35 Kajabi Website Examples – 2024 Inspiration & Motivation for Your Website!

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Creating a professional-looking and well-designed website with the modern Kajabi website builder is not hard.

Building a Kajabi website is beginner-friendly. The all-in-one platform provides a website builder with features that can help you easily create your Kajabi website.

If you want to see some great Kajabi website examples, check out our extensive list below:

Top Kajabi Website Examples

As you browse the following Kajabi website examples, the following articles may interest you as they’re closely related to using Kajabi websites:

1. Cherry Blossom Yoga

sell courses
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • Niche: Yoga

CBY is an online yoga school. It offers mentorship and on-demand yoga classes. CBY created a clean navigation menu, a smooth and responsive interface, and an opt-in form to grow their email list. 

Note: Kajabi’s email marketing tools are second to none when it comes to rival online course creation platforms.

2. Pain Cure Clinic

hero banner
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Health; Chronic Pain

The founder of Pain Cure Clinic, Laura and John, aims to cure people with chronic pain.

The testimonials they’ve made with the Kajabi site are a little different from other websites as they’ve used videos instead of just texts. However, these didn’t slow down the site speed. It worked perfectly fine.

3. Fully Raw

real people
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 2,441
  • Niche: Health, Lifestyle, and Food

Kristina Bucaram advocates taking control of health. Using Kajabi, she created a website that is colorful and aesthetic.

She inserted an opt-in form under her header and customized her web pages by adding pictures, testimonials, and FAQ forms.

Her site is also a testament to Kajabi SEO works!

4. Jill Thatcher

fastest way
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Ventriloquism

Unlike the other Kajabi examples, Jill’s site isn’t that detailed. However, her hero header is enough to identify who she is. She is a ventriloquist and offers free online courses. Once subscribed, it’ll be sent via the email software from Kajabi.

5. VH Design Co

teaches women
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • Niche: Business Growth

Judy and Jess, founders of VH Design Co, help designers with business development through coaching and membership program. You’ll see some minimal effects on their site. It’s one of the best website examples that I’ve seen. It shows you how customizable the Kajabi platform is.

6. The Emma Bromley Method

get started like emma
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Pilates for Postnatal Moms

Emma helps moms work on their core strength and achieve their body goals. On her website, she offers online courses, live classes, and in-person sessions.

She designed a minimal landing page with pricing plan options, testimonials, and FAQ.

7. Heather Rosson

screenshot of Heather Rosson
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Business Growth

Heather is an entrepreneur and a certified marketer. She teaches people to create a profitable business but is centered on faith, family, and fun. You’ll notice a fun quiz link on top of the website’s header. Once clicked, it will show you a pop-up quiz. She also used some integrations available on Kajabi, like the Livechat support.

8. Full Time Network Marketer

screenshot of Full Time Network Marketer
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Network Marketing

Fabian, the owner, is a speaker, author, and full-time network marketer. He was affected by the recession and ended up venturing into network marketing. He uses Kajabi to offer his products and show his credibility as a professional.

9. MPS Grants Consulting

screenshot of MPS Grants Consulting
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Grant Writing and Consultation

Catherine is the founder of MPS Grant. She offers grant writing, training, and research on her website. One thing unique about this site is it lets you know right away what the company does. Some parts transition from one column to three columns, yet it works well and doesn’t look weird.

10. The School House Life (Homeschool Open House)

screenshot of The School House Life (Homeschool Open House)
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Homeschooling; Natural living

The branding colors of the site make you feel “home.” The drop-down menu used on the navigation bar is simple and responsive. They also used the sticky header effect on the image header.

11. Full-Plate Living

screenshot of Full-Plate Living
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 3,667
  • Niche: Health, Lifestyle, and Food

Full-Plate Living is a project of the Ardmore Institute of Health. As of writing, the site only offers free membership. Thanks to the Kajabi Mobile App, courses like this can be accessed on your smartphone. Their FAQ page looks different from the others as they use Google Docs as Kajabi integration.

