GoHighLevel Landing Page Examples (Real 2024 Pages)

Landing pages are pivotal in digital marketing. They help you in improving lead generation and conversion points. 

You need an efficient and effective tool to build the best standalone pages. That’s what GoHighLevel is for. It offers a seamless blend of design versatility and conversion optimization. Plus, its intuitive interface and varied templates make creation effortless.

In this article, we’ll highlight nine GoHighLevel landing page examples to inspire and guide you.

1. PAAR Media Group 

par media group homepage

PAAR Media Group stands out with over two decades of marketing expertise, offering a comprehensive range of services that include crafting pages and funnels and SEO.

One noteworthy feature is the prominent display of their contact information at the top right corner of the page. This strategic placement ensures visitors can reach out effortlessly to its team. 

Additionally, PAAR Media takes full advantage of GoHighLevel’s chat widget, a favorite among marketing professionals. 

This nifty tool allows visitors to post inquiries or comments and their contact details. Conveniently, these messages land directly in the ‘Conversations’ tab on GoHighLevl’s dashboard.

2. Drone Command Live 

drone command virtual homepage

Drone Command Live is designed for a virtual event from November 9 to 11, 2023. It aims to guide drone enthusiasts on their journey to success.

With GoHighLevel, it could add and embed video elements to engage visitors and increase their time on the page.

Additionally, Drone Command Live also taps into the countdown element. Countdowns play into the human psyche, emphasizing the fear of missing out (FOMO) and creating a sense of urgency. 

With GoHighLevel, you can easily add this powerful tool and customize it. For instance, you can adjust colors and fonts, set time zones, or create a loop for ongoing events.

3. Dellaria Salon

dellaria homepage

This Dellaria Salon’s standalone page is crafted for individuals eager to join its salon chain. Despite being short form, it’s packed with essential details for its target audience.

I noticed its vibrant call-to-action that is pretty visible and eye-catching. It also uses the bullet lists element to make the content easier to digest for its visitors. 

Once you click any call-to-action button, you’ll be directed to another popular feature inside GoHighLevel – a customizable form

With this tool, the site could create a personalized field perfect for getting more info from its potential customers. If you want to create something similar or more modern, GoHighLevel offers blank slates and pre-made templates to suit your needs.

4. Rich’s for the Home 

Rich's homepage

Rich’s for the Home has brilliantly used GoHighLevel for its entire website, ensuring a consistent look across all pages. It exemplifies the power of a targeted approach combined with GoHighLevel’s capabilities.

This online business specializes in home furnishings and outdoor gear for families. With GoHighLevel, Rich’s has seamlessly integrated relevant header content through videos and images. 

In addition, it’s tapped into GoHighLevel’s “Reputation Management” tool.

This feature is invaluable. It simplifies managing, monitoring, and showcasing customer testimonials and can boost brand’s trustworthiness. 

5. Human Workplace Resume Product Page

human workplace homepage

The Human Workplace’s resumé product page shows the customization you can do with GoHighLevel. The content’s font sizes and styles have made the page more noticeable. 

With GoHighLevel, you can effortlessly modify fonts for different devices, ensuring readability and style consistency. You can also choose between GoHighLevel’s default or numerous Google fonts. 

Moreover, the page uses a 2-step order form. This element enhances user engagement by breaking the process into manageable chunks, reducing overwhelm to users, and potentially increasing conversion rates. 

6. Duncan Law LLP

duncan law homepage

Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Duncan Law LLP offers hope to those grappling with debt. 

This family-driven firm uses GoHighLevel’s features to enhance its landing page. Some of its key elements include FAQs addressing common concerns and a Reputation Management tool showcasing genuine customer testimonials. 

Its prospective customers can also seamlessly request a free consultation via a dedicated form. In addition, mobile users can benefit from an accessible call button. 

7. Higgins Funeral Home 

higgins funeral homepage

Higgins Funeral Home represents how GoHighLevel can be tailored to fit any industry. While it caters to more typical sectors like digital marketing, medical, legal, etc., it can also be useful for those offering funeral and burial services.

You’ll notice the strategically placed map on its pages. Its chat widget also stands out a little due to its customized avatar.

Inside GoHighLevel, you can easily personalize and automate this widget. And while it may be just a simple detail, it can amplify your user connection. 

8. YesMasters

yesmasters homepage

YesMasters is owned by Kevin Ward, an influential person in the real estate industry. The website capitalizes on GoHighLevel’s versatile features, enhancing its unique sales approach. 

Video testimonials take center stage on the page, engaging prospective customers effectively. But unlike other platforms, GoHighLevel ensures that the site still loads fast without issues.

Additionally, rather than navigating through multiple pages, its customers can enjoy a 2-step order pop-up form. This element provides a frictionless purchase process. 

But that’s not all. YesMasters also uses another feature of GoHighLevel.

If you check its bonuses, you’ll see the Listing Mastery course. This online resource can simply be hosted and accessed inside GoHighLevel’s course creation and membership site features.

The ease of integrating such comprehensive solutions is what makes GoHighLevel an invaluable asset for your business or agency. 

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9. My Vision Agency 

vision homepage

Wrapping up our list is My Vision Agency. It’s an Indianapolis-based digital marketing agency that goes beyond simply using GoHighLevel to run its company.

Unlike the other page examples above, it takes a step further by reselling GoHighLevel software with personalized touches like custom snapshots, prebuilt websites, and ready-to-use workflows. 

My Vision Agency is a brilliant example of a robust site built inside GoHighLevel. They’ve also tapped into the potential of GoHighLevel as a SaaS platform. 

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Why is GoHighLevel a Preferred Choice for Landing Page Design?

GoHighLevel is user-friendly, making it easy for an online business or marketing agency to design effective pages.

How Do Real-Life Businesses Maximize GoHighLevel’s Features in Their Landing Pages?

Businesses use GoHighLevel’s page builder, tools, and elements to create unique web pages that grab their audience’s attention.

What Sets GoHighLevel Apart from Other Page Builders?

Because it’s an all-in-one platform, GoHighLevel offers smooth integration with other marketing tools. Its page builder is also simple to use yet offers many useful features and tools to help you make beautiful pages.


Which GoHighLevel landing page example resonated with you the most? 

Remember, more than the design, a captivating landing page is also effective and user-centric. 

It should guide your visitors seamlessly through their journey, turning mere interest into solid action, just like the pages above.

If you want more examples, check out this post to see real-life websites created with GoHighLevel.

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