How to Create a Kajabi Membership Site: Easy-to-Follow Guide

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Selling one-time offers on Kajabi like online courses and e-books can be a great way to make money.

But if you want to scale your business and increase your revenue, creating Kajabi membership sites is the answer.

Membership sites allow you to receive recurring payments, which is more reliable and better than one-time offers. Plus, you can provide a whole lot more to your audience with a membership site.

Let’s discuss it further, and I’ll also teach you how to create a Kajabi membership with this easy-to-follow-guide!

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site can be a website or program where people pay a recurring fee to access exclusive content, services, or privileges.

Aside from the content, these membership sites usually offer access to a community of like-minded people.

If you know about Patreon, you’ll understand the concept of a membership site. Patreon is a popular platform that allows creators to offer valuable content to paying members.

Kajabi Membership Site

Sample Preview of Kajabi Membership Website

Kajabi membership sites work the same way, but they offer more features and a more organized system.

With Kajabi, you can offer almost all digital products you can think of.

Automation and integrations are also available within the platform, so it’ll be easy on your part to run and manage a membership site smoothly. They allow you to work more efficiently and use your time to build a better connection with your members.


How to Create a Kajabi Membership Site

What’s impressive about Kajabi is that it’s designed to help you create a wonderful experience with your audience without the stress.

Setting up membership sites and tying them up with other products is very simple with Kajabi.

Building a Membership Site

1. Go to Kajabi Dashboard; under the Products tab, click “All Products.”

2. Select “+ New Product.”

How to Create a Kajabi Membership Click + New Product

3. Select Membership and Click “Get Started.”

Select Membership and click "Get Started"

4. Type in your title, a short description, and choose your product image. Once done, click “Submit.”

Type your membership details and submit

5. You’ll see the back end of your membership product. Kajabi will provide you with a blueprint, but you can edit, add your content, and customize everything on the membership product to your heart’s content.

Edit your membership

Here are some of the essential features inside the membership site dashboard:

  • “+ Add Content” button – allows you to add new posts, upload videos, and add categories.
  • Customize – you can click this to change the theme and edit your membership site’s page. Here, you can edit the sidebars, headers, logos, and also the Hero image.
  • Offers – use this to add more products directly to your membership site. I’ll also show you the other method later.
  • Edit post – this icon will only be visible once you hover at a specific lesson or post. Click this to edit the lesson’s content, add exclusive downloads, share videos, audio, and quizzes, and apply automation.

Tying Your Membership Site with Other Offers and Creating Membership Levels

Creating tiers or several offers will give your members more options.

Although this isn’t required, you may follow these steps to add selections and provide your members access to more digital products.

1. Go to “Products” and click “+ New Products.” Create any product you want to offer. You can create online courses, mini-courses, drip courses, etc. If you have existing products you wish to include, you can add them later.

Click All Products and Select + New Products

You may also choose to create coaching or podcast as exclusive products for your members. Select and set them up.

Select Podcast or Coaching

2. Once you set up everything, click the Sales tab and go to “Offers.”

Go to Sales tab and select Offers

3. Click “+ New Offers” if you already have some existing ones. If it’s your first time creating an offer, you may click “Get Started.”

Click + New Offers

4. Type in your title, choose the products you want to add and select your payment type. Click “Create” once done. NOTE: You need to set your payment provider first before editing the pricing. If you haven’t done it, the only option that will pop out is Free.

Create your offer on  Kajabi

This is where you can set up different tiers or subscription plans. For example, you can use basic, premium, elite for levels. Or create monthly, quarterly, and annually payment options. Feel free to change the name of your offers and be creative.

5. Edit and customize your offer.

Edit and customize your offer at Kajabi Site

Kajabi allows you to set up the following under the offer dashboard:

  • when your members can access the offer;
  • where they will be directed after the purchase;
  • the content of the email after the purchase;
  • and automation.

You can also edit the pricing and set up any limited-time offer and upsells. Everything you need is visible on the screen, so you won’t have any difficulties when it comes to setting up your membership content and offers.