12. Limitless Lifestyle Academy

screenshot Limitless Lifestyle Academy
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Health and Lifestyle

Dorian teaches women in their 40s to take care of their bodies. She built this academy to make them more confident and alive.

Her call to action is a free consultation. CTA can be added directly to your navigation menu using the platform.

13. Obvi-US

remove kajabi branding
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Customer Relationship Management

Obvi-US doesn’t offer courses or tutorials. It provides customer services using CRM and some additional tools.

When inputting testimonials like this site, Kajabi lets you pick how many you’d like to include. Moreover, you can easily set it up using the drag-and-drop feature.

14. Someritus Life Design Center

screenshot of Someritus Life Design Center
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Lifestyle

Mike Herzog’s mission is to help people rewrite their life. He offers books, coaching services, and courses to create and design the life they want.

The articles on his blog page are also structured differently. This can be customized on the back-end side of Kajabi with their blogging settings.

15. Survival Swim School

screenshot of Survival Swim School
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Swimming, Safety

Shellie teaches children to prevent drowning by teaching essential swimming skills. Shellie used some Kajabi effects on the testimonial section and in the background of some areas on her site.

16. The Fight Back Project

screenshot of The Fight Back Project
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Sport

Do you love kickboxing? You can listen to The Fight Back Project’s podcast on their website. Kajabi lets users embed their Podcast URL and create a page for visitors to enjoy.

You’ll also see a Merch page on the menu, and once you click it, you’ll see some of their physical products.

17. Deborah Case Dance Academy

screenshot of Deborah Case Dance Academy
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • Niche: Dance

DCDA’s founder, Deborah, created the dance academy to teach ballet positively to build children’s confidence and maintain their health.

DCDA’s landing page is pretty simple, yet it allows you to choose between buying digital products or doing online training. You can easily navigate the site. Like the other Kajabi websites, the checkout page is straightforward and secure.

18. Maggie Landes

screenshot of Maggie Landes
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Health, Food

Maggie is a physician and a lymphoma survivor. She wants to EATfluenced people to start proper eating habits.

Her website looks like something from the magazine. It’s beautiful and colorful. Even the website’s landing page looks nice.

19. Prep 4 Health

screenshot of Prep 4 Health
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Lifestyle

The founder of this site, Kelly, is a business owner and a certified speaker. Her target customers are women over 45 years old who want to live their best life and become healthier.

Instead of regular testimonials, Kelly used screenshots from her social media. She also made some customization on the FAQ form of Kajabi to reflect her brand.

20. Revitalized Churches

screenshot of Revitalized Churches
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Leadership Training

This company consists of pastors whose primary mission is to provide mentoring and consultation to fellow pastors and church members.

They offer courses, coaching, and membership subscription under four topics. They were able to create a professional-looking site using Kajabi. The effects they’ve used also made the CTA and program options more noticeable and interactive.

21. Orthovated

screenshot of Orthovated
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Career Development

The founder of the company aims to help dental professionals to grow their business and improve themselves. On the website, you’ll see online courses, free consultation, and opt-in forms made using Kajabi. All of the pages, including the sakes and landing pages, are pretty responsive.

22. ImQueen Consulting

screenshot of ImQueen Consulting
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Ads Strategy

Christina is a queen when it comes to digital marketing strategy. She teaches professionals of hacks about FB ads and other social platforms. The Kajabi-theme that she uses creates a unique website that reflects her brand.

23. Online Fitness Retreat

exercise scientist
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Exercise, Health, Lifestyle

OFR consists of powerful trainers that teach proper exercise, diet, and mindset. Everything you need to know about the website is all on the home page. Moreover, instead of using a still image, the image header is a video. This is very simple to do on the Kajabi dashboard.

