GoHighLevel Pricing Plans (2024): How Much Does It Cost?

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In today’s post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about GoHighLevel pricing.

GoHighLevel—or simply HighLevel—aims to help agencies and marketers grow by giving them all the tools and support they’ll need to thrive.

But is it worth the investment?

Let’s look at the different GoHighLevel pricing plans available and all the features included in each one.

GoHighLevel Account Plans

There are two main GoHighLevel pricing plans to choose from. The two have a significant price difference, so you’ll want to pay close attention.

There is also an upgraded version, which we’ll discuss later.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

GoHighLevel Starter Plan: $97 per Month

The Starter Plan gives you access to the basic GoHighLevel features. As the plan name suggests, these features should be enough to get a new agency up and running.

Agency Starter Plan Highlight Feature:

This plan comes with 3 Sub-Accounts. Great for agencies just starting OR online entrepreneurs with multiple businesses.

It comes with a website builder that you can use to create landing pages and sales funnels. And if you want to, you can integrate forms and surveys into your landing pages or use HTML to embed them to any of your sites.

Even better, you’ll have access to an appointment system. This is a huge deal for those who want to capture as many leads as possible.

Speaking of capturing leads, GoHighLevel allows users to create multi-channel campaigns to engage potential customers. That means you can reach out to people through different platforms. You can give them a call, leave voicemails, or send a text message.

Of course, you can also get in touch through email. Facebook Messenger is also an option.

The automated booking feature is also worth mentioning. The idea is for you to be able to book appointments automatically based on text conversations (all communication is done through the Conversations tab).

text conversation

To be clear — GoHighLevel will help book appointments without human interaction, thanks to HighLevel AI technology.

Your agency Starter account includes a membership platform. Marketing agencies use this to grow their communities or their clients’. Membership sites are great for offering free or paid courses.

The great thing about GoHighLevel’s membership feature is that it doesn’t limit its account holders. You get unlimited video hosting. You can add as many users as you want.

GoHighLevel is capable of handling payments — whether they be for your agency or your client’s business. The platform uses Stripe as a payment processor, which is a trusted name in the industry.

The Agency Starter account has analytics and reporting tools in place, too. However, if you want to have more than 3 sub-accounts (i.e. you have more than 2-3 clients), you’ll need the $297/month plan.

Other Notable Features:

GoHighLevel Unlimited Plan: $297 per Month

Agency Unlimited Plan Highlight Feature:

This plan comes with Unlimited Sub-Accounts and is great for agencies with multiple clients.

So, what’s so different with the GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited plan?

First off, this plan includes everything mentioned in Starter. But in this GoHighLevel plan, you can add as many sub-accounts as you want. Yes, that means adding as many clients, contacts, and users as you wish.

You’ll also get access to the API. This makes it possible to integrate almost any third-party app you need.

In addition, you get to use custom domain names — something very important to most agencies and potential clients.


If you want to manage multiple clients, you’ll need to have an Agency Unlimited account.

GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited White Label: +$497 per Month

white label mobile app

The Agency Unlimited White Label plan is an optional add-on to the Unlimited Plan. It’s rather pricey, though, at $497 per month.

Note that this is on top of the $297 per month that you have to pay for the Agency Unlimited Plan. You can’t upgrade to this plan if you’re on an Agency Starter account.

But is the upgrade worth it?

If you’re the type of agency that wants to provide more value for your clients (and be “sticky”), this could be what sets you apart from the competition.

With the Unlimited White Label plan, you can use GoHighLevel software and be a SaaS company and marketing agency.

No white-label solution is complete without the ability to customize the main interface. You can have your own white label branded desktop app and a mobile app of GoHighLevel.

And remember:

You can create unlimited accounts on this plan. So, there is a huge potential to earn if you market your business well.

Additional GoHighLevel Pricing Extras

Besides these three pricing tiers, GoHighLevel has a marketplace where you can choose some add-ons. 

GHL Setup Services

gohighlevel setup services

The GoHighLevel team offers extra help if you feel stuck using the platform. 

Their Advanced Account Setup (one-time payment of $1,000) provides an expert to guide you on using the platform to its full potential and help set up your account. 

With Priority Support ($300/month), you can jump to the front of the line whenever you have a question or concern, as you’ll get 24/7 assistance via email, chat, and phone. 


White Label Mobile App

whitelabel mobile

Their Done-For-You White Label Mobile App services ($1,491/quarter or $497 for the next three months) help you set up a user-friendly and responsive app that works for Apple and Android.

This enables your clients to reach out and respond to their prospects and customers from their mobile devices.

On the other hand, Whitelabel Zap ($50/month) can create a custom-branded Zap (connections) for your agency to help clients automate their processes with the use of Zapier.

