excellent option for a no-cost customization solution.

Option 2 – Customize Widgets With Agency Pro Plan

GoHighLevel has introduced a new feature for easier customization. It allows you to drag, move, and resize widget displays.

You can create multiple dashboards and add, edit, or delete widgets according to your needs. For example, you can opt for an appointment overview instead of the default pipeline stages.

Additionally, you can add conditions and filters for more tailored insights.

A notable addition is choosing your preferred chart type. You can choose from a horizontal bar, pie chart, graph, etc. designs.

However, this customization feature is exclusive to the $497 plan and higher.

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How to Customize Your Dashboard

This step is super easy. Here’s how you can do it:

First, choose the dashboard you want to edit.

gohighlevel customize dashboard

Click on the pencil icon to edit.

gohighlevel awesome dashboard - clone

Rename your dashboard.

gohighlevel rename dashboard

Click “Add Widgets” to insert metrics or reports you want to monitor.

gohighlevel add widgets

After you’ve made all your changes, don’t forget to click “Save Changes.”

gohighlevel save changes

Creating Multiple Dashboards

GoHighLevel lets you create as many dashboards as you want. For instance, you can create one strictly for sales metrics, another for tasks and performance, and so on.

  • Click on the blue dashboard navigation button on the left side of your screen.
gohighlevel dashboard navigation button
  • Select “+ Add Dashboard.”
gohighlevel add dashboard
  • Name your dashboard based on its purpose.
ghighlevel name your dashboard
  • Decide if you want it to be private or shared with your team.
  • Click “Confirm.”

Adding a Widget to the Dashboard

  • Go to your dashboard and click the “Add widget” button.
gohighlevel widget
  • In the “Add Widgets” area, you can look through different categories of widgets. You can search for a specific widget or scroll to find the one you want to add.
gohighlevel add new widget
  • Once you select a widget, you can customize it. Change its title, set conditions, or adjust the date range to suit your needs. You can also resize and move the widget around.
gohighlevel edit widget
  • When you’re happy with the widget’s position and settings, remember to click “Save Changes.”
gohighlevel save changes

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Can I Customize My Dashboard in GoHighLevel?

Yes. GoHighLevel allows you to modify your dashboard’s look with CSS code. They also introduced a new feature that enables you to edit, resize, and alter widgets.

Who Can Use the Custom Widgets?

Custom widgets are only available to agency admins and users on the Pro plan.

Are GoHighLevel Custom Widgets Available on All Plans?

You can only access the new feature if you’re on the $497 plan and above.


Your dashboard is the first thing your clients will notice, and it can leave a lasting impression. It’s crucial to design it in a way that will reflect your brand.

So, change the style of your account through a CSS code or try the new GoHighLevel feature today with their latest offer.

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