7 Kajabi Membership Site Examples That Will Inspire You

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Kajabi is more than just online courses and website creation. It lets you offer other digital services or products for your online business, including a membership site. 

The difference between selling an online course vs. a membership site or program is that the latter gives you a recurring and passive income. In exchange, your members can get fresh and exclusive content as long as they are subscribed. 

Aside from the money, some of the advantages of creating membership sites are: 

  • An increase in authority
  • Promotes deeper relationships with your consumers
  • And gives more (financial) freedom to provide premium content and value to your members. 

If you’re looking for a sign of whether to use Kajabi or not, here are 7 Kajabi membership sites examples you should check. 

7 Best Kajabi Membership Site Examples Built on the Kajabi Platform

Creating a membership site with Kajabi does not require any technical skills. In fact, Kajabi makes it easy as one of the easiest-to-use online course platforms in the industry.

For more information about Kajabi, you may be interested in:

1. Alla’s Yummy Food

Alla is a Baltic chef and food blogger based in London. She got over 350,000 followers on all her social media platforms and appeared in various TV shows. Her videos were featured on Tastemade and Insider Food and were viewed by over 26.6 million people.

screenshot of Alla’s Yummy Food website home page

Alla offers unlimited access to over 600 videos, new recipes monthly, exclusive access to her VIP community, and live Zoom classes per month with her membership site.

Aside from that, she has separate online courses and Zoom cooking classes for those who aren’t interested in the membership.

It is one of the best membership sites that I’ve seen. The website is responsive and well-designed.

2. Graham Cochrane

If you’ve been searching about Kajabi on Youtube, you might have come across Graham’s channel.

empowered entrepreneur teaches people

He has been a loyal Kajabi user and has provided tutorials on how to run an online business using Kajabi. He also uses this platform to run his other site, The Recording Revolution.

Cochrane is an entrepreneur and a business coach from Florida. He uses this website to share everything he has learned about growing a business.

On his membership site, he offers coaching, online courses, and a private monthly coaching program called “Six-Figure Coaching Community.”

If someone avails of any of his digital products, they can easily access it on his site. That’s the power of websites made in Kajabi.

3. Brendon Burchard

Brendon is a well-known personality development coach and author of some best-selling books about motivation and performance. He’s also the first online trainer to generate a million dollars upon launching his online course in 2009.

screenshot of Brendon Burchard website as one of Kajabi Membership Site Examples

Here’s an interesting fact about Brendon. He is one of the original users of Kajabi and one of the first Kajabi Heroes. Since Day 1 of offering his courses online, Brendon already uses this platform.

Now, Brendon is offering what he calls “HPX Courses.” It’s a monthly program where you can access more than $500 worth of classes, monthly challenges, and group coaching.

Once you visit Brendon’s page, you’ll see that it’s more than just a membership website. You can view his landing pages and products in a few clicks.

This is one of the great features of Kajabi. It lets users show all that there’s to offer on a single site and without any hiccups. You’ll notice that even if Brendon’s website is full-packed, the interface is still smooth and not laggy. The images and videos load fast as well.

4. Michelle Lagaly

Just by looking at the website and brand, you’ll notice that her target audiences are women.

screenshot of Michelle Lagaly website home page

Michelle’s mission is to help empower women to become the best healers they aim to be. She practices various healing mediums like psychics, coaching, and hypnotherapy. These are what she uses to help other healers find and act for their life’s purpose.

Michelle has this intuitive coaching plus business building membership site. She offers 12-month full-packed resources that include exclusive content for members and community membership.

Like the membership sites made from Kajabi, Michelle’s is highly responsive. She used some subtle effects that made her site more interactive and professional-looking. Her website shows how customizable Kajabi is for design and payment options for membership subscriptions.

5. Jenine Dilts Bayman

“Love your life and inspire the next generation.” This is the first thing you’ll see when you visit Jenine’s website, and that tagline is a great hook for visitors.

screenshot of jenine Dilts Bayman website home page

Jenine is a mom and a fitness trainer. She is the founder of Mums with Bubs Fitness classes and the New Mama Lifestyle membership program. Aside from helping mums achieve a healthier body, she also teaches about mindset and business growth.

Her membership site is navigable and organized. Another thing to love is the accessibility of her podcast episodes from her website. This is made possible with Kajabi, and it doesn’t require too much effort on the user.

6. Denise DT

Denise is a money-mindset coach for entrepreneurs whose passion is to change the world while earning the income they want. She created books that help online entrepreneurs live an abundant life without sacrificing their health.

Screenshot of Denise DT website home page

Her Money Bootcamp is an excellent example of a well-designed membership site. It comes with courses and a community that can help business owners become their ideal selves. The landing page for her Money Bootcamp is simple yet engaging.

She used some design elements that are available on Kajabi to make her website more interactive. First is the sleek countdown timer. Next are the four clickable boxes that visitors can click to know more about the program. These add to the overall aesthetic of her website while having a purpose.

7. Jen René

Planning to offer a membership subscription as a fitness instructor? You might get some inspiration from Jen’s website.

screenshot of Jen René website home page

Jen is a professional yoga instructor, mindfulness expert, and speaker. Her primary goal for her business is to imprint Ashtanga Yoga practice into her student’s everyday life.

She offers interactive online classes that include recorded tutorials, live courses, group meetings, and feedback. Jen also provides monthly live membership training that for more advanced practitioners.

Like the other membership sites mentioned above, Jen Rene also promotes other products. She also has free content that you can download after subscribing to her email list.

As a Kajabi user, you get access to opt-in forms to help increase your email subscribers.

That’s All for the Membership Sites

I hope that the websites above have inspired you to create your own membership site with Kajabi. With all the tools, integrations, and freedom Kajabi can provide, anything is possible in your online business.

Create Your Membership Website With Kajabi

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