GoHighLevel Integrations – The Available HighLevel Integrations of 2024

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GoHighLevel already stands tall as a versatile all-in-one marketing platform. But with integrations, it becomes a more solid software.

This article will discuss all the possible software connections you can make inside and outside GoHighLevel. 

Whether you’re a seasoned GoHighLevel user or a newbie, knowing what you can connect with can significantly streamline your marketing tasks.

What are GoHighLevel Integrations?

gohighlevel integrations

GoHighLevel integrations are connections that link it with other platforms, enhancing its functionality. 

While it may not boast hundreds of integrations like other software, GoHighLevel is selective and ensures its offers will fully bolster your marketing agency or online business operations.

To make this easy for you and me, I’ll divide its integrations into three categories:

  • Native Integrations. Essential connections that are crucial for your marketing efforts.
  • Non-native Integrations. Nice-to-have additions, but not strictly necessary.
  • Additional Integrations. Your gateway to a broader universe, allowing you to connect GoHighLevel with an even wider array of third-party platforms.

Native GoHighLevel Integrations – Emails and Calls

Lead Connector Integration

gohighlevel lead connector integration

If you’re looking to boost your email marketing and telemarketing efforts, GoHighLevel highly recommends integrating with Lead Connector. 

This dynamic duo doesn’t just stop at your desktop. Lead Connector also powers the GoHighLevel mobile app.

lead connector

Here are some great reasons as to why you need this connection.

  • Revolutionize Telemarketing. LeadConnector provides top-notch deliverability, continuous error monitoring, and robust compliance features inside your GoHighLevel app.
  • Streamlined Communication. With Lead Connector, making phone calls and sending SMS directly through GoHighLevel’s CRM becomes as easy as clicking a button.
  • Hassle-Free Email Marketing. Lead Connector’s email service lets you send and receive emails directly through GoHighLevel. And it works for every subaccount you have.

Twilio Integration

twilio homepage

Before Lead Connector, Twilio was the go-to platform for GoHighLevel’s native phone system integration.

If you’re already well-acquainted with Twilio, the good news is that you can still connect it with GoHighLevel.

Twilio is a market leader for everything related to SMS, voice, and even video calls. And it can provide you with: 

  • Adaptive Marketing Campaigns. Twilio’s compatibility with GoHighLevel allows you to craft marketing strategies that adapt in real time. For example, you can set up automation that triggers a text message to your leads. 
  • Bidirectional Communication. Twilio also elevates the game by allowing you to receive replies, fostering better relationships with your prospects.

Mailgun Integration


Mailgun was also the primary email service integrated with GoHighLevel. It’s a trusted email service highly favored by developers and product teams.

Despite Lead Connector’s arrival, Mailgun still offers solid advantages.

For instance, you can enjoy Mailgun’s standout features to send bulk emails effortlessly when you connect GoHighLevel with it.

This is particularly useful for marketing campaigns, newsletters, or any occasion where you must reach many people simultaneously.

In addition, Mailgun has garnered respect as a reliable Email API. This is crucial when dealing with something as sensitive as email communication.

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Other Email Integrations

gohighlevel other mail integrations

What if you’ve already got an email service you know and love? GoHighLevel is pretty flexible in that department.

You can bring in your own Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) services. You have the freedom to integrate:

  • Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail
  • Sendgrid
  • Outlook

Google Calendar Integration

google calendar integration

GoHighLevel allows you to sync your Google Calendar to its appointment feature. This allows you to avoid double-booking and other calendar conflicts. 

When someone books a meeting with GoHighLevel’s calendar feature, this neat integration ensures it aligns with your personal one. So, your time slots are automatically reserved. No need for manual data entry. And based on your needs, you’ve got three sync modes to pick from.

  • One-Way Sync. Events from Google Calendar appear on your GoHighLevel calendar. These markers help you avoid scheduling conflicts but won’t reveal who’s invited on Google’s end.
  • Two-Way Sync. When an event is created in Google, GoHighLevel will recognize who’s invited and create a contact record for them, triggering any linked actions.
  • Smart Sync. If an event has people you’ve never met, it won’t automatically add them as contacts but will still reserve that time slot. But if it recognizes the contacts, expect that it’ll apply all the triggers and color code automation.

