GoHighLevel SMS and Texting – A Comprehensive Guide 2024

GoHighLevel SMS

SMS marketing has become one of the most direct ways to contact prospects and customers. It’s known for its convenience, low competition, and cost-effectiveness.

While various tools are available for this purpose, GoHighLevel offers one of the best deals and features in the market. 

But how exactly does this feature work? Let’s explore its capabilities together.

GoHighLevel SMS Overview

GoHighLevel enables you to effortlessly send, receive, and reply to an SMS message and automate your SMS campaigns.

The platform has a built-in app called Lead Connector (LC). 

Previously, GoHighLevel primarily integrated with a third-party phone provider named Twilio. However, they introduced LC (LeadConnector) to give a smoother and more profitable experience.

Here’s what you’ll like about Lead Connector:

  • Direct Setup. You can immediately send and receive SMS messages and calls with Lead Connector.
  • Top-notch Delivery. The service ensures you can deliver your messages without issues.
  • Strong Compliance. Lead Connector prioritizes rules and regulations, ensuring your messages follow the industry standards. 
  • Pocket-friendly. It’s affordable compared to other service providers. 

If you still prefer to use Twilio or have an existing account with them, GoHighLevel continues to offer support. So, you can choose based on your preferences or needs.

GoHighLevel’s SMS Features

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

When you’re on GoHighLevel, connecting with their CRM feature is effortless.

It means every message and interaction you have is stored and organized in one place. This centralized system simplifies your workflow, making tracking conversations and meeting customer needs easy.

In addition, GoHighLevel also lets you include a link to your calendar booking in your SMS messages. With just a click, your prospects can set appointments, and this reduces the friction often associated with scheduling.

Automated Text Messages and Opt-in Campaigns 

GoHighLevel also steps in to boost your SMS marketing strategy. It lets you create outgoing SMS messages but still includes some personalization through custom fields.

gohighlevel custom values

You can create workflows allowing you to deliver messages on occasions when you’re away for a conference, during holiday hours, or even during after-office times.

This proactive approach ensures communication lines remain open, even when you’re temporarily unavailable.

But that’s not all. You can easily set up specific triggers that a keyword will activate. Depending on the client’s reply, they could get tailored follow-up messages. This feature lets you optimize the customer journey and maximize engagement.

Two-way SMS Conversations

Besides sending automated messages, GoHighLevel lets you engage in two-way SMS conversations. This feature boosts real-time engagement, allowing you to address client queries swiftly. 

By keeping all exchanges organized within the platform, you maintain clarity and consistency.

SMS Templates

GoHighLevel also lets you create templates and customize them for your SMS campaigns. It means you don’t have to type out the same message over and over again.

Instead, you can draft a message once, save it as a template, and use it whenever you need. 

gohighlevel compose text message

Instead, you can draft a message once, save it as a template, and use it whenever you need. This is especially helpful when you send standard responses or notifications to multiple clients.

How to Set Up Your Phone Number on GoHighLevel 

Integrate LC or Twilio Inside the Agency Dashboard

To kick things off, the agency owner has to activate the SMS feature. 

If this step is missed, sub-accounts won’t be able to send text messages. The agency owner can be you or one from your team who has access to the Agency dashboard

Here’s how you can get things rolling. Head to “Settings” on the Agency dashboard and then “Phone Integration.”

gohighlevel agency dashboard settings

Now, you have a choice. You can pick Lead Connector or Twilio. We’ll use LC for our walk-through. So, select “Use LC Phone System.” GoHighLevel will ask you to verify your credit card details through a one-time PIN. 

gohighlevel phone integration

After that, you can click the “Sub Account Settings.” You can connect a specific sub-account or switch everything over by choosing “Switch all sub-accounts to LC Phone.”

gohighlevel phone integration switch sub account

Buy a Phone Number for the Sub-Account 

You can now go to a specific sub-account and select “Phone Numbers” inside the “Settings” tab. 

gohighlevel phone numbers

Within the “+ Add Number” dropdown, click “Add Phone Number.”

gohighlevel add phone number

You also have two other options:

  • Add Number Pool. This is ideal for large campaigns across multiple mediums like radio and billboards. It’s similar to bulk-buying phone numbers. This lets you track which marketing avenue is most effective for pulling leads.
  • Add New Caller ID. Here’s something cool. You can use your number as the Caller ID! Just verify your personal or business number. Instead of showing up as an LC Phone number, it’ll show as yours. 

