19 Kajabi Email Templates of 2024

kajabi email templates

If you send regular newsletters, announcements, or product updates to your customers, you’ll know that creating an email sequence can be very time-consuming.

Yet it’s one of the most effective ways to contact your users, nurture leads for your online business, and drive traffic to your website.

Kajabi is a cloud-based platform that offers all-in-one marketing services. It can save you time and money by integrating lots of different marketing tactics into one platform and keeping all of your data in one place.

Kajabi email marketing makes it easy to create eye-catching marketing emails. With 19 fully customizable, pre-formatted templates that are easy to optimize and personalize.

All Kajabi email templates are designed for readability, so you don’t have to worry about structure or formatting, and you can even include interactive elements like a countdown timer to make your content really stand out.

Simply open the Marketing Tab, choose one of 19 professionally-designed Kajabi email templates, add in your branding, images, and copy to create an impressive email campaign in no time!

The Best Kajabi Email Templates for Your Online Business

Whether you want to generate leads, inform your audience about upcoming events, promote content like blogs, videos, online courses, or welcome new subscribers to your newsletter, Kajabi email templates are available for every type of campaign.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at the best Kajabi email templates and how to use them.

Kajabi Email Templates for Every Kind of Email Campaign

These templates are among the most popular in Kajabi for common business email sequences like newsletters and product showcases.

1. Simple Letter

simple text

One of the best Kajabi email templates is Simple Text, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This classic template is perfect for emails with lots of text, like when you’re providing information like product specs or answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Showcase a Product Template

showcase a product

Showcase a Product allows you to focus on a particular product. Highlight features of different online courses with image or video sections, and include a product description in the text box.

Related Guide: Sizing Images for the Kajabi Platform.

Kajabi is also an online course-building platform, so if you link directly to the course page in the email, you’ll be able to see results from your email campaign in the Kajabi dashboard.

3. Announcement Template

announce an event

Use the Announce an Event template to inform your customers of upcoming business events like webinars or new product releases, shows, or flash sales.

Encourage users to register their interest or sign up for the event by adding a countdown timer alongside the email content, which automatically updates.

4. Newsletter Template

share a newsletter

With an optimal balance of images and copy, use the classic Kajabi Newsletter template to update your audience on all the latest news from your brand with this smooth, easy-to-read format.

5. Blog Post Template

share a blog post

Sharing your content via email is a great way to drive traffic and keep your customers engaged with your online business.

Share a Blog Post is the ideal template for creating an email that showcases the best parts of your content and enticing users to read more.


6. Share Knowledge

share knowledge

This template is designed to introduce readers to new topics and get them interested in what you have to say.

This is one of the best Kajabi email templates for sharing helpful information highlighting the benefits of reading your content and encouraging your audience to check out your blog or article.

Visual Kajabi Email Templates

Looking for email templates that focus on amazing images? Check out these Kajabi email templates for creating beautiful campaigns that inspire.

7. Ballast


Ballast is a high-impact template, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their emails.

With sections for photos and videos, it’s easy to incorporate incredible visuals in this image-focused template.

8. Boardwell


The Kajabi email template Boardwell is a striking design for sharing your latest content. A dramatic header image grabs the readers’ immediate attention, and a simple tagline entices users to click through to your landing pages to read more.

Use Boardwell in Kajabi to send an email broadcast to a wide audience and promote blogs, interviews, case studies, and client testimonials with inspiring photos and compelling text.

9. Bridge


Bridge is designed to welcome new readers with simple yet elegant imagery. Thank them for signing up to your mailing list with this warm and welcoming email design.

10. Brush


Make a bold statement with Brush, a template with a stunning header to show off the very best of your products.

Add excitement about a limited offer or one-off event with a countdown timer, which adds excitement and spurs your readers to act before the offer ends.

11. Climb


One of the most versatile email templates in Kajabi is Climb. This highly customizable design can be used to promote your products, services, website, or mobile app with a bold banner followed by a longer form text section.

12. Mocha


With a sleek and modern design, Mocha is one of the best Kajabi email templates for sharing news and product updates.

This image-first template tells your audience all they need to know with a strong image overlaid by a short and sweet tagline.

13. Myriad


Make your email broadcast stand out with Myriad, a vibrant template that never fails to look great.

Myriad is one of the most versatile Kajabi email templates. Add your colors, images, and copy to customize this template for any use.

14. Slice


Welcome new customers with Slice, one of the brightest and boldest Kajabi email templates.

15. Squiggle


Looking for a fun template that encourages your users to take action? Use Squiggles, a playful design with easy-to-read text and a clear call-to-action button.

16. Stem


Stem is the perfect template for email campaigns with lots of visual content. Let the photos do the talking with this interesting visual design, and promote your video content within the email to get more views.

17. Strum


Want to create a campaign to promote a particular product or service? Strum is a unique template which uses dramatic imagery and a prominent headline to grab attention.

18. Timber


Searching for a template that feels friendly and welcoming? Timber has a minimalist, uncomplicated design.

This template has a natural flow between text and images and is ideal for sending newsletter updates.

19. Make a Referral

make a referral

Use this text-based template to refer clients to affiliate partners. With Make a Referral, it’s easy to add coupon codes or a custom link.

The Bottom Line

Kajabi email templates can be used for every situation you can think of.

If you want to create a new email campaign but you’re not sure where to begin, you can browse through all the Kajabi email templates for designs for ideas and inspiration.

Once you’ve chosen a template, it’s quick and easy to add in your own content to the pre-formatted sections.

Encourage your users to complete an action by including interactive elements like buttons, videos, or countdown timers, without any coding!

Send your campaign right away or schedule it for a later date, and with the time you’ve saved on design with Kajabi email templates, you can focus on optimizing your emails in other ways, such as delivery time, personalization, and segmentation.

Kajabi does much more than email design. It’s also a scheduling and automation tool, an online course and landing page builder, and a reporting dashboard.

Want to know what else you can do with Kajabi? Give it a try for free!

Check out our review to see all the features of Kajabi and how Kajabi compares to other course marketing platforms.

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