Zoom Integration

zoom homepage

Zoom is a video conferencing software that makes hosting or joining online meetings, webinars, and the like easy. Now, why would you want to pair that with GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel’s Zoom integration allows you to schedule, manage, and even launch Zoom meetings without leaving your dashboard.

In addition, you can also automate sending reminders and easily monitor any upcoming events.

So, what do you say? Wouldn’t your life be so much easier if all your essential tools played nice together in one sandbox?

Native GoHighLevel Integrations – Payments

HighLevel has a handful of direct payment gateway options.

Stripe Integration

stripe homepage

When you integrate GoHighLevel with Stripe, you’ll enhance your payment process. You can use various payment methods, from credit cards to other popular options globally.

In addition, you’ll have access to the two-step checkout form. It’s designed to improve user experience by simplifying the payment process. This segmented approach reduces cart abandonment rates, improving your chances of closing a sale.

QuickBooks Integration

quickbooks homepage

QuickBooks is a reliable assistant that manages all your accounting tasks—invoicing, payroll, or inventory.

It keeps your business’ financial matters organized, ensuring you don’t have to scramble through spreadsheets at the end of the quarter.

Through this connection, you get to do the following: 

  • Contact Synchronization. Whenever you add a new contact in QuickBooks, it will automatically appear in your GoHighLevel account. No more tedious data entry on your part.
  • Automated Reviews Upon Payment. The first time you issue an invoice through QuickBooks and get paid, GoHighLevel steps in to send a review request to your client.

Non-Native GoHighLevel Integrations – Social Media Platforms

TikTok Leads Integration

tiktok for business

TikTok leads allow you to show your ads to TikTok users already interested in what you offer.

Connecting this with GoHighLevel will allow you to automate follow-ups when someone fills out your TikTok ad form.

This is through the “Form Fields Mapping.” It defines how the information from TikTok gets sorted and used in GoHighLevel.

For example, suppose someone fills out the form expressing interest in your latest marketing guide. You can set up a rule in GoHighLevel to automatically send them an email with a download link. 

In addition, this integration could trigger an internal notification to your sales team, alerting them of a new potential customer. 

Facebook Ads and Business Page Integration

facebook meta

Facebook Ads

This works similarly to the one above. GoHighLevel and Facebook integrations provide a seamless way to gather valuable data and initiate marketing automation.

Moreover, you can use the Facebook Pixel tool. It offers a way to deliver personalized ads and protect customer data.

Adding this code to your GoHighLevel sales funnel can significantly enhance your tracking capabilities if you already use a Facebook Pixel to monitor your ad activities.

Facebook Business Page

In addition to ad integrations, GoHighLevel enables you to connect your Facebook Business Page. 

This functionality allows you to manage interactions and respond to customer inquiries from GoHighLevel’s Conversation dashboard

Instagram Integration

Though Instagram ads are managed through Facebook, GoHighLevel offers specific functionality for Instagram direct messages.

You can view and respond to Instagram DMs directly within your GoHighLevel platform. This integration ensures you don’t miss any potential leads and can manage your conversations more efficiently.


Google Integration

google integration

Google My Business

With Google My Business (GMB) and GoHighLevel integration, you can make the most out of Google Reviews. 

You can view and reply to these reviews directly from your GoHighLevel dashboard. It’s a fantastic way to track your reputation and engage with customers on the fly.

But there’s more. The system also activates GMB messaging. This means you can handle inquiries from Google Search and Google Maps from the GoHighLevel platform.

That allows you to read messages and respond to queries without switching platforms.

Google Ads

Besides that, GoHighLevel takes it up a notch by letting you sync your Google Ads account.

With this integration, you can use the conversion tracking of Google Ads and connect it to your HighLevel workflows for marketing optimization.

Google Analytics

And you also get to connect your Google Analytics.

google analytics

Integrating Google Analytics into GoHighLevel lets you get real-time insights on your dashboard.

You can track your Google Ads and funnel performance, see where your traffic comes from, discover your customer behavior, and even identify bottlenecks.

