9 Kajabi Course Examples to Get Inspiration From in 2024

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Kajabi is one of the best platforms to use if you’re planning to build a business around online courses or digital products. It’s simple to use, provides premium features, and is known for its reliability.

To better understand what you can do with Kajabi, I’ve listed some reasons you should use it and real-world Kajabi course examples.

Why Do Course Creators Love Kajabi?

Reason #1: All-in-One Solution

Besides course creation, Kajabi helps with everything else you need to launch and grow a successful business. This includes building your website, creating landing pages, sending emails, and more.

You can save time and money as you don’t need to pay and learn different software for each task. We cover this in a lot more detail in our Kajabi review.

Reason #2: Intuitive Platform

Kajabi is extremely easy to use, even for complete beginners. The drag-and-drop interface makes building beautiful courses and websites simple, so there’s no need to mess around with coding or complex web hosting setups.

Reason #3: Oustanding Customer Service

Kajabi’s customer service team is excellent. They provide live chat, email, and phone support, so you can always get help when you need it. They also give new users two free training sessions to get them started.

Besides, Kajabi has a comprehensive Knowledge Base (Kajabi University) and a Help Center with valuable resources.

Now that you know why course creators love Kajabi let’s look at Kajabi website examples and online courses.

9 Real Kajabi Course Examples

1. Adventure Instead Academy

adventure instead academy
Source: adventureinstead.com/academy/the-elopement-photographer-course/
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 14,000
  • Niche: Photography

Elopement has been rising recently, with more couples choosing to ditch traditional weddings for intimate and adventurous ceremonies.

Adventure Instead provides a photography service that helps couples capture these moments. Founded by Maddie and with the help of Amber and Tori, they have photographed over 400+ elopements around the world.

Their Kajabi website is beautiful, simple, and very welcoming. They used simple effects, engaging content, and stunning photos to create a visually-appealing and informative site.

Besides the service, Adventure Instead has an online academy where Maddie sells online courses and mentorship and provides free videos and community access.

One of her free online courses includes over 17 video recordings about the basics of elopement photography and the marketing side of the business.

You need to sign up to their landing page, and you’ll receive an email sequence powered by Kajabi’s email marketing tools. From one of the emails, you’ll get the login details that you can use to access the resources on their Kajabi site.

If you want a more detailed course, they offer The Elopement Photographer Course, which focuses on helping photographers build and market their elopement business.

The online course includes video lessons, ebooks, worksheets, and other valuable resources.

If you’re thinking of starting an elopement photography business online, then Adventure Instead is a great example to check out.

2. Functional Lawyer Membership

functional lawyer
Source: www.functionallawyer.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <200
  • Niche: Legal Services for Practitioners

Scott Rattigan, the CEO and founder of Function Lawyer, built this online business to save other functional medicine practitioners the time, money, and anxiety of trying to figure out the legal side of their business.

As a licensed attorney, he’s helped his wife Linda, a D.O., establish her functional medicine practice. So he knows how hard it is to find legal help that understands the unique needs of a physician.

From this experience, he created a Kajabi membership site that provides expert-reviewed contracts, educational videos, and more for paid members.

Scott also offers weekly group calls with him and other physicians where you can ask questions and get help with your legal issues.

Besides the membership site, Scott also used Kajabi features to create a blog page, an opt-in form for his free guide, and thank you page.

3. Flute School

flute school
Source: Flute.school
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 4,600
  • Niche: Music

Jane is a flute expert that has over 20 years of experience helping flute players from all levels improve and develop their craft.

She created a unique teaching method that leverages the power of the proper flute technique. Her mission is to show how even tiny tweaks can make a world of difference in the quality of your playing.

Inside Jane’s Kajabi website, you’ll find the Flute Academy page, where she compiled her knowledge in a series of online courses. You can access all pre-recorded videos for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Besides the free video mini-lessons on her blog page, Jane also gives a free mini course to show three simple tips for building a firmer tone for flute players.

As I roamed her website, I saw that Jane utilized Kajabi’s features in most of her process. She used the Kajabi website builder to create a beautiful and modern-looking website, the drip courses feature to provide bonus content for her students, and the opt-in form to collect leads.

Jane’s website is an excellent example of an online music academy that is professional, informative, and user-friendly. If you’re thinking of starting a similar business, then be sure to check her out.

4. Movie Star Body by Kinobody

movie star body
Source: movie-star-body.mykajabi.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 5,600
  • Niche: Health and Fitness

Kinobody is a successful online business selling physical and digital products.

Greg O’Gallagher, the founder of Kinobody and a famous fitness coach, life’s mission is to help men and women get the dream body they’ve always wanted.

He’s created several fitness programs available as online courses on the Kinobody website. Some are Movie Star Masterclass, Aggressive Fat Loss, and Kino Baddie.

Although the recent Kinobody website is not entirely built from Kajabi, one of its original online courses, the Movie Star Body, is still available and accessible through the Kajabi platform.

In this 12-week online course, Greg will teach you how to remove body fat and build the perfect muscles without punishing yourself in the gym or constantly eating rabbit food.

