GoHighLevel vs DashClicks (2024): Features, Cost, & More Compared

Create for small and medium-sized businesses, marketing agencies, and freelancers.

  • Starts at $97/month

  • Launched in 2018

  • Ratings: 4.4/5 on G2. 4.9/5 on Trustpilot

  • HighLevel can help you manage clients and leads better, simplify business operations, and build efficient marketing strategies.

It can cater to small businesses but excels more in meeting the needs of larger enterprises.

  • It's only plan costs $99/month

  • Launched in 2009

  • Ratings: 4.7/5 on G2 and 3.7/5 on Trustpilot

  • DashbClicks also offers its clients white-label digital marketing, some marketing tools, and Done-For-You services.

Marketing automation has transformed how businesses, agencies, teams, and freelancers operate. It enables people like you to save time and focus more on overall strategy than day-to-day, repetitive tasks. Thus increasing your revenue potential.

There are many software that have this feature. But our focus will be on DashClicks and GoHighLevel. 

These two platforms provide tools to automate business processes, drive more leads, enhance marketing campaign efficiency, and boost sales conversions. They also offer white labeling for agency owners who want these powerful tools under their brand. 

But which one can offer the best solutions for you? This article will compare each platform’s capabilities, features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide. 

What Is GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel Homepage

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform that offers dynamic and extensive features to help businesses at different levels. It’s a great tool developed to attract leads, build sales and marketing processes, and manage clients and prospects effortlessly. 

The founders, Shaun Clark & Varun Vairavan, launched GoHighLevel in 2018 to address a huge pain point that digital marketing agencies face – the need for multiple tools to manage a successful business.

Now, the platform is being used by over 1.2 million businesses (including freelancers, teams from small to medium-sized organizations, etc.) across the globe.

Full disclosure: I’m currently using GoHighLevel for my agency. So, I’ll share my personal experience and insights and an objective analysis.

GoHighLevel Key Features

GoHighLevel Key Features

GoHighLevel has a lot to offer. But here are the top five features that sold it to most of its users (including me).

  • CRM. Customize fields to manage and store important contact information with easy messaging and one-click actions for campaign addition, email verification, and more. GoHighLevel offers SMS, emails, social media, WhatsApp, and webchat connectivity.
  • Sales Pipeline Management. Easily monitor and manage leads with your team to identify which require more attention, are close to conversion, or may need to be dropped directly from your marketing campaigns.
  • Sales and Marketing Automation. Features advanced and user-friendly automation for creating simple to complex workflows across various business operations.
  • Funnel, Landing Page, and Website Builder. GoHighLevel provides no-code builders with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-made templates to quickly create appealing online spaces for your content marketing campaigns.
  • Native Integration. Allows seamless integration of essential apps to the dashboard, including email and phone services, Google account, Slack, and social media platforms, simplifying your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

What Is DashClicks

DashClicks Home Page

DashClicks is an extensive marketing platform that provides white-label digital marketing and business management solutions.

It serves a broad audience, including marketing agencies, SaaS companies, directories, and website hosts, making it a flexible tool.

The platform was introduced in 2009 by Chad Angel. Despite its earlier launch compared to GoHighLevel, DashClicks has yet to reach the same level of widespread recognition.

However, this does not detract from its value. DashClicks brings a wealth of features that mirror GoHighLevel’s features. So, it’s also great for allowing users to manage their marketing efforts and business operations efficiently within a single ecosystem.

Although I don’t use DashClicks as my daily platform, I have explored and experimented with it for several days to understand its capabilities and how it compares to GoHighLevel.

DashClicks Key Features

DashClicks Key Features

DashClicks has all the tools you need to run a successful digital marketing agency. However, these are its top features:

  • Client and Project Management. This tool makes it easy to keep track of your clients and projects. You can manage all your essential information in one place. It helps you organize client forms and start projects quickly.
  • White-Label Solutions. DashClicks gives you many extra features for offering marketing services under your brand. This includes help with ads, SEO, content, and social media.
  • Funnel Builder. Building funnels is simple with DashClicks. The drag-and-drop tool helps you make marketing funnels fast.
  • Automated Reporting. You get a dashboard that updates in real time. You can add other apps to see all your results in one spot. This helps you stay on top of your marketing with quick, accurate reports.
  • Marketing Automation. DashClicks also provides various automation to help you get leads and make sales easier.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – Core Differences At A Glance

While GoHighLevel and DashClicks offer similar features, from core marketing tools to white-labeling and reselling capabilities, they also have notable differences:

