Top Kajabi Automations To Help You Sell Smarter

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Kajabi automations refer to a library of basic and advanced systems provided by Kajabi to help businesses maximize their time by making repetitive tasks work by themselves with little or no direct human involvement.

Automation is helpful specifically because it allows you to focus less on routine tasks and more on creative things you can do to improve your business.

Kajabi provides two forms of marketing automation, basic and advanced, depending on the pricing plan you’re on. So, in today’s guide, you’ll find out what’s included in each category and some cool stuff you can do with Kajabi’s powerful automations.

Let’s dive into it.

Basic and Advanced Automations

Basic automations are available for users on Kajabi’s Basic Plan. This allows them to create basic triggers using the When and Then command sequence.

For instance, when a customer purchases an offer, they will be automatically sent to a confirmation page. Users can do this using Kajabi’s When and Then command.

When and Then command

Basic automations can be used in product posts, webinars, email campaigns, Pipelines, etc.

Advanced automations are available for users on the Growth Plan and above. This automation suite comes with the When and Then command sequence and also includes an If filter to narrow down your preferences.

Advanced automations when and then command

This allows users to set conditions on specific automations. For example, you can set the When and Then command to trigger only If a customer takes a particular set of actions.

Advanced automation allows you to create, edit, and delete automations within product posts, Pipelines, email campaigns, forms, etc., as well as the automation section found within your marketing tab.

You can get more insight on basic and advanced automations from Kajabi’s help section.


Examples Of Kajabi Automations

This section will discuss some common Kajabi marketing automation features that can be helpful to your online business. Let’s dive straight into it.

1. OVO Pipelines

OVO Pipelines in Kajabi simply refer to marketing funnels that allow you to build relationships with your prospects, turning them from strangers to customers.

Kajabi provides premade Pipelines for a wide range of purposes, including webinars, lead magnets, product launches, etc. Each Pipeline contains premade sales pages, checkout pages, forms, and sample email copies that you can customize to suit your needs.

Here’s how a Kajabi Sales Pipeline works:

  • Prospect signs up for a free lead magnet ( via an opt-in form)
  • The lead magnet is delivered through a “thank you” page
  • The prospects get a series of follow up emails with a special offer (8 emails in total)
  • The offer links to a sales page where the prospects can get more details
  • Finally, the sales page leads to the checkout page, where they can purchase your offer

2. Email Automations

Kajabi offers tools that allow users to manually send broadcast emails or create automated email sequences based on a specific trigger.

For example, you can set your system to automatically send emails to your leads based on the following trigger ideas:

  • When a prospect fills a form (opt-in)
  • When a subscriber opens an email or clicks on an embedded link
  • When a lead initiates a purchase process or abandons a cart
  • When a subscriber has been inactive over 10, 20, 30, or more days
  • When a specific task or assessment has been completed

3. Webinar Registration

Webinars are among the most effective ways of getting highly qualified leads for your online business. Whether you want to sell your webinar as a product or want to use it to pitch a high ticket offer, Kajabi has the tools to help you automate the entire process.

Here’s one of the ways a Kajabi webinar automation works:

  • Prospects fill your an opt-in form with their names and emails
  • The system registers them to your list and initiates a series of emails leading up to your webinar date
  • On the webinar date, the system allows the prospects to join via the webinar link
  • After the webinar, the system takes them to your landing page, where they can access your special offer
Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline

Also, if you already have a collection of leads in your Kajabi database, you can create and automate an entire system that will send emails to your contacts and even automatically register them for the event.

4. Automatically Grant Offers

This one is pretty popular in the online business space. When a prospect takes a specific action (for example, form registration), you can grant access to the product you promised in your campaign.

automate email contact list

This can be used in many scenarios. For instance, you can automatically grant access to a freebie when they fill an opt-in form. This will precede a series of follow-up emails pitching a paid product, and when a customer decides to take action, they’re also automatically shown the main product.

You Can Do More With Kajabi

Kajabi offers way more helpful features than what we’ve discussed above. You can automate processes like adding and removing tags, sending single-use coupons, revoking offers, etc.

You only need to get creative and use these tools to take your business to another level. Kajabi lets new users try its tools for free for a period of 14 days. So feel free to put the platform to the test to be sure it meets your business requirements.

Finally, we’ve written an in-depth review on Kajabi, where we analyze all its features beyond automation. Feel free to check it out here.

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