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Membership sites can be a steady source of income for agencies and professionals.

It allows you to share exclusive content, offers, and digital products and grow a community, which makes it easier to retain your existing clients and decrease turnover.

There are many excellent membership site platforms, but they usually lack marketing features and automation. But that’s where GoHighLevel and its features become one of the best options.

I’ll discuss the GoHighLevel membership site feature and show you some real-world website examples.

GoHighLevel Membership Site Features

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  • Automation.¬†GoHighLevel automates your membership site alongside other business aspects. For example, after someone submits a form (or surveys) or completes a payment, they can automatically access materials and receive an email to enter their membership account.
  • Courses and Community. GoHighLevel rivals well-known LMS platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable. You can host unlimited courses, encourage community discussions with its community builder, and issue customized certificates to students and members, all within the platform at no extra cost.
  • Tracking (Reports). With GoHighLevel, you can monitor membership analytics such as assessment scores, login activity, course completion, and revenue, helping you gauge member engagement and material effectiveness.
  • Mobile App. Members can access their courses from anywhere through GoHighLevel’s free mobile app.
  • Offer Options. GoHighLevel enables you to craft offers, combine packages, and set up pricing structures, including free, recurring, or one-time payments. You can also utilize membership site sales strategies by introducing upsells. 

Now that you know what GoHighLevel membership sites are, let’s explore real-life examples to inspire you to leverage these advantages for your business.

1. Kyvio


Kyvio specializes in helping businesses launch digital products such as software, courses, and services.

kyvio pricing

Kyvio’s membership site on GoHighLevel offers three plan options: one-time fee, monthly recurring payments, and yearly subscriptions.

They’ve also integrated useful GoHighLevel features such as a calendar for booking appointments and a form for gathering user information. These two can enhance prospects’ experience and management.

2. FBA Wizard

FBA Wizard

FBA Wizard supports Amazon sellers in developing profitable businesses by providing software that automates product sourcing.

Its tool can help save time and increase profits. It simplifies finding products to sell (known as arbitrage sourcing), offers research tools, and has options for adding virtual assistants.

With GoHighLevel, FBA Wizard showcases a membership site landing page enhanced with elements like video explanations and FAQs for effectiveness. The checkout page lets customers make payments quickly.

3. Female Entrepreneur Association

female entrepreneur association

The Female Entrepreneur Association offers a membership program to support women in building their dream businesses. Its membership site includes access to various resources suitable for different business stages.

female entrepreneur association form

As a standout feature of their GoHighLevel-created membership site, it uses a unique form for new Members’ Club joiners. This form helps understand the effectiveness of the Accountability Partner program within the community.

4. Guerrilla Trading

gorilla trading

Guerrilla Trading aims to make forex trading accessible and straightforward for everyone. Its membership program features comprehensive video tutorials covering all aspects of forex trading.

GoHighLevel’s integration includes a user-friendly login page that centralizes access to Guerrilla Trading’s resources, eliminating the need for members to visit multiple places.

join the case study group

One of its landing pages offers a unique approach by providing a complimentary video accessible through Facebook Messenger.

5. Street Smart Business Secrets

street smart business

Street Smart Business Secrets uses tools and resources to break down the complexities of business accounting and financial management.

It hosts a concise course on basic business finance with three video resources with GoHighLevel.

learn accounting fast

Upon signing in, members automatically receive an email with a link to the course and their account information. This process is easy to set up with the triggers and actions in GoHighLevel’s Workflow.

6. Impact School

impact school

Impact School helps businesses grow profits and reduce complexity using efficient systems and a small team. They focus on delivering top-notch results to clients with less hassle.

A clear sign that Impact School uses GoHighLevel is the pop-up form that appears when you decide to apply. It streamlines the application process and makes it straightforward for potential customers.

7. Wealthy Investor By Ryan Pineda

wealthy investor

Ryan Pineda is known for his expertise in real estate, guiding others to profit from real estate investments. His “Wealthy Investor” membership program teaches members how to locate, finance, and sell properties effectively.

In addition to using GoHighLevel’s calendar for appointments, Ryan Pineda also uses its SMS feature to automatically send messages and reach out to new leads.

8. Elliott Education

elliott group

Elliot Education offers courses and programs to elevate sales skills across different sectors. They aim to transform salespeople, leaders, and business owners into top industry performers.

Its Elite Coaching Mastermind is one of its membership sites showcased through a compact landing page that outlines all the advantages of joining.



How Can I Set Up a Membership Site on GoHighLevel?

First, you need to choose a sub-account to access this feature. On the dashboard, click Memberships, then select which resource you want to create first. You can either create a community or a course first. Once your materials are ready, click “Offers” under “Courses” to create a product for your customers.

Which GoHighLevel Plan Allows Me to Create Membership Sites? 

The membership site feature is available on all GoHighLevel pricing plans. You don’t have to pay any extra fees. 

Where Can I Find Tutorials for GoHighLevel Membership Sites? 

You can find all the tutorials inside the HighLevel Support Portal. Or you may click this link

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Besides a user-friendly membership feature, GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform that provides everything you need to build and grow a successful agency or business. 

Sign up for a free trial to create your first membership site with GoHighLevel and enjoy all its features.

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