  • GoHighLevel offers three pricing tiers. It gives you options based on your business size and needs. In comparison, DashClicks only has one plan.
  • GoHighLevel provides a broader range of features to host various marketing campaigns (including WordPress hosting) within its plans. That includes social media marketing, website creation, content marketing, and paid ads. DashClicks requires additional payments for each of these services.
  • DashClicks specializes in white-label SEO services, letting you offer them under your brand. In contrast, GoHighLevel allows the reselling of WordPress sites and Yext listings.
  • DashClicks provides a unique project management feature that simplifies task allocation and tracking for marketing projects. Meanwhile, GoHighLevel has some project management tools but focuses more on automating clients’ marketing and sales processes.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros

  • Cost-Effective. It provides lots of sales and marketing solutions and unlimited feature usage minus the hefty prices that other marketing software usually has.
  • All-In-One Platform. You won’t have to find other software and can house all the tools you need to manage and work on your agency and your client’s businesses, contacts, emails, and marketing automation.
  • White-Label Services. GoHighLevel offers one of the most affordable and powerful reselling options for digital marketing agencies.
  • Extensive Communication Channels. Besides SMS and email marketing, you can reach out to your audience through social media, WhatsApp, and webchat. They even have a new Communities feature similar to Skool, let you create a membership site and courses.

GoHighLevel Cons

  • Learning Curve. Starting with GoHighLevel might take some time. The platform’s wide range of features means there’s a bit to learn before you can use it smoothly.
  • Basic SEO Tools. If you’re looking for advanced SEO capabilities, you might find GoHighLevel’s offerings a bit limited.
  • Customer Support. Most customer feedback suggests that responses can be slow, and the help materials like articles and videos need to be updated.

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DashClicks Pros 

  • Free Trial Without Credit Card. Unlike GoHighLevel, you can access the platform for 14 days free without providing your credit card details. This allows you to test DashClicks’ features without the concern of automatic billing once the trial period ends.
  • Managed Services. DashClicks offers comprehensive done-for-you campaigns in areas like SEO, backlinking, content creation, and social media marketing. Although expensive, these services are ideal for maintaining a solid online presence.
  • White-Labeling and Reselling. Similar to GoHighLevel, DashClicks provides a valuable opportunity for agencies to rebrand the platform’s services as their own, supporting business growth and client satisfaction.
  • Sophisticated User Interface. DashClicks is known for its modern and minimal design. It’s efficient and easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

DashClicks Cons

  • Can Become Expensive. While DashClicks is scalable, the cost can escalate as you add more services (i.e., websites and listings) or opt for managed campaigns.
  • Takes Time to Get Used To. The initial setup is more challenging than I thought it’d be.
  • Lacking Some Marketing Features. DashClicks doesn’t offer blogging features, phone marketing, and split testing, which are necessary to improve your marketing strategies and engage with your audience.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – Pricing 

If you’re considering GoHighLevel or DashClicks, you’ll find that both start you off on the right foot with wallet-friendly basic plans. Each platform opens the door to essential tools that help manage your marketing needs.


GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel kicks things off with a plan at $97/month. It’s perfect if you’re running solo or heading a more minor team.

As your business grows, GoHighLevel provides you with more options. They offer the Unlimited plan at $297/month when you need more power to manage multiple clients.

Then, the SaaS plan option is at $497/month if you want to get more white-label features and advanced reporting.

You can even get a decent discount if you pay annually and try the platform for two weeks free before deciding to buy.

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Conversely, DashClicks offers just one plan at $99 monthly. It’s a no-brainer and lets you start with a suite of marketing tools.

DashClicks Pricing

What’s confusing is when you decide to scale or avail of the add-ons or DFY white-label services they offer.

Say you want to add SEO to your toolkit. That will start at $199 each month, plus a setup fee. And if Facebook ads are what you need, you need to pay the same price for the basic plan.

DashClicks White-Label Services

The prices can vary depending on what feature you need and the output you want to have.

Which Has Better Pricing Plans?

Tie. While both platforms provide the basics to get your business moving, GoHighLevel offers room to grow with additional plans. DashClicks keeps it simple, but your costs could climb as you pick more services.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – Ease of Use/ User Experience 

Both GoHighLevel and DashClicks aim to provide a user-friendly user interface for beginners. They seem on the right track, though some areas could use enhancement.


GoHighLevel Dashboard

The dashboard at GoHighLevel is neat and reacts well to user commands. Its organized structure makes it straightforward to navigate.

Even with its breadth of tools, finding what you need isn’t a headache because features are grouped logically.

For instance, under the “Marketing” tab, you’ll find the Social Planner, Email Templates, and Campaigns all in one spot.

The “Sites” tab keeps all website-related tools in one place – from the Website builder to the Sales Funnel builder and Blogs. Switching between the Agency view and Sub-accounts may initially confuse new users, but overall, the dashboard’s ease of use stands out.

