GoHighLevel Workflows – A Closer Look at This Solid Automation Tool

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GoHighLevel has many impressive marketing tools. But one that truly stands out is its Workflow builder.

In this article, we’re unpacking everything you need about GoHighLevel Workflows. We’ll show you the features, how they can simplify your tasks, and how to get started. 

You’ll see why this builder ranks high on our list of must-use tools within the platform at the end. 

What Are GoHighLevel Workflows?

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GoHighLevel Workflows are the equivalent of automation powerhouses for your business processes. 

They allow you to connect various tasks and actions. So they can run seamlessly without constant manual input. 

For example, when a lead fills out a contact form on your site, you can automatically add them to your contacts and nurture them through the Workflow builder. That’s just a taste of their potential.

With these workflows, you can optimize operations, save time, and provide a more consistent experience for your clients or customers.

This tool is our favorite because it perfectly blends sophistication and simplicity. 

While it’s advanced enough to handle complex sequences, its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for beginners. 

In addition, many actions and triggers are built directly from GoHighLevel’s native tools. You can expect fewer hiccups when using it. 

But that’s not all. GoHighLevel also lets you create automation with other apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Webhooks, and ChatGPT. So you can do more inside one platform.

What Can I Do With GoHighLevel Workflows

The GoHighLevel Workflow builder can enhance various aspects of your business. Here are some examples:

  • Manage Contacts. Let workflows update or edit contact tag details swiftly. It can also help you ensure consistent engagement with the right prospects.
  • Team Notifications. Coordinate your team with automated alerts. They’ll receive notifications so that every message or client request gets the timely attention it deserves. 
  • Streamline Payments. Simplify your payment processes. With the Workflow builder, you can set reminders for unpaid bills and send invoices or post-payment acknowledgments. 
  • Appointment Handling. You can also use workflows to schedule and confirm slots. It organizes your time while building confidence in clients about your reliability.
  • Lead Management. Lastly, the Workflow lets you navigate leads efficiently through your sales journey. The tool ensures they’re continuously engaged from the first touchpoint until the last.

Pre-Made Templates Inside the GoHigLevel Workflow Builder

Starting from scratch isn’t always the way to go, especially when strapped for time. GoHighLevel offers ready-to-use templates that streamline your automation setup. 

gohighlevel pre-made template

Currently, there are about 16 workflow recipes to choose from:

  • No-Show Nurture. Re-engage those who missed appointments, turning potential losses into opportunities.
  • Webinar Registration Confirmation & Reminders. Keep attendees informed and excited about your upcoming webinar sessions.
  • Send Review Request. Prompt happy clients to leave reviews, leveraging key touchpoints like won opportunities or attended appointments.
  • Long-Term Nurture/Reactivation Email Sequence. Stay top-of-mind with leads, reigniting interest and keeping your brand in their consideration.
  • List Reactivation. Transform dormant lists into vibrant lead sources. So you can take advantage of existing leads without spending on ads.
  • GMB Business Message. Seamlessly manage Google My Business Messaging, ensuring timely responses and notifications.
  • Fast Five. Within the crucial first five minutes, nurture your leads and enhance your closing chances.
  • Fast Five Lite. Efficiently warm fresh leads with a multi-channel approach, executed in a tight five-minute window.
  • FB Messenger. Streamline responses to Facebook messages, nudging leads for crucial information if necessary.
  • FAQ Auto Reply. Address common queries effortlessly across multiple channels, including SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Google chat.
  • Email Drip Sequence. Engage leads over time with an email sequence.
  • Birthday Template. Celebrate your client’s special day with timely birthday promotions.
  • Auto Missed Call Text-Back. Never leave a lead hanging. If you miss their call, tell them you’ll be right back.
  • Booked Appointment Confirmation + Reminder + Survey + Review Request. A comprehensive approach to managing appointments from start to finish, including valuable feedback collection.
  • Confirmation + Reminder. Reinforce scheduled meetings with confirmations and timely appointment reminders.
  • Appointment Booking. Identify when a customer is ready to book and assist them in sealing the date or nudging them towards a decision.

With these pre-made templates, GoHighLevel ensures you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Gohighlevel Workflows Features

Let’s start with triggers and actions inside the Workflow builder. With over 48 triggers and 55 actions to play around with, you can create a series of custom automation perfect for your needs. 

gohighlevel recipe auto missed call

With GoHighLevel, you can streamline the following areas:

  • Contacts
  • Payments
  • Check-out forms
  • Affiliates
  • Sales opportunities
  • Membership
  • Events (form submissions) 

The next feature is “Execution Logs.” It offers a timeline of every task your workflow has carried out.

It’s your way of backtracking and understanding how your automation has been operating.

Then you have the “Enrollment History.”

While execution logs tell you what actions took place, enrollment history narrows down who was involved, listing all contacts that have been part of a particular workflow.

Lastly, the Workflow Settings. It’s like the control center where you can tweak your automation. 

gohighlevel workflow settings

For instance, you can set the time zone or define a default sender for your communications. But that’s not all!

Here are some more things you can fiddle with:

  • Allow re-entry. A contact can hop back into a workflow after they’ve exited. 
  • Stop on response. The workflow halts for a contact if they reply to a message coming from it.
  • Mark as read. Choose to auto-mark conversations the workflow interacts with as “read.”

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How Do I Create an Automated Workflow in GoHighLevel?

Creating your first workflow inside GoHighLevel is super easy. Once you sign in and choose your sub-account, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Click “Automation” on the left-side bar of your sub-account dashboard. 
gohighlevel automation
  • Click “+Create Workflow” under the “Workflows” tab to build a new workflow.
gohighlevel create workflow
  • You either start from scratch, import an existing workflow from one of your campaigns, or choose from the recipes available. Just don’t forget to click “Select.”
gohighlevel pick a template
  • Add your Workflow “Trigger.” You can add multiple triggers if you like.
gohighlevel add new trigger task added
  • Then, choose your “Actions.” Like the trigger, you can have more than one action. Click the “+” to add more. 
gohighlevel appointment booking
  • You can click a specific action on your workflow to modify it. Once you’re done, click “Save Action.”
gohighlevel appointment booking save action
  • Test your workflow to ensure that it’s working correctly. Choose one email address from the drop-down menu and click “Run Test.”
gohighlevel test workflow run test
  • Once your workflow is ready, toggle “Publish” to make it live.


What Is a Workflow in GoHighLevel?

The GoHighLevel Workflow is an intuitive tool designed to help you automate specific business tasks and processes. 

In What Plan Can I Get the Gohighlevel Workflows?

Every GoHighLevel plan includes access to the Workflow builder. So, regardless of your plan, even the most affordable one, you can create unlimited workflows inside the platform. 

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GoHighLevel Workflows isn’t just another automation tool. It’s exceptional at lots of helpful features and can genuinely help you run a more efficient online business or marketing agency

With both native and premium automation at your fingertips, you’ve got all the power to shape your processes the way you want. 

So, if you’re ready, take this all-in-one platform for a spin with a free trial and experience the difference firsthand!

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