GoHighLevel for Digital Marketing Agencies – Why Every Agency Should Consider HighLevel in 2024

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Picture a world where work gets done automatically, marketing efforts are optimized, and client connections are expertly nurtured. GoHighLevel brings you to this world and is your trusted ally in navigating the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Join us on a quest to explore how GoHighLevel can keep your digital agency afloat in today’s digital world and help it flourish in the era of automation. Read on to learn how to maximize GoHighLevel as a digital marketing agency.

What Services Does GoHighLevel Offer Marketing Agencies?

On checking the GoHighLevel platform, you’ll quickly realize its potential for fostering business expansion. GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing platform primarily built for agencies that offer diverse business capabilities.

While HighLevel is known for being an agency Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social media management, and marketing automation, its utility extends beyond these core functions.

Here’s an in-depth look at the primary uses of GoHighLevel:

  • The prospecting tool generates leads from various sources, such as websites, landing pages, and forms.
  • Users can create and send email campaigns, newsletters, and automated email sequences to engage with leads and customers.
  • GoHighLevel allows SMS marketing, enabling businesses to reach their audience via text.
  • Designs and deploys sales funnels to convert leads into customers efficiently.
  • Schedule appointments for services or consultations.
  • Manage customer data, track interactions, and improve customer journey.
  • Marketing automation tasks, such as lead nurturing, follow-ups, and segmentation.
  • The website builder can create you and your clients’ websites and landing pages without coding skills.
  • GoHighLevel can post to social media platforms and track social media marketing efforts.
  • Reporting and analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales efforts.
  • Multi-channel communication through various channels like email, SMS, voice calls, and more.

Overall, GoHighLevel is a versatile platform marketing software that can help your digital agency streamline marketing and customer management processes, ultimately aiming to improve customer acquisition and retention.

What’s the Benefit of GoHighLevel for a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital agency already has a considerable workload to manage. As a digital agency owner, your primary focus should be attracting clients and delivering the required services.

Rather than jumping between various platforms to automate tasks, the solution for digital marketing agencies lies in consolidating all these tasks within a single platform.

You might not initially consider specific tasks essential to run your marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, GoHighLevel provides your agency with these services, leading to a noticeable transformation.

Also, instead of allocating budgets to hire additional personnel for these tasks, you can efficiently complete them on a unified platform, even those you had yet to recognize as necessary. It’s time to relieve your agency from the burden of overwhelming tasks and fulfill unnecessary costs associated with expanding your workforce.

With GoHighLevel, you can optimize your agency’s operations, potentially reducing your staffing needs while achieving exceptional results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Scale Your Digital Marketing Campaigns with GoHighLevel 

Before the introduction of GoHighLevel, local businesses had to combine multiple platforms to meet market demands. However, that era of platform-switching is on the brink of coming to a halt with the advent of GoHighLevel.

Here’s a list of ways HighLevel benefits agencies.

First, Sign Up for HighLevel

The first step to accessing the features of GoHighLevel is to register for a GoHighLevel account, as you can enjoy none of its functionalities without one. 

Fortunately, a free trial option can help determine your interest in the platform. You can opt out anytime if it doesn’t align with your needs.

Websites for Your Digital Agency and Clients

gohighlevel more customization

A website reflects your brand and is a powerful message communicator. Crafting a professional website allows your clients to access the required information quickly. Imagine the enhanced impact when you design your website to exude professionalism.

The GoHighLevel website builder provides a variety of templates to assist you in building a website that mirrors your brand and conveys your message effectively.

Depending on your HighLevel plan, you’ll have a limited number or unlimited number of sub-accounts. So you can offer website design as one of your marketing agency services.

Create a Marketing Automation System

gohighlevel fully automated booking

Inside your GoHighLevel dashboard, navigate to the automation section.

You’ll be able to set up your email marketing, automation tools, and helpful workflows here.

For example, send a follow-up email to leads who have visited a particular page on your client’s website. You can even set up SMS text messaging for internal notifications and lead nurturing.

You can use countless workflows for your clients and your own agency with all the features HighLevel offers.


Prospecting Clients

gohighlevel marketing audit report

Prospecting potential clients is a breeze with GoHighLevel’s prospecting tool. Digital agencies, in particular, can leverage this tool to meet with business owners and potentially close more deals.

This is possible since GoHighLevel offers in-depth insights into their online presence. It’s a valuable asset for agencies looking to provide exceptional services such as SEO.

To find potential clients using GoHighLevel, access the Prospecting Tab from the left menu, search for prospects based on keywords, select a location, enter Point of Contact (POC) details if known, save the contact, generate a marketing audit report, view prospect information, and delete irrelevant prospects if necessary.

This is a valuable asset for a marketing agency looking for more clients.

Create Unlimited Sub Accounts

Managing clients becomes a seamless endeavor through the creation of individual sub-accounts. To manage clients individually, you can use pre-made snapshots to create a sub-account for each client.

gohighlevel snapshot

Select a snapshot relevant to the client’s niche, then set up the sub-account. Or you can create your own snapshots for your niche/services. We create snapshots for our PPC services for every new onboard so we don’t have to rebuild landing pages and workflows. Amazing.

This is a big selling point for agencies because it allows for scaling!

What are the Differences Between GoHighLevel Pricing Plans?

GoHighLevel provides two public-facing pricing plans; a significant distinction between them is the maximum number of sub-accounts you can create.

Starter Plan – $97 Monthly

You can embark on your journey with the budget-friendly starter plan, which is great if you’re just starting and building client relationships.

Unlimited Plan – $297 Monthly

We use This plan as we run marketing campaigns for multiple clients.

You can kickstart your journey with the Starter Plan until your client base exceeds three, then upgrade.

Ultimately, GoHighLevel assists agencies in constructing effective digital marketing strategies to boost revenue. With substantial profits, concerns about expenses for the $297/month account become more manageable.


In an era of marketing automation, marketing agencies with high website traffic aspirations have a golden opportunity in GoHighLevel. As a prospecting tool for lead generation, GoHighLevel is purpose-built to assist your business or digital agencies in identifying potential customers and generating comprehensive marketing audit reports.

Efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness are paramount in today’s digital marketing landscape, and at the heart of this transformation lies GoHighLevel.

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