24. Chelsie Kenyon

screenshot of Chelsie Kenyon
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Marketing

Chelsie is an Online Business Strategist and Marketing Expert. Her courses are made to help women succeed in building an online business. Some of her courses are Tiktok Tech School and Quick & Dirty Funnels. You’ll see only the title and a short description of her classes. However, once you click one, a long-form sales page will appear.

25. Spon on Agility

screenshot of Spon on Agility
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Dog Training

This is the perfect school for dog owners who want to improve their pet’s ability to move faster and better. Lisa, the founder, offers a free masterclass on her Kajabi site. Her opt-in form at the end is a little unique as she was able to add choices to categorize her subscribers.

26. Audrey Eugenie Schlegel

screenshot of Audrey Eugenie Schlegel
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Personality Development

This is one of the few Kajabi examples that I’ve seen that uses German as the primary language among the list. Online businesses made from the platform can translate their content into 16 languages. The owner of the website is an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. She provides coaching sessions, books, and courses to help women become the best version of themselves.

27. The Recording Revolution

screenshot of The Recording Revolution
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 5,514
  • Niche: Music

This website is run and owned by Graham Cochrane. He is a YouTuber and has been an avid user of the software. On this website, he teaches about recording, mixing, and earning income from music. Using the pop-up form, he promotes one of his products for free.

28. Canine Master

screenshot Canine Master
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • Niche: Dog Training

Chris is a Canine Master who has over 35 years of experience. He wants to help dog owners develop a better relationship with their pets. He has a Pet Life Radio Podcast, which is playable on the site. Aside from that, his site has a blog post archive, contact, training, and landing pages.

29. Hockey Snacks

screenshot of Hockey Snacks
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • Niche: Health and Food

Seanna of Hockey Snacks is a mom and a nutritional coach. She offers various digital products like ebooks, live workshops, and coaching on her website. Some other features she has used are multiple pricing cards and FAQ forms.

30. Brendon Burchard

screenshot of Brendon Burchard
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: 28,410
  • Niche: Personality Development

One of the most successful and original Kajabi users. Brendon has been using the software ever since he launched his first online course. He uses a video header on his home page, and you may also access his podcast on his website. Currently, Brendon is offering this HPX course, which is like a membership program.

31. Ella Parle Francais

screenshot of  Elle Parle Francais
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • All About: French Language

Ella is a fluent French speaker. With her website, she is teaching people how to learn the language more accessible. She currently offers three courses, and it includes reading and speaking, greeting, and simple conversations. Ella integrates Shopify into her website to sell some physical products.

32. The Kenza Collective

screenshot of The Kenza Collective
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • All About: Freelancing

The people behind Kenza Collective are both credible and professionals. Now, they want to teach parents about freelancing. Their website is also excellent and responsive. One thing unique about their site is the CTA on the navigation menu.

33. Allison Sutter

screenshot of Allison Sutter website page
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: <100
  • All About: Spiritual Development

Allison is a spiritual mentor, and she offers one-on-one coaching to help women connect with their Higher-self. Like most Kajabi users, Allison also uses email management software.

34. Jen Rene

screenshot of Jen Rene
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • All About: Yoga and Pilates

Jen has a course for beginners and a membership for intermediate learners. She has a yoga hub called Ashtanga Central. Jen customized the forms to match the purpose of her offer.

35. Ricky Lundell

screenshot of Ricky Lundell
  • Monthly Organic Traffic: >100
  • All About: Self-Defense and Wrestling

Last on our website examples is owned by a world champion. Ricky’s website is straightforward. He didn’t create too many pages, and they’re only about what he offers. Most Kajabi websites have a login section like Ricky’s. This is where you can access the course you’ve bought.


So what do you think? Which of the Kajabi examples is the best? Did you see your specific niche?

Kajabi has more amazing features available including: sales funnels, creating online courses, membership sites, and more). If you’d like to get full access and see if it’s the perfect platform for you, pick a plan and sign up for the free trial!

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