The only minor issue is that GoHighLevel’s interface might seem plain or old-fashioned compared to DashClicks.


DashClicks Dashboard

DashClicks boasts an interface that’s a joy to look at – it’s modern and invites exploration. It might feel a bit much initially, but the step-by-step interactive guide eases you into each feature.

Need a quick help? Hit the “In-App Help” for video tutorials and a summary of functions for the tool you’re using.

In-App Help

Yet, even with my experience with similar SaaS platforms, I found navigating DashClicks less intuitive.

For example, setting up an email campaign took some digging, as the templates and the sending function were not in the same tab. Finding sales automation tools also took extra effort.

Which Is Easier to Use?

GoHighLevel. While DashClicks might win on aesthetics, GoHighLevel takes the crown for simplicity in navigation. This all-in-one platform’s user-friendly layout edges out the competition, especially when you’re looking to manage your marketing efforts or set up sales automation without the fuss.

DashClicks vs GoHighLevel – Marketing and Automation Features


GoHighLevel is quite the powerhouse. It gives you tools that eliminate the need for multiple third-party applications.

You can create social media campaigns and have them ready to roll out from the platform. Need to send out a quick SMS or email? GoHighLevel has you covered.

Moreover, it allows seamless communication through a single inbox, connecting you to different marketing channels.

GoHighLevel Conversation

I’ve used GoHighLevel to create automated sales funnels, and the experience has been smooth. You can book appointments or take payments directly.

The multi-channel campaigns that include emails, SMS/MMS, and social media messages are impressive.

The Workflow tool is epic – you can craft complex campaigns with various outcomes. There are just a lot of triggers and actions to choose from that you can combine to automate different areas of your business.

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DashClicks, while offering a decent range of tools, doesn’t quite match up. It has the basics – emails, SMS messages, sales funnels, and pipeline management.

There’s also automation, but it’s not as sophisticated. Creating those intricate, multi-channel campaigns I could do with GoHighLevel is impossible here. And, like I said, it’s not easy for beginners to locate the automation feature.

I needed to watch a full video tutorial to locate the email marketing automation. (Side note: It’s inside the Deals tab, with the other automation.)

DashClicks Marketing and Automation

DashClicks does allow you to manage social media, but you’ll have to pay for that separately.

Which Has Better Marketing Automation and Tools?

GoHighLevel. It has a more comprehensive suite of automation tools and features. Plus, they are all easy to use and navigate.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – White-Labeling 

Although GoHighLevel and DashClicks offer white-labeling services and reselling, there are some differences in their features and how they charge for them.


GoHighLevel White-Labeling 

At GoHighLevel, you can get limited white-labeling features inside the Unlimited plan ($297/month). That is the ability to change the logo and customize the desktop version of GoHighLevel.

However, if you want that on top of the ability to resell to as many businesses as you like, you’ll need to upgrade to the SaaS Pro plan.

You must pay $497/month to rebrand GoHighLevel’s features and resell it as your all-in-one platform. This includes all the tools like the pipeline and CRM systems, sales automation, and marketing features.

On top of that, you can have your own branded mobile app for an additional $497/month. This feature lets you extend your brand’s presence onto mobile devices and make your marketing automation platform more accessible to your clients.

I appreciate that GoHighLevel includes the option to resell WordPress and Yext services besides the main software features. The only service that GoHighLevel isn’t stellar for is SEO.

While it has some essential SEO tools, you may find its tools limited compared to DashClicks.


DashClicks, on the other hand, approaches white labeling with a focus on services rather than software.

You can white-label various tools, from social media management to PPC and SEO. This is great if you want to deliver strategies and content for your clients.

On top of that, they have these fulfillment services where the DashClicks team can do the job for you. You only have to pay a monthly price depending on their deliverables.

The only catch is that each service adds to your monthly bill, and the cost can rise massively.

Which Has Better White-Label Services?

Tie. I’m leaning towards GoHighLevel more because its white-label plans aren’t that complicated. However, DashClicks offers some good tools that can help improve marketing efforts – like SEO and backlinking.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – CRM and Pipeline Management


GoHighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel offers impressive and user-friendly client and pipeline management. They are in different tabs, so navigating and managing is easier.

The CRM system allows you to store client information, track communications, add notes and documents, and manage leads in one place. I’ve seen how its “SmartLists” work and increase marketing campaigns’ efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, GoHighLevel lets you create actions without leaving the page. You can send emails, add tags, verify emails, or include them in a campaign through a simple click.

Meanwhile, its pipeline management is just as intuitive. You can visualize your sales process, drag and drop leads through stages, and see where each prospect stands.

