GoHighLevel WhatsApp Integration in 2024 – A Powerful Integration For Agencies and Businesses

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With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is becoming a popular communication channel globally.

This stat shows how massive the platform is and how powerful it can be if you use it for your agency or client’s business.

That’s why I was stoked when GoHighLevel finally announced and released a beta version of WhatsApp integration in late 2023.

Keep reading if you want to know about its features, how to integrate WhatsApp messages into your account, and more.

What Is GoHighLevel – WhatsApp Integration

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GoHighLevel developers have worked hard to bring this feature into the platform for years. And finally, they were able to gain access to WhatsApp Business API.

This integration allows you to use WhatsApp directly within the GoHighLevel platform. There’s no need for third-party apps like Integrately or Zapier anymore.

You can now connect your existing Lead Connector (LC) phone system or Twilio number to send and receive messages to and from your leads on WhatsApp.

Besides using it for your agency, you can resell the tool to your clients, as with other services such as Yext and WordPress. This will give them another way to connect to their leads and customers.


The team made it clear that this is just the beginning. It plans to introduce more features soon. The developer-in-charge, Shubham Gupta, even mentioned that their goal is to add all the things you can do with text messaging to this integration.

Soon, you’ll be able to create new campaigns and automation with WhatsApp.

How Much Does the WhatsApp Subscription Cost?

Within the GoHighLevel platform, the WhatsApp feature is available under a paid plan. The cost is set at $10 per sub-account each month.

However, you’ll also need to pay fees for template messages. You can refer to this downloadable table from GoHighLevel for the pricing:

gohighlevel downloadable table

The default amount for reselling is $29.99 per month for each sub-account. But you have the option to set your resale price.

gohighlevel resale price

Meanwhile, GoHighLevel also lets you offer WhatsApp for free as part of your service. You’ll pay the $10 for your client’s sub-account so they can use it at no additional costs.

This approach is effective if you plan to provide added value to premium clients or as an incentive for them to engage with your higher-tier services.

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Why Use WhatsApp in GoHighLevel

There are so many good reasons to use WhatsApp with GoHighLevel:

  • Free Inbound Messages. You can receive inbound messages at no cost and reply without any charges. You’ll only pay for outbound messages when using specially created templates. I’ll provide more details later to help you understand how it works.
  • More Affordable. WhatsApp’s billing is based on conversations, not individual messages. A conversation is a 24-hour message thread between you and your customers. This is more cost-effective compared to text messages, which charge per segment.
  • Better Option in Specific Locations. WhatsApp messaging can be cheaper than SMS in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico. For example, the cost of sending messages in India using the typical text message is significantly higher than using WhatsApp ($0.0682/segment vs. $0.004 – 0.0099/per conversation)
  • QR Code Functionality. You can share your WhatsApp details easily using QR codes. This feature makes it simple for customers to connect with your business.

GoHighLevel – WhatsApp Features

The things you can do with this tool will grow, but there are some key features to enjoy now.

First up is the Meta login. Since WhatsApp is part of Meta (formerly Facebook), signing up and logging in is easy – use the info of your existing Facebook profile.

Another critical feature is message status tracking. In the Conversations tab of GoHighLevel, you can see your messages and monitor whether they’ve been delivered or read. This helps you understand your clients’ engagement and whether your messages are promptly received.

Lastly are the messaging templates. GoHighLevel allows you to create and submit reusable message formats for various purposes, i.e., announcements, promotional or relevant offers, customer replies, and personalized messages.

The templates need to be approved by Meta before you can send them to your leads and clients. This approval process ensures your messages are professional and reduces the risk of sending spammy or problematic content.

Prerequisites of GoHighLevel – WhatsApp Integration

Before subscribing to WhatsApp and setting it up with GoHighLevel, here are some things you have to prepare. 

  • Your Facebook Page. You will need to connect your Facebook account later in the setup process.
  • GoHighLevel Number. Having a number through Twilio or the LC phone system is important for integrating with WhatsApp.
  • Stripe Account. This is necessary to pay for the WhatsApp service. You’ll also use it to receive payments from your clients if you choose to resell the feature.

How to Resell WhatsApp as the Agency Owner

On your Agency dashboard, select the “Reselling” tab. Set up your price and click “Save.”

gohighlevel resell whatsapp

To make WhatsApp available to your audience, go to “Sub-account.” Pick one and click the vertical ellipsis to select “Manage Clients.”

gohighlevel manage clients

Here, toggle on the button next to “Offer WhatsApp.”

gohighlevel resell whatsapp location

You can also edit the default price and provide a special discount to that sub-account. Let’s say Client A is already paying you premium rates. You can lower the price or offer it for free with the “Deploy WhatsApp Directly.”

gohighlevel deploy whatsapp

If a client opts for this, you will be the one charged $10 per month.

How to Activate WhatsApp Inside GoHighLevel (Sub-Account Level)

Once everything is set at the Agency level, your clients can pay for and use WhatsApp within their GoHighLevel account. If you plan to use it for your own business account, here’s what you should do:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab and click “WhatsApp.”
  • Pay with your card. Provide the necessary details and click “Confirm.”
gohighlevel pay with card
  • Click the “Signup with Facebook” button.
gohighlevel whatsapp sign up
  • Click “Continue” to initiate the WhatsApp setup on your account.
gohighlevel whatsapp setup
  • A popup will appear, asking you to continue to your Facebook profile and explaining what will happen once you log in with Facebook. If you agree, click the “Continue As [Your Name] button.