Non-Native Integration – Team Communication and Management 

Slack Integration


Unlike the other GoHighLevel integrations focusing on customer relationships, this one is useful in improving communication and team performance.

One of the standout features of Slack connection is the workflow premium action. This function improves your business processes by letting you automate messages sent to specific Slack channels and individual users. 

With this, you can automate the following:

  • Private Channel Messages. Perfect for updates that only concern a particular group within your team.
  • Public Channel Messages. Ideal for sharing news or updates that everyone in the agency should know about.
  • User Messages. Useful when you need to get in touch with one specific team member.

Clio Integration

clio homepage

Clio is a cloud-based platform for managing all things legal—cases, client interactions, you name it.

When you bring GoHighLevel into the mix, you’re giving your law firm a huge advantage. 

For instance, you can use the platform to boost your online presence, snag much-needed reviews, and connect with clients across multiple platforms, from your website to Google and SMS.

In simpler terms, this connection gives you additional features to score and communicate with your clients inside Clio. 

Non-Native GoHighLevel Integrations – Self-Hosted Software

Shopify Integration

spotify homepage

While GoHighLevel is excellent for agencies, it isn’t specifically geared toward e-commerce. So, this connection is great to fill in the gaps.

When you integrate GoHighLevel with Shopify, you get to amplify your e-commerce operations smartly and efficiently. Here are some things you can gain:

  • Boost Retention. With GoHighLevel, you can automate follow-up messages to customers who have abandoned their carts. 
  • Intelligent Communication. GoHighLevel’s advanced targeting feature can help you send personalized messages to each group. Whether they’re first-time visitors or loyal customers, you can tailor your outreach to fit their unique needs and preferences. 
  • Better Customer Engagement. This integration allows you to easily manage and send newsletters to your Shopify audience from the GoHighLevel platform. 

WordPress Integration

wordpress grow

WordPress is a dominant force in the website world. 

You’re ramping up your site’s capabilities when you blend it with GoHighLevel via the LeadConnector plugin. 

One neat perk is placing GoHighLevel funnels directly under your WordPress URL. This makes your site’s user experience smooth and unified.

But it’s not just about funnels. You can pop a GoHighLevel chat widget on your WordPress site, making customer interactions easier to monitor and manage. 

However, what makes this integration special is that – you can sell WordPress hosting to your clients and manage it inside your GoHighLevel account. It adds value to their operations and adds revenue to yours.

This integration lets both platforms function better together, giving you and your clients more bang for your buck.

Additional GoHighLevel Integrations – Miscellaneous

Zapier Integration

zapier lead connector

What if GoHighLevel doesn’t directly support your favorite app? 

You don’t have to worry because you have Zapier. This platform acts as a bridge between different web apps, enabling them to talk to each other without needing to know the same “language,” so to speak.

When you integrate GoHighLevel with Zapier, you unlock doors to apps that aren’t readily available in GoHighLevel’s native or third-party integration lists. It’s like adding tools to your tech stack, allowing for robust business processes. 

All you have to do is choose the platform you’d like to connect to, add your API keys, create zaps, and test them before publishing.

And with GoHighLevel, you can easily connect your sub-accounts through Zapier. This means that you can use this for your business and your clients. 

Editor’s Note: For Zapier, look for Lead Connector instead of GoHighLevel.

Custom Webhooks

custom webhooks

In simple terms, custom webhooks act like digital messengers. They deliver specific data from GoHighLevel to any other service you’re using. 

This is especially useful if you want to create custom interactions between GoHighLevel and another software you use for specialized tasks.

This feature’s power lies in its flexibility. You can tailor data requests to specific URLs using various HTTP and authorization methods. 

It’s pretty user-friendly, too, designed to streamline the exchange process while maintaining data accuracy.

If Zapier doesn’t cover what you need, custom webhooks in GoHighLevel offer another way to connect and do more, even including them inside workflows as premium actions. 


So, what’s your take on GoHighLevel integrations? Is there a platform you’re eyeing to integrate it with?

Whether you’re aiming for more efficient email marketing, more insightful analytics, or a seamless e-commerce experience, there’s probably an integration for that.

If you want to check them out, be sure to sign up for the free trial of GoHighLevel and choose your pricing plan.

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