While it might lack the dedicated project management features that DashClicks offers, GoHighLevel compensates with its comprehensive client management capabilities.


DashClicks Sales Pipelines

DashClicks also lets you manage your clients, contacts, and leads in its dashboard. The interface is okay, but I encountered a bug while using it. But apart from that, setting it up is pretty simple.

However, there are more actions you can do inside GoHighLevel’s contact management. The best thing you can do with DashClicks is edit info, add notes, and set reminders for each person.

When it comes to project management, DashClicks has an advantage. It’s a helpful feature as it lets users handle everything from one place – from onboarding and adding documents to editing client websites and tracking marketing performance.

Which Has Better CRM and Pipeline Management Functionalities?

GoHighLevel. It has a more interactive and integrated approach to CRM and pipeline management.

DashClicks vs GoHighLevel – Third-Party Integration

Both platforms offer integrations that fit snugly into your existing tech stack.


When it comes to integrating other services, DashClicks may not have an exhaustive list, but it does offer some key integrations that can be pretty useful.

One of the platform’s strengths is its ability to connect with Zapier, which opens up a world of possibilities, allowing DashClicks to link with numerous other apps and services to streamline your workflow.

But some of its native integration includes Call Tracking Metrics for detailed call analytics, CallRail for call data and recordings, and ClickFunnels to import lead data directly from your sales funnels.

DashClicks Integration

DashClicks also enables integration with Facebook for various purposes. For instance, you can connect with Facebook Lead Ads to collect leads into your dashboard.


GoHighLevel seems to have most of the tools you need built into its ecosystem. So you don’t need extensive integration.

The platform includes its phone and email service provider, LeadConnector, which offers optimized communication.

But GoHighLevel still provides some valuable integrations that enhance its already robust platform.

GoHighLevel Integration

For example, it integrates with Google, connecting seamlessly with services such as Google My Business, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

Its integration with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites is also beneficial for streamlining marketing efforts. This allows you to manage messages, leads from ads, and interactions across these platforms directly within GoHighLevel.

Lastly, just like DashClicks, you can connect it with Zapier to access more apps.

Which Has Better Integration?

Tie. Both DashClicks and GoHighLevel provide a range of integrations that serve most business needs.

GoHighLevel vs DashClicks – Customer Support

DashClicks and GoHighLevel offer live chat, email, and phone support. They are super accessible to their users.

GoHighLevel provides a free onboarding call via Zoom and priority support for additional fees. That makes it great for beginners and also more prominent agencies.

GoHighLevel Customer Support

On the other hand, DashClicks offers in-dashboard video tutorials. I find them valuable and straightforward for learning how to use each feature inside the platform.

DashClicks in-dashboard video tutorials

However, I noticed both platforms could enhance their help centers with more visuals for clarity and comprehension.

Which Offers Better Customer Support?

Tie. They have many similarities and also some unique customer services. For instance, GoHighLevel’s personalized support and priority options cater to specific business needs, while DashClicks prioritizes user-friendliness through its in-dashboard tutorials.


Which Platform Is More Cost-Effective? GoHighLevel or DashClicks?

Both. They offer affordable starting plans with a slight difference in amount. But GoHighLevel offers multiple pricing tiers, while DashClicks has a single plan with add-on options.

Which Platform Has Better Functionality? GoHighLevel or DashClicks?

They are both excellent and have many similar functionalities. But GoHighLevel is stronger in areas like CRM and marketing automation. Meanwhile, DashClicks offers some advantages in white-label services and project management.

Are GoHighLevel or DashClicks Worth the Investment?

Yes. Both platforms offer valuable tools that can help different businesses and agency owners.

Can I Try GoHighLevel or DashClicks for Free?

Yes, both platforms offer free trials but no free plans.

Which Platform Offers a Superior CRM? GoHighLevel or DashClicks?

GoHighLevel provides more solid and complete CRM features.

Conclusion – Which Is the Best Between GoHighLevel and DashClicks?

What do you think about GoHighLevel and DashClicks? Which do you think is the right all-in-one platform for you?

This article has shown you each platform’s strengths and weaknesses. But they’ll only matter if they align with what you need for your business.

I would pick GoHighLevel because I’ve used it for months, and it satisfies my needs as a marketing agency owner.

Even if I had a good experience with DashClicks for this comparison, it didn’t quite match the capabilities I get from GoHighLevel.

So, if you want a more advanced marketing automation platform with transparent pricing and an easier-to-navigate dashboard, I recommend GoHighLevel.

However, DashClicks has its perks – its white-label services and the ease of project management. If your agency focuses on offering a broad spectrum of services with minimal in-house effort, DashClicks would likely be a great fit.

I still encourage you to explore both platforms to see which aligns best with your business goals and workflow.

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