GoHighLevel will display a screen detailing the permissions you’ll share with LeadConnector once you agree.

You can also view the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here. Take your time to review this information. When ready, click “Get Started.”

gohighlevel connect to leadconnector

Enter your business information, including the business account you will be using, your business name, website, and country. Click “Next.”

gohighlevel business information

Now, you can create or select your WhatsApp Business Account. If you already have a profile, you can integrate it. For this example, we’ll create one within GoHighLevel.

Select “Create A New WhatsApp Business Account” and choose “Business Profile,” then click “Next.”

Provide details for your business profile, such as display name, timezone, category, and a description of your business (optional), along with your website (optional).

Click “Next” to enter your business phone number. It’s best to use your number in GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel will send an OTP to verify the number. Find it in your “Conversations” tab, copy it, and paste it into the provided space.

After verifying your business number, click “Finish.”

highlevel finish button

Editor’s Note: To add a new number, click +Add Number in the WhatsApp dashboard and follow the steps above.

Return to the WhatsApp tab in the “Settings” to check if your phone number and profile are reflected.

In the WhatsApp dashboard, you’ll see whether your profile has been reviewed, approved, and verified by Meta Business. Verification may take up to 30 days.

Creating Templates for WhatsApp Messages

  • Click the “Templates” tab, then select “+Create Template.”
gohighlevel whatsapp template
  • You’ll need to fill out several details:
gohighlevel create template
  • Template Name: Choose a name that reflects the template’s purpose or is related to your campaign’s name. For example, if you’re sending a welcome message, you might name it “WelcomeMessage_CampaignName.”
  • Category: Select a category for your template. It could be ‘Utility’ for practical messages or ‘Marketing’ for promotional content.
  • Language: Pick the language you will use in the template.
  • Message Content: You must provide your message’s Header, Body, and Footer. For instance:
    • Header: “Welcome to [Your Company Name]!”
    • Body: “Hi {{first_name}}, thank you for joining us! We’re excited to have you on board.”
    • Footer: “For more information, visit our website or contact us at [Contact Information].”
  • Once you’re done, click “Create” and await Meta’s approval. It usually takes 24 hours.
gohighlevel create

Editor’s Note – GoHighLevel allows you to integrate all your custom variables from GoHighLevel to add a personalized touch to your template.

Sending Messages to Your Clients

After setting up your WhatsApp templates and profile, you can start messaging directly within the GoHighLevel platform.

All you have to do is go to your dashboard’s “Conversations” tab. Then, you can choose someone from your inbox to message.

Select “WhatsApp” as the communication method, which you’ll find alongside options for SMS texting and Email.

To initiate a conversation, start with one of your predefined templates. This is a requirement for the first message. Once you send a template message, a 24-hour window opens during which you can freely exchange messages with your client.

Adding WhatsApp Automation to Your Workflows

GoHighLevel has yet to announce the official integration of WhatsApp into their workflows. However, they have shared plans for features they aim to release soon.

Automated WhatsApp Messages

One exciting development will be the ability to send automated replies through WhatsApp in addition to text messages. This feature will be integrated into the existing workflow triggers (i.e. trigger links), such as the “Customer Replied” tab.

So, if one of your clients inquires about your product on WhatsApp, GoHighLevel also automatically sends a response on the same channel.

Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

WhatsApp workflows help your business communicate better about appointments. This is great for places like clinics or restaurants. It’s also helpful for beauty salons and car repair shops.

With this, you can now select the best option to connect with them – whether by email, text, or WhatsApp message.

Database Reactivation Campaign

Database reactivation means getting back in touch with past customers or prospects. Usually, this involves sending them a special offer through emails and texts. Adding WhatsApp to this strategy offers a new dimension.

For agency owners, introducing WhatsApp helps businesses streamline their reactivation efforts. This is especially useful for adding links and connecting with leads in areas where standard texting isn’t common.


Is WhatsApp Free of Charge in GoHighLevel? 

GoHighLevel charges you $10/month/sub-account to use this communication channel. However, you can sell it higher to cover this expense.

How Will I Get Billed For WhatsApp?

You’ll automatically be deducted through Stripe. So, it’s essential to set this up before integrating WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp Not Showing On My Account?

The agency admin needs to activate it on the Agency level dashboard to reflect on the sub-accounts. You may ask permission to gain access as an admin user or contact the agency owner to enable it.

How Can I Disable WhatsApp on a Sub-Account?

You can do this inside the Agency dashboard. Click the “Sub-Accounts” tab and choose one. Then, toggle off the button beside “Offer WhatsApp.”


The GoHighLevel WhatsApp feature will provide better opportunities for agency owners like you and the small businesses you handle. It can help you increase customer satisfaction and improve your efforts in delivering content to your prospects.

The tool is publicly available now, so sign up for a free HighLevel trial today and give it a try.

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