Pick a country and a number. You’ll see whether it’s local, mobile, or toll-free under the “Type” column and their prices. 

gohighlevel buy your number

Local numbers are specific to certain regions. They’re great if you want to present a localized presence to your audience.

Meanwhile, toll-free numbers are more expensive than local ones. Still, they provide a faster message delivery rate and allow you to initiate SMS conversations in the US and Canada, even if you’re still waiting for the A2P registration. I’ll discuss this one later. 

Happy with your choice? Click “Proceed to Buy,” and you’re all set!

Editor’s Note – If you’re using the LC phone system in your sub-account, you can register for a toll-free number specifically for LC – Phone. But remember, this is only for the USA and Canada. On the other hand, if the sub-account operates with a personal or shared Twilio account, reaching out to Twilio’s customer service is the way to go.

Modify Your Mobile Information 

Once set, refining your phone details is simple. Just select the vertical ellipsis followed by “Edit Configuration.”

gohighlevel connect call configure

Here’s a rundown of some tweaks you can make: 

  • Forwarding Number. Directing calls to the right place is crucial. By setting up a forwarding number, incoming calls to your new number will be routed seamlessly to your primary business line.
  • Caller ID Checkbox. By default, the person you’re calling will see the original caller’s number. But toggle this feature if you want them to know the number they dialed instead.
  • Call Connect Checkbox. Want more precision in call tracking? Turn this on. It requires the person answering to press a button to connect, ensuring the call is intentional and tracked accurately.
  • Whisper Message Field. When the Call-Connect feature is active, this setting lets you choose the initial message the call recipient hears. It’s a friendly heads-up about the incoming call’s origin.
  • Call Recording. Enabling this ensures calls are recorded and stored in the contact’s conversation stream with all other communications – emails, SMS text messages, and social media.

Editor’s Note – If you activate call recording, compliance is essential. A pre-call message such as “this call will be recorded for quality purposes” is mandated in many states. This keeps everyone on the call informed and in the loop.

Verifying and Registering to A2P 10DLC Campaign 

Here’s an important added step you shouldn’t miss, mainly if you’re catering to the US. A2P 10DLC stands for “Application to Person using a 10 Digit Long Code.” Simply put, it’s a way of sending SMS messages through software via a local phone number.

From January 26, 2023, all A2P campaigns must go through a manual check. This is to make sure they follow specific standards and avoid spamming. 

If you want to know more about A2P verification, check out this link

How to Verify Your Phone Number for A2P 10DLC Campaign

GoHighLevel simplifies the verification process for your phone number, keeping it straightforward and fuss-free.

Click the “Start Now” from the warning message or select the “Trust Center” tab. 

gohighlevel trust center

Select “Start Registering Now.” 

gohighlevel a2p messaging

Fill out all the important information under the Business, Brand, and Campaign sections. Click “Continue.” 

gohighlevel a2p registration

Once you’re done with everything, wait for a few days. It may take 8-10 days for your status to change to verified and approved. You can view this inside the “Trust Center” tab. 

How to Set Up Manual SMS With GoHighLevel 

While automated SMS campaigns are an undeniable powerhouse for businesses, there’s something special about adding a personal touch. 

Automated messages can sometimes miss out on that warmth and relatability. Sending manual SMS messages bridges this gap, ensuring customers always feel the genuine intent and personal attention behind each text. It’s a unique blend of tech efficiency with human connection.