Eliza Agent Platform

eliza agent platform

The Eliza software ($500/month) helps you convert more leads for your clients and automate their lead nurturing and booking system. 

As a result, you can work smarter while your clients can focus their efforts on closing deals and not managing chats.

HIPAA Compliance

hipaa compliance

GoHighLevel’s HIPAA Compliance Done-For-You Service is perfect if you have clients in the medical or dental industries.

This allows you to set up websites and forms and collect patient information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

With this add-on, you can be confident that your clients’ sensitive medical and personal information is protected.

Choose between its monthly ($297) or yearly ($2,970) plans.

Is There a GoHighLevel Free Trial?

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial that you can use to evaluate the product and its features.

You won’t get billed during that time, but you should cancel as soon as you can if you have no plans on using GoHighLevel past that. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged once the GoHighLevel free trial period ends.

gohighlevel free trial

You will have to leave some of your details, starting with your name, email address, and phone number. Providing your credit card details is a requirement.

Do GoHighLevel Pricing Plans Cost Too Much?

That’s something that only you can answer. A seasoned marketer could find other ways to do the things GoHighLevel does—however, some like the convenience of having all these functionalities under one roof.

Remember that a GoHighLevel account will replace several apps you’ll have to pay for individually.

gohighlevel pricing plans comparison

Agencies have to pay for tools to stay competitive. Consider how much you pay for your tools and compare it to all GoHighLevel pricing options. If you’re going to save a lot with GoHighLevel, then it’s a no-brainer.


Those who don’t think GoHighLevel’s pricing plans don’t make sense for where they are right now should explore other products.

If it helps, you can pay for a GoHighLevel pricing plan annually. You’ll have to pay a lot more upfront, but it does save you money.

What Can You Do With a GoHighLevel Plan?

As a reminder, here are some of the things you can do with a GoHighLevel plan:

Interact With Leads

You can send emails, social media messages, and texts to every lead you have through one interface. This saves you from having to jump between platforms and social media sites.

Manage Contacts

GoHighLevel has a contact page to see the users you’ve added. You can filter all contacts to make it easier to look for specific people.

Automate Tasks

Setting up tasks to fire automatically is a great time-saver for you and your clients. Create sequences that would execute commands based on triggers that you set. This includes sending messages to leads. Marketing automation helps you focus on bigger and better things.

Integrate Your Calendar

You can use GoHighLevel’s built-in calendar to stay on top of your projects. You can use your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to add, update, or reschedule appointments.

Track Opportunities

There is a section that’s dedicated to tracking business opportunities. At one glance, you can see which users requested bookings and appointments. You can also see where they are in the sales process.

Create Websites and Landing Pages

Anyone with an Agency Starter account can build a website and blog for clients within GoHighLevel. You can even make sales funnels with ease. If you’re familiar with ClickFunnels, the HighLevel sales funnel builder pretty much works the same way.

Wrapping It Up

Here’s a summary of all the GoHighLevel pricing plans available:

  • GoHighLevel Starter Plan — $97 per month
  • GoHighLevel Unlimited Plan — $297 per month
  • GoHighLevel White Label Plan (Upgrade) — $497 per month (Plus cost of Unlimited plan)

If you’re serious about starting a marketing agency, consider signing up for a service like GoHighLevel.

Yes, the GoHighLevel cost will be hard to swallow for some people. But if you’re working with several clients at a time, this could be a worthy investment.

With an Agency Unlimited account plan, plus white label, marketing agencies can start charging their clients for automation, email marketing, social media management, etc., and recoup the cost of a GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan.

At the very least, you should go for the 14-day free trial to see how easy it is to create a sales funnel for an online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about GoHighLevel.

What Is GoHighLevel used for?

GoHighLevel is an online marketing platform CRM that helps agencies and their clients gather business leads.

It’s a one-stop shop where users can create landing pages, communicate with leads, schedule appointments, book services, process payments, and monitor their progress.

Read more about how we use HighLevel’s features in our review of HighLevel.

What’s the difference between GoHighLevel and HighLevel?

They are the same. The company’s name is HighLevel, but its domain name is GoHighLevel, hence the confusion. Over time, more people used GoHighLevel, and soon after, the name stuck.

Is there a GoHighLevel free plan?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one. But there is a free 14-day trial period that you can use to assess if the product is right for you. If you like HighLevel, get on a discounted GoHighLevel plan.

Can I cancel my GoHighLevel account?

Yes, you can cancel your HighLevel account anytime you’d like. However, do note that you won’t get any refund for unused days if there are any.

Can I pause my GoHighLevel account?

Yes, there is an option to pause an account. But you can only pause your account for up to two months. If you need to pause it longer than that, you’ll have to contact customer service.

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