GoHighLevel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals (2024)

gohighlevel black friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for significant discounts and excellent product and service offers. These days are a chance to save money on business-related tools.

Last year, GoHighLevel provided incredible Black Friday deals. They helped new and existing customers get more from their CRM and marketing platform for less money.

What about this year? What will GoHighLevel offer?

You’ll learn about the new GoHighLevel Black Friday deals in this post. I’ll also answer some common questions about this big event.

GoHighLevel Black Friday and CyberMonday Deals 2024

New customers can enjoy a 50% discount on plans for the first three months.

You get a free one-and-a-half month of the platform. And you don’t have to worry because there’s no catch. You’ll access all the plans’ tools and features, just like the other users who paid for the total amount.

save big deal highlevel

Plans/Regular Price

GHL Black Friday Deals

Total Savings

Agency Starter - $97/month


Agency Unlimited - $297/month


Agency Pro - $497/month


Now, what about the existing customers? GoHighLevel is rolling out exclusive deals for you, too. You can sign in to your account and scratch off the virtual stickers to claim the discounts.

gohighlevel black friday offers

Existing users can save up to 50% from the regular pricing, whether switching to a higher monthly or annual plan.

Yearly subscriptions already come with discounts, but this time, you get an extra 10% off. So, say you’re moving from the Starter to the Unlimited annual plan. Usually, you’d save $594/year, but with the Black Friday bonus, you save an additional $297. That brings your total savings to $891.

Moreover, this is the perfect time to purchase an add-on if you plan to do so. With the Black Friday offer, you could add an extra 10% to 40% discount to the standard annual savings for individual products or bundles.

For instance, if your sights are set on the White-Label Mobile App feature, you can get 25% off its annual cost. But it doesn’t stop there.

If you decide to bundle it with priority support, the discount increases. By combining two products, the Black Friday deal boosts your savings to 37.5% off the annual price for both.

Furthermore, you can get up to 50% off for three add-ons.

Editor’s Note – The discounted price for add-ons is only accessible for existing users.

Check the tables below for a better breakdown of the prices and discounts.

For Starter Plan Existing Users ($97/month)

Plans/Regular Price

GHL Black Friday Deals

Total Savings

Agency Unlimited - $297/month


Agency Unlimited - $2,970/year

$297.00 + (regular annual discount)

Agency Pro - $497/month


Agency Pro - $4970/year

$497.00 + (regular annual discount)

For Unlimited Plan Existing Users ($297/month)

Plans/Regular Price

GHL Black Friday Deals

Total Savings

Agency Pro - $497/month


Agency Pro - $4,970/year

$497.00 + (regular annual discount)

GoHighLevel Plans and Offers

If you choose to go for the Black Friday deal this year, here’s what you’ll get:

Agency Starter Plan

You’ll get access to unlimited users and contacts for your email lists.

Moreover, some marketing features include a website and campaign builder, a social media calendar, a built-in booking app, and more.

You can also add up to three sub-accounts to manage more businesses or websites in one platform.

Agency Unlimited Plan 

This plan includes everything from the Starter plan plus unlimited sub-accounts, allowing the management of countless clients from one dashboard.

Additional tools include a white-label desktop app, Basic API access, platform customization, and custom domain addition.

Agency Pro Plan

This highest tier provides new users access to unlimited accounts for SaaS. With this, you can sell their service as software to your clients and earn more money.

The Pro Plan includes Advanced API, A/B testing, and other premium marketing tools.

GoHighLevel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week – A Look Back

Do you want to compare and see how GoHighLevel’s Black Friday deals have evolved? Let’s look back at the discounts from previous years.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Deal 2022

Last year’s GoHighLevel Black Friday sale ran from November 20 to 27. And just like this year, the discounts were also great.

For new users, the platform offered a 50% discount for the first three months across all plans – Starter, Unlimited, and Pro. GoHighLevel provided the same features as the regular pricing plans, making it a great time to sign up for their platform.

gohighlevel black friday sale

New users who purchased subscriptions through GoHighLevel Black Friday deals in 2022 could save up to $700!

