GoHighLevel Custom CSS in 2024

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GoHighLevel makes CRM and automation accessible to users without a technical background. 

It offers a great selection of templates and a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies the creation and customization process. 

However, GoHighLevel recognizes the importance of personalization. That’s why it enables the addition of custom CSS in various parts of the platform. 

In this post, let’s explore what you can do and how to customize GoHighLevel features with CSS code.

What Is Custom CSS in GoHighLevel

gohighlevel css code

GoHighLevel Custom CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) lets you design your page your way. With it, you can make your text bigger, hide tooltips, turn dull buttons into colorful ones, and even change your background color.

It’s great to use if you want to match your page to your brand or make it feel more “you.”

Where to Apply Custom CSS in GoHighLevel

Agency Dashboard

Don’t like GoHighLevel’s usual dark blue and white combination design? With CSS, you can tweak the fonts, colors, and layout settings. Codes can make your agency panel unique and more comfortable to work on.

Forms and Surveys

GoHighLevel also lets you enhance the appearance of your website forms and surveys. This feature can help you attract more sign-ups and participation from your audience.

Adding CSS to Your GoHighLevel

To Your GoHighLevel Agency Account

  • Go to the “Settings” tab of your agency panel.
HighLevel Agency Dashboard
  • Click “Company” and scroll to the “Custom CSS” section.
gohighlevel company
  • Input or paste the code and click “Update Company.”
gohighlevel update company

To Your Surveys and Forms 

  • Open one of your sub-accounts and select the “Sites” tab.
gohighlevel sites
  • Click “Builder” under the “Surveys” or “Forms” tab.
gohighlevel sites surveys builder
  • You can choose an existing form or create a new one.
gohighlevel forms
  • Select the “Styles and Options” settings.
gohighlevel styles and options
  • Scroll down under the “Styles” tab and paste your code.
gohighlevel custom css
  • Click “Save.”
gohighlevel custom css save

Where to Get Custom Codes For Non-Techie GoHighLevel Users

First, consider the Visual CSS Editor, a Chrome extension. It’s incredibly user-friendly and perfect for those unfamiliar with coding. Here’s what it looks like.

gohighlevel navigator body

With this tool, you can make changes using a visual editor. As you adjust and design, it generates the custom code for you. Then, you copy and paste that into GoHighLevel.

If you’d like to make even less effort, third-party websites offer design services and templates tailored for GoHighLevel users. GHL Expert is one platform I can recommend.

It provides various options to personalize your dashboard, calendars, client login page, checkout funnels, membership website, and more.


Can I Add Custom CSS Inside GoHighLevel?

Yes. You can use it to design your agency account, forms, surveys, and web pages.

Does Using Custom CSS In GoHighLevel Cost Extra?

No. Custom CSS addition is free and available to all GoHighLevel users and plans.


Adding CSS code gives you more freedom when modifying parts of your GoHighLevel setup. For example, you can match your agency panel and forms to your brand.

On top of that, it doesn’t cost extra. So try it out today by logging in or signing up for a free trial.

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