Why Should You Build a Membership Site?

As you’ve noticed, many businesses have shifted to a membership-based model for their products and services.

A statistic from Gartner mentioned that 80% of existing companies started applying subscription-based in 2020. And its popularity continues to grow.

Here are some of the reasons why:


Increased revenue

When it comes to single payment courses or products, you need to either sell more products to one person or get more people to buy your products for more significant revenue. But with membership sites, you don’t need to get a new member every time to earn.

It is an intelligent way to make more money. With this system, you can charge people regularly, which means a more consistent income.

Boost member engagement

People who subscribe to your membership site trust you enough and value the content you produce. These members choose to pay because they like the quality and privileges you offer.

And because they know you, it’s easier to build a community of loyal members who are willing to participate and engage with other members.

More organic traffic

When people visit a free website, they don’t usually stick around for long. They look for the answer and leave once they find it.

But when you have a paid membership program, your members are more likely to stay because they’ve invested money in it. And this means you can bring more quality traffic and lower your website’s bounce rate, which is good for SEO.

Better passive income source

Membership sites work well when it comes to generating a passive income.

You can create several options for your members, and instead of asking them to buy, you can let them subscribe or take a trial.

It’s a great way to earn income while you sleep because even if people forget about the program, Kajabi will automatically bill them.

Offers more flexibility to customers

Your audience can choose which membership subscription fits their needs and budget. More membership options allow you to accommodate various customers.


Although membership sites are excellent, there are some possible issues you’ll encounter that you should be aware of:

  • Lack of customer loyalty can lead to members canceling their subscriptions.
  • Creating, managing, and updating content can be time-consuming, and you need to do it constantly.
  • Although you can make recurring income, a membership site still won’t guarantee to reach your income goals.
  • If you’re a beginner, attracting new members can be challenging because you don’t have a good following yet, and your credibility is low.
  • Not all businesses are suited for membership sites. At the same time, not all customers like the idea of recurring payments.

Things You Should Do to Build a Successful Membership Site

Membership sites can only benefit your online business if you’re doing it right. So before establishing one and spending money and time in creating content, remember these three tips:

1. Partner your content with a solid community.

Your content is what the members sign up for, but engagement makes them stay. To make a solid base, you need to add more value for your members.

Joining discussions, opening topics so your members can share their experiences, and scheduling quarterly meetups are great ways to keep your community as engaged as possible.

Also, do your best to establish an environment where your members can talk and share their thoughts without fear of being judged or criticized.

2. Your content should be of high value to your target audience.

Putting your audience on top of your list is always a great choice. Before you create content, ask yourself, “Would my target audience highly benefit from this?”

Do thorough research on what your audience needs in a membership site so you can offer valuable information that can help them out.

Since you’ll build a paid site, there should be a high demand for the information you’re giving away. Therefore, make sure your content is relevant because people will always pay more for something they know they need.

3. Make good use of email marketing.

It’s not enough to land new members. For your membership site to succeed, you need to value customer retention. Make an effort to stay connected with your existing members.

Use email campaigns to offer new content, freebies, and discounts to keep your existing ones happy. You can also create emails to encourage your members to share and get to know them more.

You can access Kajabi’s built-in email marketing features to be more effective.


I hope this article has helped you figure out your next steps in creating a profitable membership site for your online business.

Kajabi membership is easy to build, but you can go back to this post if you feel lost. Also, don’t forget the last three tips that I shared.


How much should I charge for a membership site?

There’s no fixed answer to this question. It will depend on several factors like your content, the number of members you have, and more. You can establish an income goal and create pricing plans according to that.

Why is Kajabi the best platform for membership sites?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. It offers access to all tools you need in creating successful membership sites. That includes a sales funnel, website, email marketing campaign, integrations, advance reporting, and other goodies! Having access to these tools plays a huge difference in your workflow.

It’s also user-friendly. You and your members won’t feel intimidated by its interface.

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