Kajabi Newport Dev Cycle: What Updates and Changes to Expect

Kajabi continues to enhance its software for its Kajabi Heroes. The developers have been producing new features and improvements at a fantastic pace.

Several weeks after the release of their first development cycle, Kajabi Cambria, they are already back with another one.

This article will show the exciting updates and changes the Kajabi Newport development cycle has in store.

What is Kajabi Newport Cycle?

The team released the Kajabi Newport cycle in January 2021. It was shorter than the first one because of the holidays. But Kajabi still managed to deliver the same level of quality and features.

At a glance, here are the updates and changes that the Newport dev cycle has:

  • New website templates for Kajabi Heroes in the health, wellness, and tech industry
  • Text block duplication in website and pages
  • Option to remove the arrow from the header dropdown menu
  • The enhanced coupon creation process
  • More customization on the checkout stage
  • A more accessible and secure way to collect payments to European customers
  • Improved email broadcast interface
  • Better email reception due to updated backend spam rules
  • Enhanced auto-unsubscribe feature under the Automated List Hygiene
  • Smoother importing of contact list
  • Extra security layer for contact deletion

Now, let’s discuss them all in detail.

Updates on Website and Products

New Website Templates

In the last cycle, Kajabi introduced a new website builder that offers better customization and flexibility for its users.

After that release, its team mentioned they’ll continue enhancing the feature and adding more templates.

They did not disappoint. In Kajabi Newport, they built two new website templates designed for tech and health companies. Although they are for specific niches, the templates are still usable and flexible for other businesses.

New Website Templates - kajabi newport

If you want to experience the new templates, here’s what you can do:

  • Go to your “Website” tab and click “Design.”
  • Click the “Theme Store.”
  • Scroll down and choose Hopper (for tech companies) or Serenity (for health and wellness businesses).
  • Save your preferred theme.
  • Hover over your template and click “Set to live theme.”

You can now edit it with the new website builder.

Website and Pages Block Duplication

Designing your page can be time-consuming, especially when starting from scratch. While Kajabi provides website templates, other things can slow down the process – like creating individual blocks.

For every block you add to your page, you need to configure its settings, which can be tedious. This is where the block duplication helps. The new feature allows you to copy a block or section with just one click.

For example, you want to show the different stages of your product launch and use the design of the first “card” block for the other ones. Instead of setting up the blocks individually, you can create as many copies of that “card” block.

Website and Pages Block Duplication - kajabi newport

You can use the same content if that’s what you need or use the same design and change the content.

However, this is only usable in one place, not multiple pages. You can only copy and paste the same content on the home page, but you can’t bring the block from that page to the about page.

Improved Checkout and Sales Features

Easier Creation and Management of Coupons

Kajabi Newport has improved the interface of the coupon dashboard. Now, its structure is more straightforward and navigable for users.

The enhanced interface will save you time figuring out how to create and view your coupons.

For example, you can now choose which coupon to offer, single or bulk, and Kajabi will show you the process of creating it depending on your preference.

Checkout and Sales Features - kajabi newport

Additionally, the Kajabi team also improved the presentation of information in the coupon table. With the new design, you can see which coupons are used and by who and which are still available.

This new feature will help you better monitor your coupons. Also, it can help you identify which deals are effective for your marketing campaign.

Customizable Sales Messages

Kajabi knows how necessary customization is to its users. In every update, they make sure to include new features that will give you more control over your website and sales pages.

In this development cycle, they’ve added two new customization options for the checkout flow – email opt-in text and upsell cancellation message.

Customizable Sales Messages - kajabi newport

You can edit the message on the email opt-in and upsell process for your buyers, improving your customer experience.

Enhanced SCA Compliance for European Customers

The new automated checkout flow has been better. To comply with the updated PSD2 regulations, Kajabi now provides an easier yet secure way to collect payments from Europeans. They can now validate and accomplish their fees quickly.

Enhanced SCA Compliance - kajabi newport

Additionally, European customers will get an automated email if they have a pending payment for authorization.

So Kajabi users catering to this market no longer need to undergo the hassle of payment collection. They can also guarantee better customer security and service under the new automated checkout flow.

Revamped Email Marketing Tools

Improved Interface of Email Broadcast Feature

One feature that Kajabi users love is the ability to send email broadcasts to their list of contacts. It’s a great way to keep in touch with their members and announce new updates or upcoming events.

The developers ensured that the improved interface would make it easier for users to see the success of their email broadcasts.

With the new update, Kajabi will show you if your emails have been sent successfully or not.

Email Broadcast Feature - kajabi newport

This way, you won’t have to guess whether your message reached your recipients. And you can also take action if there are any problems with the email delivery.

Some additional improvements to the email broadcast interface are:

  • Quick view access to your email broadcast analytics under the “email sent” notification
  • The power to open the visual editor on the preview page if you want to make changes

All these add convenience and peace of mind to Kajabi users.

Better Backend Spam Rules

Kajabi provides a shared domain for its users who don’t have their custom one. It became beneficial for customers because it gave them a solid sender reputation.

However, one drawback is that if one Kajabi user gets marked as spam, it could affect others using the same domain.

To avoid this issue, Kajabi has improved its spam rules. Now, even if this happens, it won’t affect the deliverability of other users on the shared domain. It means you can continue emailing your customers without fearing getting flagged.

Auto-Unsubscribe Feature

In the Kajabi Cambria cycle, the team rolled out a feature to help you clean and organize your email list for better management. However, it wasn’t as effective as they wanted it to be.

So in this development cycle, the team has refined this tool and focused on improving the auto-unsubscribe feature. Instead of unsubscribing your contacts immediately after a hard bounce or an error, Kajabi will only do it after two consecutive hard bounces in seven days.

This way, you can avoid the harmful effect of problematic email addresses. At the same time, it provides your active subscribers a chance to fix their email issues and remain on your list.

People & Security

Improved Contact Imports Feature

Kajabi didn’t only improve the email marketing tools in this Kajabi Newport cycle. They’ve also made some changes to the way you can import your contacts into your dashboard.

Now you can directly upload a .CSV file of your contact list. You don’t need to go through the hassle of typing each email address.

You can also create new fields for your contacts during the import process. It gives you more flexibility in the data you can collect and store. For example, you can add position, company name, notes, etc.

To make the process smoother, Kajabi will intelligently map your contact columns to the corresponding fields in your dashboard. It ensures that all the data will be transferred correctly to your email contact list and membership sites.

Updated Contact Deletion Process

The last update in this category is the new contact deletion process. In the past, once you pressed the delete button, there was no way to get the contact back.

This could be a problem if you accidentally delete someone from your list. But with the new process, Kajabi will flash a warning message and ask you to confirm your action.

Updated Contact Deletion Process - kajabi newport

This update allows you to cancel the deletion if you realize you made a mistake. It’s a small change, but it can save you from losing any contacts accidentally.

So there you have it! These are the exciting updates in the second dev cycle.


It’s just the second development cycle from Kajabi, but they have already impressed us with what they delivered.

Kajabi developers provided two new website templates for companies in the health and tech industry and text block duplication to save time in designing websites.

The new import flow and contact deletion process offer a much smoother and more secure user experience. Additionally, the enhanced payment features dedicated to European users can help them transact quickly and confidently.

That small action of allowing the removal of arrows in the header dropdown menu might not seem like much. But to their Kajabi Heroes, it was a big deal, and they were able to deliver.

These new features show that Kajabi truly listens to its customers and works hard to provide the best. We’re excited to see what they’ll come up with next!

While waiting for the other batch of exciting updates, you may sign up for Kajabi free trial and explore the available features inside the platform.

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