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You might have read a detailed GoHighLevel Review and gained insights into its features. But nothing shows its capability as excellent as real-life examples. 

If you’re looking for an article showing what you can achieve with this powerful platform, you’re in the right place. 

I’ll show you the top 15 beautiful GoHighLevel website examples to solidify your decision to embrace GoHighLevel for your business. 

Revive Chiropractic and Wellness 

revive homepage

Revive Chiropractic Wellness shows well-designed landing pages created using the HighLevel website builder. The brand colors are visible on all parts, and the site looks unified.

Besides a responsive website, Revive Chiropractic uses GoHighLevel’s Calendar feature. This tool allows clients to book directly from the site by choosing their preferred date and time. The team behind the business will receive a notification and the appointment details so they won’t miss any bookings.

revive bookings

In addition, they added a video via GoHighLevel’s media element. Instead of filling the site with lengthy text explaining the process, they saved space and time through a 1:30-minute video. 

Ride It Baby Bikes 

ride it baby bikes

Looking at its header image, you’ll immediately know what kind of business Ride It Baby Bikes is. But with GoHighLevel, it neatly showcases other vehicle options in columns. 

Like the first website example, it also uses the appointment booking feature but for group rental events. Ride It Baby Bikes partners this with a form containing essential questions to help them prepare for the coming batch. And I think it’s pretty clever. 

Lastly, the site includes sections like FAQs to answer common queries, maps for easier location access, and testimonials to boost credibility. These elements are all available inside the GoHighLevel website builder. 

Top Profit Digital 

top profit digital

Top Profit Digital offers local SEO services and marketing automation for businesses. With the GoHighLevel website builder, the team created a clean, responsive, and professional-looking site. 

The discovery call form is also made from GoHighLevel. These form types can be connected with the HighLevel’s email marketing feature, allowing Top Profit’s team to automate messages for those submitting one. 

schedule your call

They partner it with a progress bar, another element in the drag-and-drop site editor. It’s a great tool if you want your prospects to know where they are in the process. 

Chat HQ


Among the GoHighLevel website examples I have introduced so far, ChatHQ is one of the well-designed ones. You’ll know it uses the software for its site and business, as they mentioned the GoHighLevel collaboration on the home page. 

But what makes it unique is that the team applied CSS code under some parts to make the website outstanding. This is made possible by the custom element of the platform’s site editor. And besides CSS code, you can also add HTML and JavaScript. 

For instance, the gradient text used in the headline and the animations when you hover over the “Engagement Widget Features” section. These effects are not grand, but they add life to the website. 

Home Watch Marketing 

Home Watch Marketing home page

Home Watch Marketing, as its name implies, helps people in the said niche to get customers through digital marketing techniques and automation. 

Besides using GoHighLevel’s website and form features, it uses the chat widget feature. This tool allows the business’ customer support to answer queries via message or email and get the leads’ information. 

For the social media icons on the top part, I believe it applied the button element feature. This GoHighLevel tool is quite flexible because it lets you use its own selection of icons besides the usual calls to action. 

Shift Social 

Shift Social home page

Shift Social helps car dealers increase their business revenue through a Done-For-You marketing process. It employs the GoHighLevel website builder for its short-form home page.

It’s a great website example for putting various call-to-action on your landing pages. Visitors clicking the header or footer button will be guided to a document showing some dealership ads. 

In contrast, if they click the “Get Started” or “Schedule a Free Call,” a pop-up window will show the booking calendar app by GoHighLevel. 

Besides the buttons, Shift Social also used other GoHighLevel features like the chat widget, a form for interested audiences, and a progress bar. 

She Reigns Creative

She Reigns Creative

She Reigns Creative offers complete marketing services and training for coaches who want to increase their business sales by 6 to 7 figures. 

The website oozes elegance, and you can see that through the layout, design, and font styles. These are all possible with the site editor. 

If you want to use this font or choose one that matches your business’ brand, the software lets you pick from over 200 Google fonts available inside this tool. GoHighLevel doesn’t limit you with font style options, unlike other platforms.

She Reigns Creative also added a blog menu on its site, another great feature of GoHighLevel.

She Reigns Creative blog page

With it, you can create unlimited posts to show your expertise and make them as engaging as possible by letting you pick your font and add media like images, audio, and video.