Here’s how you can create a workflow to make room for manual SMS messages: 

  • Navigate to ‘Workflow’ under the “Automation” tab. You can start from scratch or choose a template.
gohighlevel pick a template
  • Set the trigger as “When Customer Replied.”
gohighlevel custom replied
  • Incorporate actions such as email confirmations and notifications for your team.
  • Ensure that you add an action for “Manual SMS.” You can change the action’s name and use a template or create a message here.
gohighlevel manual action to sms
  • Before finalizing, test your workflow. If everything feels right, toggle to “Publish.”

To review and check the SMS conversation, go to the “Manual Actions” inside the “Conversation” tab.

How to Use SMS with Other Tools and Campaigns

Sending Direct Messages

With GoHighLevel, sending an SMS message directly to your prospects or clients is a breeze. You can select your desired recipients from your dashboard’s “Contacts” tab.

gohighlevel click contacts tab

One nifty feature that sets GoHighLevel apart is its flexible scheduling options. You can send messages immediately or put them for a later date, but there’s also a “drip mode.” Drip mode is all about pacing your SMS traffic. 

gohighlevel send all at once

Messages are released at intervals instead of flooding recipients with a wave of texts at once. It’s a smoother way to communicate, particularly when you have multiple messages to deliver. 

Automated Replies and SMS Opt-in Campaign

GoHighLevel’s SMS capabilities seamlessly intertwine with its workflows, granting you the power to automate replies for specific campaigns. 

You can set up a campaign where a client texts you after business hours. With an automated SMS after-hours service, you can ensure they receive an immediate response. You can craft this inside the “Workflows” tab by selecting the action “Send SMS.”

gohighlevel out of office

To sprinkle a touch of personalization, GoHighLevel offers custom values like liquid fields. This means each message can greet the recipient by their name. 

You’re running a special event, and your team is unavailable. Automated replies can inform clients about the event details or even offer them an exclusive sneak peek.

MultiChannel Campaign

Multi-channel SMS campaigns involve reaching out to prospects using various communication platforms. 

With GoHighLevel SMS Workflow, you can smoothly incorporate SMS into your strategy, adding elements like delays and wait times for paced communication. 

For instance, start with an engaging email, then follow up with an SMS reminder after a day’s delay. 

Couple this with a wait time for their reply, and if there’s no response, trigger another nudge. Here’s an example of a multichannel campaign.

gohighlevel multi-channel workflow

This combined approach ensures a consistent and effective touchpoint with your audience.

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GoHighLevel chatbot feature is a neat tool allowing website visitors to drop queries on your chat widget. But instead of a regular chat response, you can text them directly. 

It’s a refreshing way to engage and ensure you’re addressing their questions quickly. 

To activate this feature, head to the “Sites” tab and select “Chat Widget.”

gohighlevel chat widget

Here, you have the flexibility to tailor the chatbot appearance and enable it. This means your prospects have yet another convenient channel to contact you. 


How Much Do I Pay for Each SMS With GoHighLevel?

First, you’ll need a $1 phone number for each GoHighLevel account. After that, the cost for each SMS depends on what the carrier charges.

My Text Message Isn’t Going Through. What Should I Do?

There are many possible reasons why this is happening. GoHighLevel has a troubleshooting guide for common SMS errors. You can check it here.

How Does Gohighlevel Keep Things Legal With SMS?

GoHighLevel monitors error rates and how many people opt out of messages to avoid spam and keep everything on track. They’ll pause your ability to send SMS if things look off. Plus, they stay in the loop with new rules.


GoHighLevel’s SMS features offer a fantastic blend of personal touch and efficiency for your marketing needs.

By understanding how to use these tools, you can engage with your audience more directly and effectively after they sign up via your forms, chat, or other channels.

You can get started with a free trial to try and see for yourself.

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