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You might have heard that GoHighLevel is a powerful CRM platform in the modern age. And while it’s true, it offers so much more than that. 

What sets GoHighLevel apart is being a unified marketing platform. It’s like a conductor that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and customer relationship tools under one roof. 

So, if you’re an aspiring marketing agency owner and are curious about its GoHighLevel CRM capabilities, you’re in the right place. 

What Is GoHighLevel CRM?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s the command center for all things client-related for marketing agencies and businesses.

A solid CRM is like a backstage pass that gives you direct access to your audience’s behaviors, preferences, and interactions with your brand. 

Think of it as your helpful tool for attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones happy and engaged.

The main advantage of using HighLevel CRM is it’s designed with your satisfaction in mind. Rather than creating just another tool, the team made something that can be the backbone of your business.

While most CRM systems specialize in one aspect – GoHighLevel shines as an all-in-one platform

It offers features that play harmoniously together, from multi-channel marketing and contact management to sales funnels and website builders, all organized to make your life easier.

So, you’re getting all the tools you need to grow every part of your business. 

Who Is GoHighLevel CRM For

Selecting a CRM tool is a big deal. You can think of it as your vehicle that can help you reach success. While anyone can find value in using this platform, here are some people who will particularly benefit from it: 

  • marketing agencies struggling to monitor and convert their leads to customers
  • online businesses needing an intuitive yet comprehensive dashboard for their sales and marketing campaigns
  • freelancers juggling multiple clients and projects who require a streamlined way to handle communications and business strategies

What Are the Core GoHighLevel CRM Features

Here are some of the best CRM tools inside GoHighLevel and what you can do with them. 

Organizing and Profiling Contacts with Smart Lists 

gohighlevel smart list with filter

First up, let’s talk about “Smart Lists.” This is different from your average contact list.

“Smart Lists” lets you filter and customize your contacts based on unique conditions, like specific actions they’ve taken. 

Plus, they update in real time, making them dynamic and adaptable. It’s perfect for executing unplanned marketing campaigns.

For example, you own a fitness center and suddenly want to target customers who have attended at least three yoga classes in the last month for a special promotion. 

The “Smart Lists” could automatically gather these contacts, ensuring your campaign is as focused and effective as possible. 

So, you get to spend more time crafting the perfect promotion rather than sifting through endless spreadsheets.

Monitoring Leads with Pipeline Management 

gohighlevel add pipeline

Whether you have a small or a full-fledged sales team, this feature lets you take a hands-on approach with your leads.

You can set up various pipelines like “New Subscribers,” “Hot Leads,” and “Event Attendees” with multiple stages and view them in an ‘Opportunities’ dashboard.

Here’s our pipeline example called “Google Ads Course Buyers.” We divided it into stages like Abandoned Carts, Buyers, Response, Duds, and Won. 

gohighlevel opportunities

This allows us to determine to whom we must pay more attention and allocate our efforts. 

What’s even better is the customization and automation provided by GoHighLevel

If a pipeline isn’t working, you can tweak it. In addition, you can streamline your entire sales funnel so new leads will automatically be placed in the correct box, depending on their action. 

Automating Your Marketing Efforts with Workflow

gohighlevel workflow list

So, we’ve talked about sorting contacts and managing pipelines. But what if I tell you that GoHighLevel lets you make this process nearly hands-free? 

Within the “Workflow” section, you’ve got many automation options at your fingertips. And for those just starting, there are ready-to-go templates to get the ball rolling.

gohighlevel pick template start from scratch

Here are some examples:

  • Automate sending reminders and booking links after someone opts into your lead magnet.
  • Trigger an email sequence once a visitor fills out a form on your site.
  • After an appointment confirmation, queue up reminders, surveys, and critical review requests. 
  • Automate tags and send out onboarding emails to a new member or subscriber. 
  • Set up a strategy that combines SMS and calls to keep in touch with your audience from all angles.

Accessing Communication Hub with Conversation

gohighlevel conversations communication suite

With GoHighLevel, you send emails, make calls, and fire SMS messages within the same platform. 

But it gets better. You also have a centralized dashboard called “Conversation,” which is your go-to spot for real-time customer engagement. 

Here, you can keep track of customer queries coming in from various channels like Facebook, Instagram, and even Google My Business. 

Imagine juggling multiple platforms, chat windows, and email accounts without hassle. Yep, that’s the kind of seamless interaction GoHighLevel offers.

Scheduling Appointments with Calendar

gohighlevel book appointment

One-on-one calls, whether demos, discovery sessions, or consultations, are your golden opportunity to have meaningful relationships with potential clients. 

Yet, scheduling these calls can sometimes cause issues—overlapping or canceled appointments and forgotten reminders.

GoHighLevel simplifies this puzzle of tasks. It gives you an at-a-glance calendar, allows you to update call statuses, and even syncs with your personal calendar to avoid double bookings. 

Plus, once all the calls are done, you get insightful reports to inform your next marketing move.

Go HighLevel vs. Other CRMs

What makes GoHighLevel better than other CRMs is the tools and its costs. Let’s talk about them individually.

GoHighLevel offers all the features marketing agencies and freelancers need to run their businesses more smoothly. Some of them are:

  • Editor for Landing Pages, Websites, and Sales Funnels. Say goodbye to third-party apps. You can create sales funnels and landing pages within GoHighLevel.
  • Text and Email Marketing. Run emails and SMS marketing campaigns without hopping between platforms. Besides these two, you can also use GoHighLevel’s inbound phone system to answer calls.
  • Social Media Planner. Schedule posts and track engagement in the same place where you manage customer relationships.
  • Reputation Management. Monitor and respond to customer reviews to build trust and social proof.
  • Reporting and Analytics. Measure what matters and modify your campaigns for maximum ROI.

When it comes to pricing, GoHighLevel keeps it refreshingly simple. 

Unlike platforms like Hubspot or Salesforce, where scaling your business could also mean paying more, GoHighLevel offers three straightforward tiers:

gohighlevel upgrade plan pricing
  • Agency Starter. You get to enjoy all the core features and add unlimited users.
  • Agency Unlimited. This is the perfect plan for marketing agencies. It allows unlimited sub-accounts to handle multiple clients in one platform.
  • Agency SaaS Pro. Besides the unlimited accounts, you get to resell the platform as your own and pocket the profits.

Although they charge separately for emails and calls through a third-party app called LeadConnector, the costs are reasonable.

GoHighLevel delivers robust features and financial flexibility, making it a genuinely scalable option for agency owners and freelancers.

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Conclusion – Why GoHighLevel Should Be On Your Radar

If you’re looking for a great CRM tool to run your own agency, GoHighLevel is a compelling option. It’s comprehensive, easy to use, and seamless. It’s more like a multi-tool for your business than just a standard CRM.

Are you curious to know what the entire platform can offer? Sign up for their free trial to try the features and get a call with GoHighLevel’s team.


What Sets GoHighLevel’s CRM Apart?

GoHighLevel is more significant than its CRM competitors regarding the features offered and the value you get from its plans. 

Can I Migrate My Old CRM to GoHighLevel?

Yes, you can, although it’s a DIY project for now. You have options like uploading CSV files to transfer your contacts smoothly.

More HighLevel FAQs:

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