Aulin Automotive Repair

Aulin Automotive Repair home page

Aulin Automotive Repair added a form inside their header image so visitors can immediately take action. It uses this to get leads for those interested in a free diagnostic.

Like the other HighLevel website examples, it contained video media, maps, and customer reviews.

Aulin Auto Maps

The website is highly responsive, and it looks good thanks to the images and custom icons that are compatible with the nature of the business. They added SVG, which are two-dimensional elements that GoHighLevel allows users to upload.

Florida Screening Technics

florida screening tecnics homepage

Its footer section made Florida Screening Technics different from the other website above. Besides the usual list of services, it provides a link for each designated landing page of the areas they serve. 

This shows how flexible the builder feature is. Like this online business, you can create as many pages as you want inside one site with HighLevel.

And if you plan to use similar sections as it did, you can also do that with GoHighLevel’s cloning or save it as a template feature. No more wasting time copy and pasting texts or elements from one page to another.

HL Pro Tools

HL Pro Tools home page

HL Pro Tools is more like a long-form landing page than a full-blown website. But that doesn’t mean it underutilizes GoHighLevel’s capabilities. 

Besides using the elements to provide in-depth detail of its services and expertise, HL Pro also takes advantage of the membership feature of GoHighLevel for its business. This works similarly to Kajabi or other learning management systems.

HL Pro Tools membership page

Additionally, HL Pro can receive Google Pay from its customers thanks to the Stripe integration available for GoHighLevel users. This adds more convenience, which can help increase business revenue.

Your Occupational Therapist

Your Occupational Therapist home page

Your Occupational Therapist provides therapies and treatments for people with mental health issues.

This online business perfectly chooses the right color that makes it look trustworthy and credible. The website uses an existing pre-made template available inside GoHighLevel. But since the platform offers enough customization, the team behind it was able to make it their own.

HighLevel pre-made template

Unlike most websites using video elements, Your Occupational Therapist added the video as a pop-up window. You can also use it for checkout, lead forms, calendars, free ebooks, and more. This shows how adaptable the software’s features are for its users.

BR Physiques

BR Physiques home page

BR Physiques is another beautiful website to get inspiration from, especially if you are a professional trainer or running a fitness business.

It mainly uses images. And websites like this can get boring if they are too simple. The good thing is that with the GoHighLevel website builder, BR Physiques could add animation through CSS codes and make the appearance of photos more creative.

Aside from that, it also incorporates a multi-page form and the Calendar feature in its consultation call funnel.

TruMotion Martial Arts Studio

TruMotion home page

TruMotion creates a navigable space that uses the top menu and footer section to show other website parts. And since this business offers multiple programs, it needs a feature allowing drop-down options. 

Luckily, this is achievable inside the GoHighLevel landing page builder. It works simply by adding, dragging, and dropping the menu items on the sidebar. 

Additionally, the platform provides various lead-generation tools that TruMotion is using. That includes a chat widget, form, and call button. They can be automated, and the team behind this site can set up an email marketing campaign, automated response, and internal notifications for their members.

Coastal Calibrations

Coastal Calibrations home page

Coastal Calibrations offers vehicle calibration services. It’s designed by Dyno Digital, which is another GoHighLevel-powered website. 

It’s a good website model for those who want a simple yet effective page for getting leads and promoting services on search engines. Not only in the automotive industry but even in other types of business.

Like most examples above, it uses the Calendar feature for interested prospects and GoHighLevel’s chat widget, where visitors can leave questions and receive replies via SMS. You won’t have to use other platforms like Calendly or Facebook chat plugins to create similar tools.

Productive Environment Institute

Productive Environment Institute home page

Last on our list is Productive Environment Institute (PEI). This website reflects the business purpose.

Besides looking professional and engaging, it could maximize the landing page through a practical navigation menu, floating icons, and call-to-action buttons. Honestly, I can’t stop scrolling because of how responsive and enjoyable the website is. 

The team behind PEI also perfectly used the elements and other GoHighLevel features, such as the membership login, email marketing automation, survey form, and Social Media Link Tree template.

Survey pop-up forms



Which one of the website examples do you like best? Are you planning to create a long-form landing page or follow traditional websites like the majority?

Regardless of industry, business, or sales goal, GoHighLevel offers endless possibilities to achieve growth with its powerful page builder, marketing tools, and CRM features.

So go ahead, create your own site, and take advantage of its features. Sign up for a free trial to get started.

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