However, for the old subscribers, GoHighLevel offered a 25% discount on upgrades to higher plans or shifts to the annual plan.

The offer changed depending on the user’s current plan. But, like this year’s Black Friday deal, subscribers could get better discounts on the annual plans. So instead of two months, they could enjoy three months of free use.

gohighlevel 3 months free

GoHighLevel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers 2021

gohighlevel 50% off

The platform offered separate promos for new and existing users on GoHighLevel Black Friday 2021.

However, for new subscribers, they only provided a discount for the most popular plan, which is the Agency Unlimited Plan.

So those who preferred the Starter or White-Label Upgrade/ Pro plan couldn’t get a special deal.

gohighlevel Starter or White-Label Upgrade

Like the original plan, new business subscribers could access an unlimited account, user and contact, essential marketing and API tools, and the white-label desktop app feature.

New users could get 50% off the Agency Plan for the first three months. And it came with a free onboarding setup (valued at $299) and a t-shirt (valued at $20).

Businesses could snag everything for only $445.50 instead of paying $1210.

However, the GoHighLevel Black Friday deal for existing users is better but more limited than the 2023 one. 

It was only available for the first 100 subscribers.

They offered 40% off all annual plans. So instead of getting only two months free for the regular yearly subscription, users could enjoy four months free! 

  • Agency Starter – From $1164/year to $698.40/year
  • Agency Unlimited – From $3564/year to $2138/year
  • Agency Pro – From $5964/year to $3578/year 
gohighlevel 40% off

GoHighLevel Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019 and 2020

GoHighLevel was founded in 2018 and only started offering Black Friday deals in 2021. There is no available information about 2019 and 2020’s Black Friday sale.

How to Take Advantage of the GoHighLevel BlackFriday Deal

gohighlevel black friday savings

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the GoHighLevel Cyber Monday and Black Friday sale after reading this post, here’s what you need to do.

Go to their home page or click this special link for this deal.

Follow the steps below after you click the Call-to-Action button.

Step 1 – Provide Your Information

gohighlevel go to step 2

If you’re a new user, GoHighLevel will ask you to sign up before accessing the dashboard.

You’ll be asked to provide your company name, full name, email address, and phone number.

After you fill out this part, click “Go To Step #2.”

Step 2 – Select the Deal You Want

gohighlevel complete order

Next, your screen will show you the available GoHighLevel Black Friday plans. Select one and add your card details.

Make sure to double-check your chosen plan so that you won’t have any issues.

The discounted price will also be shown on the plans’ side.

Select “Complete Order” once done.

If you’re an existing user, you’ll need to sign in to your account first to see the special GoHighLevel Black Friday deal.

gohighlevel black friday deal

Once you’re in your dashboard, you’ll see a Black Friday tab on your sidebar.

You can click that one to see which deal is available for you.

Select the call-to-action and confirm your new subscription.


How Can I Stay Updated on GoHighLevel Black Friday Deals?

There are three ways to ensure you don’t miss the GoHighLevel Black Friday deal. You can bookmark this page and come back every November for updates. You can also like GoHighLevel’s Facebook page and visit their website.

How Long Does the GoHighLevel Black Friday Offer Last?

GoHighLevel’s Black Friday deal usually lasts between seven to ten days. This year, the promo will be available from November 24 (Friday) to December 2 (Saturday.)

Are There Any Differences Between GoHighLevel Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Ones?

GoHighLevel has offered similar discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for three consecutive years. They’ll likely do the same in the following years.

Can I Combine GoHighLevel Cyber Monday or Black Friday Deal With Other Promotions or Discounts?

GoHighLevel doesn’t allow the stacking of promo offers, such as Black Friday deals. So they’ll only acknowledge the most recent one you enter.


GoHighLevel is one of the best CRM, white-label, and marketing software for freelancers, local businesses, and marketing agencies. 

You’ll surely get your money’s worth, even without the discount. But it would still be nice to get one.

GoHighLevel rarely offers discounts in a year. But the only time they undoubtedly provide one is during Black Friday. If you miss this year’s offer, you’d need to wait for November next year to get one. 

So grab their Black Friday deal now!

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