Kajabi New Features (2024): 5 Exciting Updates You Need to Know About

new kajabi updates

As the leading all-in-one solution for online courses, membership sites, and marketing funnels, Kajabi is always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

This post will show you some of my favorite Kajabi new updates. Feel free to save this article so you can keep up with the latest ones.

Kajabi’s Promise

If you’ve been using Kajabi for a while, you might have heard about Kajabi’s development cycles.

It’s a process introduced in January 2021, where Kajabi releases new updates or features every after eight weeks.

The team is dedicated to ensuring that Kajabi heroes (that’s you!) have the best experience in running their businesses.

Kajabi New Updates and Features

kajabi product updates

One of their biggest updates this year is their platform design.

The old one is already good, but the new design is more minimal, accessible, and intuitive. It reflects the premium quality of the platform.

If you want to see what I’m talking about and experience it firsthand, try Kajabi free for 14 days (a 30-day trial is available). Choose your plan here.

Besides that, here are some of the few ones that I found helpful for users:

Optional Log in

  • Release Date: Q3 (August) 2022
  • Feature Summary: Choose to require or not require logging in for your members when they purchase on your Kajabi website.

This update is helpful because it simplifies the purchase process for your buyers.

With this new update, they don’t have to log in before buying. This reduces friction and increases the completion rate.

Here’s the process flow if logging in isn’t required:

kajabi login process flow

You can change the log-in requirement through Offers -> Edit Checkout -> Additional Settings.

Kajabi Scheduler

  • Release Date: Q3 (July) 2022
  • Feature Summary: Schedule your coaching sessions without using a third-party tool.

The platform released some great updates that will benefit coaches in selling their services.

One of those is the Kajabi Scheduler. It’s a tool that allows you to schedule your coaching sessions right inside the platform.

kajabi scheduler

You don’t have to use a third-party tool like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling anymore.

This reduces the hassle of using multiple tools and saves you money from paying for extra software.

The Kajabi developers are also working on integrations with Outlook and Google. Soon, you’ll be able to create and view your coaching sessions on your calendars.

Custom Domain for Email Marketing

  • Release date: Q3 (July) 2022
  • Feature Summary: Send your email newsletters and campaigns from your custom domain.

Before this update, all emails sent from Kajabi shared the same domain, Kajabimail.net, for email marketing.

kajabi email domain

While users can take advantage of the platform’s good reputation and prevent their emails from going to spam, some Kajabi heroes felt that it was time for a change.

kajabi custom email

Using a custom domain provides more flexibility and branding opportunities. It also lets you:

  • Improve your email deliverability.
  • Increase the trust factor with your subscribers.
  • Add more credibility to your brand.

You can add your new email domain through Settings -> Domains -> Marketing Email Domain Sending -> Setup custom email domain. However, you first need to connect your website domain to Kajabi.

Multiple Upsells And Downsells – Q2 2022 (June)

  • Release date: Q2 (June) 2022
  • Feature Summary: Increase your sales by offering multiple upsells to your prospects.

Upselling and downselling are important sales strategies for any business. It’s a process of convincing people to buy more products or services without them feeling like they’re being pushed into it.

The Kajabi team understands the importance of these two. So, they’ve released an update that allows you to create up to ten upsells and downsells for your buyers.

kajabi add upsell

However, Kajabi advises limiting them to three or four. It might overwhelm your customers and make them less likely to buy if you go more than that.

You can create and manage your upsells and downsells through Sales -> Offers -> Upsells.

Subscription Metrics

  • Release Date: Q2 (May) 2022
  • Feature Summary: Understand your subscription-based business better with Kajabi’s new metrics.

This significant addition to Kajabi Analytics caters to users who provide membership products or subscription services.

kajabi subscription metrics

Now, Kajabi allows you to track the following data:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Monthly recurring payments’ total earnings.
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). The average amount of money earned from each paying customer.
  • Churn Rate. The monthly percentage of members who cancel their subscriptions.

By knowing these data, you’ll be able to understand your business’s performance and create better strategies.

You may view the Subscription Metrics and other important insights through the “Analytics” tab on your Kajabi dashboard.


These are just a few of the exciting updates the team has prepared.

They’re always working hard to improve their platform and provide the best tools for entrepreneurs, course creators, and business owners. So, make sure to keep an eye out for more.

You can also submit feedback and vote for the features you want to see next at Kajabi’s Product Board.

If you’re an aspiring Kajabi user, sign up for Kajabi free trial to enjoy the latest features.

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