Top 31 Kajabi Landing Page Examples to Use for Your Online Business in 2024 (Plus Sales Page Examples)

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Creating landing pages is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy.

They’re the first impression you make on potential customers. And even if they don’t always convert visitors to leads or sales, they can be an effective means of advertising your company or products.

With Kajabi, you can create landing pages without the need for any coding or design. Moreover, it provides templates for standalone pages and also well-structured Kajabi Pipelines (sales funnels).

Check out these Kajabi landing page examples and get some ideas on how Kajabi can build effective marketing campaigns for Kajabi websites!

Types of Kajabi Landing Page Templates

Kajabi currently provides pre-made templates under five types of landing pages. You can view all of this under the Kajabi Website Builder dashboard and under Pages. Let’s discuss all Kajabi landing page examples below:

Opt-In Pages

The first Kajabi landing page examples are opt-ins. Opt-in pages are those through which you can collect leads from visitors.

You may do so by offering visitors a freebie or discounts in exchange for their email addresses. After securing their contact information, you can include them in your email list and send them promotional messages or newsletters.

Kajabi offers an impressive collection of opt-in pages:

Kajabi collection of opt-in pages

Streamlined Opt-In 

This simply designed landing page theme includes a form to grow your email list, sections to showcase your offer’s features, FAQ, and a call-to-action button.


This has a more straightforward and delicate design in comparison to the Streamlined Opt-in template. It is perfect for presenting a lead magnet without overwhelming visitors with too much information.


Eva is a clean, elegant, and calming theme that utilizes white space well. It has sections where you can add testimonials and some articles from your Kajabi website and blog.

Streamlined Video Opt-in

This has the same structure as the first template. But instead of a form, you can add video content to boost visitor engagement.


This theme is ideal if you want to create beautiful landing pages for travel content.


Chloe theme can help you encourage sign-ups through its vibrant and friendly design.

Streamlined Lead Gen

Streamlined Lead Gen applies the overall theme of Kajabi. This landing page is perfect for free trial offers.


This is a striking opt-in page template that can help you grow your list fast. It uses eye-catching colors, a one-line intriguing headline, and a CTA button.


This classy and sophisticated landing page template includes a section for blog content and an opt-in form.


Melody is a contemporary theme that offers a space where you can share your story with your visitors and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.


Bolt is the best theme if your target customers are entrepreneurs, marketers, or business owners. It uses elegant yet dark colors that exude professional vibes.

Sales Pages

Sales pages are meant to convert your website visitors into customers. They are best suited to sell a product or service. Among the Kajabi landing page examples, these are the most common.

There are many Kajabi website examples that created responsive sales pages using Kajabi’s templates. Some of them are on,, and

Image from

Kajabi offers 11 sales pages templates:

Kajabi 11 sales pages templates

Streamlined Home

This is a classic Kajabi template for sales pages. If you want to keep everything simple and organized, this is for you.


Flawless is a sleek and modern sales page that will surely give an impression of professionalism. It has sections to add images, texts, testimonials, and a CTA button, which can help increase conversions on your Kajabi website and landing page.


This is a clean-looking and easy-to-navigate theme that uses enough white space in all sections.


Lindsay is a great sales page to showcase personal branding. Whether you’re an online coach, influencer, or specialist, this template can help you build an engaging and pleasing landing page that your audience will love.


This landing page template can help you secure more sales by triggering urgency from your visitors. You can do so by using a deadline-driven headline partner with the countdown timer widget.

Streamlined Sales

Streamlined Sales is a classic and effortless sales page template that includes only the necessary elements to get your prospects on board with what you are offering.


This template is for business owners who want to show more of their creative side. It’s suitable for photographers and designers. 


Clarion is the ideal template for businesses offering tickets for live events, seminars, and workshops.

Streamlined Sales – Long

This is the extended version of the Streamlined Sales. It provides more customization and space to display product benefits and features, testimonials, images, texts, and more.


This is an awesome landing page template for diet and nutrition experts. It uses enticing colors, clean design, and aesthetic images that can encourage visitors to say and grab the delicious offer.


Another template for the health-related niche. But instead of food, Gains is a stylish landing page theme for health and wellness coaches and fitness instructors.

Thank You Pages

Thank you collection of Kajabi

Thank you pages are landing pages where you can show your gratitude to your customers for taking the desired action.

