GoHighLevel Triggers – How They Work in 2024

In automation, a trigger is the “IF” part in an “IF, THEN” conditional setup. It’s essential for allowing repetitive tasks to run by themselves.

GoHighLevel gives you different prompts to automate your business process and marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll look into GoHighLevel Triggers and learn how they work to connect the platform’s features.

What Are GoHighLevel Triggers

gohighlevel triggers

Triggers in GoHighLevel are predefined conditions within the platform that, when met, automatically initiate a sequence of actions.

Unlike other platforms focusing mainly on marketing tasks like email follow-ups, tagging contacts, or unsubscribing someone, GoHighLevel offers a broader range of options. You can create more simple and complex automation.

GoHighLevel has over 50 different prompts spread across ten categories.

After selecting a trigger, GoHighLevel enables further customization. You can change the trigger name and apply filters. Adding filters lets you target specific events or conditions to set up more precise and practical tasks.

Editor’s Note: It’s essential to distinguish automation triggers from trigger links. Trigger links are more limited, and they work a bit differently. If you want additional information about it, consider reading this post.

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What Are the Different Trigger Types in GoHighLevel

I can’t name each trigger that you can use inside GoHighLevel. But here’s a summary of what you can expect from the categories.

Contact. Manage interactions such as reminders, changes in contact details, and tagging. So you can stay updated with your contact’s activities and information.

gohighlevel contact

Events. Automate actions based on specific events like email responses, form submissions, and call status updates.

gohighlevel events

Appointments. Track and set actions relevant to appointment-related activities to stay updated with your schedules and new lead engagements.

gohighlevel appointments

Opportunities. Focus on sales and lead management by automating actions triggered by changes in opportunity status or pipeline stages, helping you keep your sales process efficient.

gohighlevel opportunities

Affiliate. Enhance your affiliate program by automating actions related to new affiliates and sales.

gohighlevel affiliate

Courses. Automate educational content delivery and track student progress with prompts related to course enrollment, lesson completion, and more, creating a seamless learning experience.

gohighlevel courses

Payments. Manage your financial transactions and follow-ups better by setting up actions related to invoices, payments, and orders.

gohighlevel payment

Shopify. Are you running an online store? You can get alerts or set other actions when someone leaves without buying, places an order, or when an order is sent out.

gohighlevel shopify

Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Automate telephone-based interactions using IVR triggers, improving customer service and engagement.

gohighlevel ivr

Communities. Manage your online community and improve members’ experience more effectively by automating actions related to group access.

gohighlevel communities

How to Use Triggers in GoHighLevel

They can all be accessed (along with the actions) inside the GoHighLevel Automation. Here’s what you can do.

Select an account where you want to create automation and click “Automation” on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

gohighlevel automation

Under Workflows, select “+ Create Workflow.”

gohighlevel workflow list

You can start from scratch or choose from the available templates. Click “Continue.” If you select a template, you can still make customizations and necessary changes. But for this example, let’s go for the “Start from Scratch.”

gohighlevel pick a template

Click “+ Add New Trigger,” then select one from the list. For this, I’ll pick “Customer Replied.”

gohighlevel new workflow

It’s time to customize your trigger. You can change the name of your trigger and add some filters to make the automation more specific. Once you’re done, click “Save.”

gohighlevel workflow save trigger

Now, all you have to do is set actions. Click the “+” icon and choose an action. Like Triggers, GoHighLevel also provides a variety of actions you can pick from.

gohighlevel trigger end

Once satisfied, you may “Test Workflow” to ensure everything works, save it as “Draft,” or toggle the button to “Publish.”

gohighlevel chat automation sample

How to Create A Copy of An Existing GoHighLevel Trigger

You cannot duplicate a single trigger directly, but you can duplicate an entire workflow.

Copying within the same account helps when you need similar automation for different campaigns. Using it in another account is beneficial when applying successful strategies across different areas of your business.

It’s also super easy to do. First, go to the “Automation” tab. Under your list, click the three dots of the workflow you want to duplicate.

gohighlevel workflows

Select “Duplicate Workflow” or “Copy to Sub-Account.”

gohighlevel copy to sub-account

Choose the proper sub-business account from the pop-up. Then click “Submit.”

gohighlevel select sub-account

Editor’s Note: The “Copy to Sub-Account” is only visible to users with permission to access the agency dashboard. It’s not available to everyone.


What’s the Difference Between GoHighLevel Triggers and Actions?

They work together but serve different roles. A trigger begins the process, while the action is the response. It’s what happens after the trigger.

Are the Triggers in GoHighLevel Accessible in All Plans?

Yes, they are part of the Workflow builder, and this feature is available in all HighLevel plans.

How Many Triggers Can I Add In One Workflow?

You can add as many as you want. I tried adding more than 10, but there were no warnings or notifications about limits.

What Happens to the Data or Assets When I Copy a Workflow to Another Account?

Some specific elements are moved when transferring a workflow to a different business account. This includes Contact Tags, Custom Fields, and Custom Values. However, any remaining assets or references will be removed.


GoHighLevel Triggers are easy to use and helpful for marketing agencies and business owners. Sign up for the free trial to try them and explore what you can automate.

Also, check our GoHighLevel Workflows article to learn more relevant information.

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