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Surveys can help you understand and learn directly from your leads and prospects. They’re powerful marketing tools as they can assist you in gathering insights into their preferences and needs.

GoHighLevel provides a user-friendly survey builder along with its other core features. I’ll discuss its benefits and show you how to create surveys on the platform in just a few steps.

GoHighLevel Survey Feature Overview

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GoHighLevel provides tools for designing, monitoring, and examining responses from your surveys—all in one spot. This is available on your sub-account and allows seamless data collection from different sources. You can link surveys to your email list, website, blogs, or landing pages to be accessible to the right place and audience.

Besides creating unlimited responsive surveys, you can get another considerable advantage with GoHighLevel – automation.

This platform lets you weave surveys with its other capabilities at no extra cost.

For example, you can build a workflow that adds those who answered your survey to your contacts and send them an email or text. Alternatively, their details could trigger intothe Opportunity tab, allowing your sales team to handle them better.

With this feature, you can be on top of your contacts’ submitted info with less effort.

Why Use GoHighLevel for Your Survey

GoHighLevel gives you everything you need to make great surveys. Here are some reasons why you should consider it.

  • Pre-made templates and themes. Access to over 40 designs allows you to build surveys quicker without compromising quality. You can pick a design that fits your campaign, make a few edits, and link your survey right away.
  • Customization. The survey builder drag-and-drop feature simplifies adding images, HTML, captchas, and changes to colors and backgrounds. This means each survey can perfectly match your brand’s style and tone.
  • CSS code. If you want more control over designs, you can also add your own set of CSS code to the survey builder.
  • Quick custom fields. GoHighLevel offers standard fields like name, address, phone, and email as elements. But if you want to add specific ones, you can also create custom fields and use them inside the survey builder.
  • Multi-step surveys. You can split your survey into multiple slides or set it to display one question at a time. This helps keep your surveys concise and prevents overwhelming your respondents.
  • Sticky contact. This feature allows the browser to remember your contact’s information once they sign up for one of your forms or surveys. So, if they start a new form or survey, their information will already be filled in.
  • Conditional logic. This tool makes your surveys more innovative and more personalized. It changes the questions based on the respondent’s answers, allowing you to sort them immediately and get more accurate data.

How to Build Surveys With GoHighLevel

  • Inside your sub-account, select “Sites.”
gohighlevel sites
  • Click “Builder” under the “Surveys” tab.
gohighlevel sites surveys builder
  • Select “+Add Survey” and choose whether to start from scratch or use a template. Either way, you can access the survey builder for customization.
gohighlevel add survey
  • Click the “+” icon to see all the available elements. Then, drag and drop them onto the blank canvas.
gohighlevel personal info
  • Select a section you wish to modify, and a customization window will appear on the right-hand side.
gohighlevel website
  • If you want to make more advanced changes, click the “Style & Options” icon. Here, you can change the colors and fonts, select themes, or enable advanced settings like disabling automation, adding a footer, and adding your Facebook Pixel ID.
gohighlevel website styles
  • Once you’re happy with your survey. Click “Save.”

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How to Track and Monitor Survey Submissions

You can also gain insights into the total submissions you got and get a comprehensive breakdown of your respondents’ details with GoHighLevel.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • On your sub-account, choose “Analyze” under “Surveys.”
gohighlevel sites analyze
  • From there, you can see the overall submissions and how many you get from each survey.
gohighlevel analyze total submission
  • If you want to check the detailed info, scroll down and click “View Submission” on any of your existing surveys.
gohighlevel submissions sample survey


What Is the Difference Between GoHighLevel Form and Survey?

While both allow data collection, surveys in GoHighLevel provide advanced features like multi-step pages and “One question at a time” displays.

How Does the GoHighLevel Survey Feature Work?

The GoHighLevel survey tool allows you to create, customize, and monitor submissions directly from your dashboard.

Can I Customize My Surveys In GoHighLevel?

Yes. GoHighLevel offers drag-and-drop features, pre-made themes, and CSS code options.

What Makes the GoHighLevel Survey Feature Better Than Others?

This feature isn’t a standalone, and you can use it alongside other core features of GoHighLevel. So you can save time and be more efficient in managing your leads and running your business.

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What do you think about the GoHighLevel Survey feature? We’ve discussed how it improves and simplifies your data collection. Now, it’s your time to try it. Sign up for a free trial here.

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