They are usually used as the endpoint in a marketing funnel after people buy something from your store, fill out a form, or register for an upcoming event.

Here are some beautiful landing pages to use on your Kajabi website:


Danke offers a simple design to show gratitude after someone signs up or buys your product.


The Pathway is a minimalistic theme that allows you to acknowledge your visitors’ actions and promote other pages to get more traffic.


Flow is another thank you page that goes beyond its purpose. It allows you to show testimonials about your membership program or community and promote other products or services you offer.

Podcast Pages

Podcast pages - Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Kajabi podcast pages are landing pages where you can include your podcast episode player on your Kajabi website for visitors to listen to.

Podcasting is an excellent way of boosting brand awareness and establishing yourself as an authority in the industry.


This podcast template allows you to include social proofs to increase subscriptions.


Tranquility is perfect for paid Podcast subscription. With this theme, you can utilize texts, images, CTA buttons, and opt-in forms to turn your visitors into loyal listeners.


If you want a darker and sophisticated theme for your podcast offer, Strive is the best option.

Coming Soon Pages

Coming soon pages are landing pages of your website before it goes live or after launching a beta version of your product.

It serves as an announcement for future products, features, and services you are about to release.

Here are Kajabi landing page examples under Coming Soon Pages:

Kajabi Coming Soon Pages

Streamlined Coming Soon

A basic coming soon template that includes only essential features such as an opt-in form, a headline, and a caption.


This template allows you to add customization to your coming soon template to elicit excitement from your audience and encourage them to connect or sign up for your email list.


If you want your visitors to glimpse what your Kajabi website or online business is about, this theme can help you with that.

How Kajabi Landing & Sales Pages Work With Sales Funnels (Pipelines)

Kajabi templates are not only for standalone landing pages. You may also use them on Pipeline blueprints provided by Kajabi. They offer a comprehensive outline of a complete sales funnel depending on your marketing goal.

With Kajabi Pipelines, you can access pre-made Kajabi landing page examples and templates designed with other marketing tools.

Product Launch

Product Launch OVO Pipeline - Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Product Launch OVO Pipeline is for an online business that wants to introduce its new products by utilizing opt-in forms and value pages with videos.

Sales Page

Sales Page OVO Pipeline

This Kajabi Pipeline blueprint is the most straightforward approach to generating leads and converting your visitors, on your Kajabi website, to customers.

It uses an opt-in landing page and a sales page disguised as a thank you page. A link on the sales page will drive your leads to the checkout page.

Freebie Pipeline

Freebie Pipeline for Kajabi Landing Page Template

Freebie Kajabi Pipeline is one of the best ways to grow your email list. Encourage your visitors to enter their email addresses on your opt-in page by offering an irresistible freebie and delivering it via email.

Another method is to provide a downloadable version on your “Thank you” page.

Coaching Campaign

Coaching Campaign OVO Pipeline

This Pipeline is best for coaches who want to maximize their revenue. The funnel starts with a sales page, where visitors are asked to sign up for a coaching call.

Instead of providing the rates right away, users can use the email sequence and create a thank you page for those who availed of the coaching offer.

Free Book OVO

Free Book OVO Pipeline

This is an excellent sales funnel blueprint for those who want to offer a free book on their Kajabi website and only charge a shipment fee to the buyers. It uses opt-in pages then a checkout page to gather contact and address information of the customers.

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar OVO Pipeline

Zoom webinar Pipeline is another excellent approach in introducing a new product. You don’t need to create anything from scratch because the copy and design are already provided for you.

Why Kajabi Offers Landing Pages

Kajabi Landing Page Examples

Kajabi team and developers know that high-converting landing pages are integral in growing a business online.

Without landing pages, your online business may not be able to reach its full potential. And with poor-quality ones, you won’t generate leads and sales as effectively as you should.

They also know that building landing pages from scratch is a daunting task. So they created high-converting Kajabi landing pages and Pipelines to help their users do everything faster and better.

This way, you can focus on other areas in growing your business and spend less time stressing out.

That’s All

The platform continues to add more Kajabi landing page examples and templates, so better stay tuned on what they’ll offer in the future.

Which of the Kajabi landing page examples do you like the best? If you’d like to experience and start creating your own landing pages with Kajabi, check out Kajabi’s free trial now!

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