Besides videos, the Movie Star Body includes bonus resources such as a cookbook and manual.

Greg’s original online course is a great example for fitness coaches and enthusiasts planning to create their own online course with Kajabi.

5. Fully Raw

fully raw
Source: Fullyraw.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 4,100
  • Niche: Health and Wellness, Food

Fully Raw is one of my favorites among the Kajabi website examples on this list! It’s colorful, organized, and comprehensive.

This website shows that you can do more than just sell courses with Kajabi. You can also create a fantastic site that attracts attention and promotes your brand.

Fully Raw is an online business established by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. She’s a writer, coach, and vegan who helps people take control of their life through a healthy diet.

Kristina advocates that fruits and vegetables have the power to transform your “sick and tired” self into a “happier and healthier” individual.

Inside her Kajabi website, you’ll see several programs accessible with a Kajabi login. Some of her online courses are The 7-Day Fitness Challenge, 5-Day Juice Reset, and 21-Day Vegan Challenge.

However, the Inner Circle Coaching Program is her best and most popular product. It’s a membership offer where you can access all video recordings, ebooks, Zoom calls, discounts, and community access.

It includes some of the challenges mentioned above and more. The Inner Circle Coaching is the real deal, as this online training program focuses on the overall transformation of your mind, body, and soul for the better.

6. Earn That Body

earn that body
Source: Earnthatbody.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Fitness, Nutrition

Fitness enthusiasts will surely love Earn That Body.

This website was created in 2009 by an award-winning coach, Kim Eagle. She’s an expert in the human body and Eastern Medicine, and she used her experience and expertise to develop a training program focused on helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Her first-ever online course quickly gained popularity because of how effective it was. Since then, she’s been constantly adding more programs to her Kajabi website.

You can find over 20 online courses and challenges divided into three categories: Nutrition Programs, Athlete Programs, and Workout Programs.

I believe that most, if not all, of her online courses are hosted on Kajabi. The sales and checkout pages have the same structure, and the brand colors are consistent throughout the website.

Furthermore, Kim also uses the Kajabi email hosting in sending messages to interested individuals and subscribers.

If you want to offer several courses and provide a smooth user experience like Kim, Kajabi is the way to go. You can upgrade your plan anytime in case you need more features and integrations in the future.

7. Sean of Royalty Hero

Royalty Hero site
Source: www.royaltyhero.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: TBD
  • Niche: Business, Money

Sean’s website is simple, yet the message he delivers is powerful. He’s not your common 6-figure entrepreneur flashing his wealth and success.

He also doesn’t lure you with a quick-fix online course or get-rich-quick programs. From what I saw on his site, Sean is a humble guy who wants to share his knowledge on how he was able to achieve financial freedom from self-publishing books online.

Sean’s website is a perfect example of how you can use Kajabi to offer and promote your products without being extravagant. You’ll love his website if you’re a fan of the minimalist approach.

Currently, Sean offers a course and mentorship via his course Royalty Hero hosted on Kajabi.

8. Aligned Yoga

aligned yoga
Source: alignedyoga.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 1,700
  • Niche: Health, Yoga

Aligned Yoga is a passionate family of yogis who strive to educate and make yoga accessible to all, regardless of experience level.

They offer online yoga classes and tutorials that students can access anytime and anywhere. Their goal is to transform how yoga is perceived and practiced worldwide.

What I like about Aligned Yoga is that they strive to be as human as possible. Briohny Smyth, the founder, and her team shows not just the perfect yoga poses but also the “messiness” that comes with practicing yoga.

Right now, Aligned Yoga offers two kinds of online courses – Practice and Train. The Practice training is perfect for beginners and those who want to build a good foundation and skills in yoga.

Meanwhile, the Train online course is a 200-hour training designed for intermediate and advanced yogis who want to take their practice to the next level.

What I like about their courses is that they collate various resources, such as pre-recorded videos, documents, and assessments, to create a comprehensive learning experience for their students.

This is why Kajabi is the perfect platform for fitness instructors, coaches, and trainers who want to offer online courses and programs. It allows you to upload and use different mediums to create a well-rounded course.

9. Sancri Healing

sancri healing
Source: www.sancrihealing.com
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Health, Holistic Therapy

Sandra Gijsbers is a spiritual coach and an author.

She has been helping her clients for over 16 years using unconventional approaches such as energetic healing methods and Akashic chronicle reading.

Besides mentoring people in achieving their goals and treating their physical, mental, and emotional issues, Sandra also provides in-person workshops and an online course for those who want to be like her.

If you’d like to check her free personal development information and ebooks, you can visit the “Download” tab on her Kajabi website.

Creating Courses with Kajabi

I hope you can get some ideas on how to design and structure your online course by checking the Kajabi course examples and websites above.

Whether you want a simple site like Sean’s or a more comprehensive one like Aligned Yoga and Fully Raw, Kajabi gives you the power to create the exact online course website you need.

I suggest you sign up for the Kajabi free trial and explore its features and capabilities. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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