Custom Kajabi Themes (2024): Why They’re Worth It and Where to Get Stunning Templates

custom kajabi themes

When it comes to websites, online courses, and membership sites, Kajabi is one of the most popular platforms.

It’s packed with features that make creating and managing your content a breeze. And one of the things that makes Kajabi so great is its ready-to-use themes and templates.

But what if you want to stand out more or be unique?

If that’s the case, it is worth considering investing in custom Kajabi themes.

Keep reading to learn about Kajabi templates and how to find gorgeous website themes for your Kajabi account.

What Are Kajabi Themes and Why Use Them?

Kajabi Pre-Made Themes

Themes are skin templates that give your site a distinct look and feel.

They set the overall design, layout, and style of your pages, so you can ensure everything is uniform, polished and professional-looking.

Kajabi pre-made themes are valuable because they save your time and let you quickly build attractive websites and pages without coding.


When to Use Kajabi Custom Themes

However, even if Kajabi templates are great and customizable to some extent, they are not suitable for everyone’s taste.

If you belong to that group of people who don’t like the default themes and want your site to be different, a custom theme is the way to go.

Getting a Custom Kajabi Website Theme

Since Kajabi is a well-known platform, finding beautiful templates to buy won’t be challenging. But I’ll introduce the five best digital shops you should check.

Five Shops That Sells Stunning Kajabi Themes and Templates

1. Meg Burrage

Screenshot of Meg Burrage - Home Page

If you want to get the most cohesive templates out there, then Meg’s should be on the top of your list.

The packages provide everything you need and more to launch a successful Kajabi website and grow your online business.

Each website theme includes ten web pages, Canva designs, and bonus resources, including a coaching call and community access.

Screenshot of Meg's Website Templates

Meg is a business strategist and also a Kajabi coach. She knows the platform from the inside out and understands what you need as a user. 

Meaning to say, you’re not just going to build an attractive Kajabi website, but you’ll also have great support in building a business and making more money on your expertise.


Like Launch In Style, Meg gives you the option to buy the full package and enjoy the bonuses or buy only the pipeline you need. Here are the prices:

  • Full package (includes all the pipelines, website pages, and secondary ones) – $697
  • Webinar / Challenge / Sales Page Pipeline – $149
  • Lead Magnet Pipeline – $79

Recommended Theme

Transformation Theme At Meg's Website
  • Transformation – the theme is perfect for creatives. It uses vibrant colors, but they complement each other, so they don’t feel overwhelming.

2. The Template Studio

Screenshot of The Template Studio - Home Page

The Template Studio offers a good list of themes for your site and sales pages.

Cassia and Jennifer, two influential entrepreneurs, are the developers behind the Template Studio. 

The shop currently offers nine website themes and four sales page templates. Whether you’re offering law services, digital marketing, health and wellness, travel, fashion, or even real estate, you can find a suitable theme for your niche.

The Template Studio Website and Sales Page Templates

The website templates include designs for all necessary pages like home page, log-in page, long-form sales page, momentum product page, and more.

What makes this shop stand out is its excellent service. They will schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to show you everything you need to know. Aside from that, they provide the following bonus resources:

  • Kajabi 3 Days to Done Course. This course will help you build and publish your business on Kajabi in no time.
  • Copywriting prompts. These are very helpful if you want to create a copy that will help turn visitors into customers.


The website templates cost $397, and the sales themes are $49. If you’re busy and can’t set up your website, you can pay an additional $700, and the developers will do that for you.

Recommended Theme

  • Fairfax – classy and chic. Ideal for fashion, graphic design, or artistic services like photography.
Screenshot of Fairfax Preview

Check The Template Studio Themes

3. Launch In Style

Screenshot of Launch In Style Homepage

Launch In Style offers high converting, and code-free sales funnel templates compatible with Kajabi and WordPress.

Their templates are mobile-friendly, 100% customizable, and fit any brand, niche, or business. You can add your own images or use the editable photos on Canva.

Available Launch In Style Templates

The developers will provide step-by-step videos and written instructions to get your entire page up and running within a few days. You don’t have to stress about setting up.

Launch In Style lets you buy the freebie funnel kit, webinar funnel kit, and sales page kit separately. Buying the templates individually is ideal if you only need specific content templates. But you can get a massive discount if you purchase the bundle.


The price of each kit is $99. But you can get the collection for $249 and save $48.

Recommended Theme

  • Harper – all templates are beautiful, but I like this one because the color is minimal and not that feminine. It is suitable for both male and female users.
Screenshot of Harper Theme

View all Launch In Style template kits

4. Penny in Your Pocket

Screenshot of Penny In Your Pocket - Home Page

Penny, the person behind Penny in Your Pocket, is a digital expert with over 30 years of experience. She knows Kajabi very well and provides tutorials, coaching, articles, and workshops.

She values efficiency, and that resonates with the products she’s offering. Her templates work for your Kajabi site’s front and back end.

Screenshot of Penny In Your Pocket - Available Themes (Website and Page) - Custom Kajabi Themes

And although full-packed, the templates are easy to use and set up.

Out of the five shops on the list, Penny is the only one that offers product templates. These themes allow you to change the classic Momentum theme and customize your product (i.e., membership site, mini-course, online course, etc.) dashboard’s sidebar and accordion-style menu.

Penny In Your Pocket Product Templates

The accordion-style menu refers to the vertical drop-down menu on your course dashboard. Aside from the accordion-style menu, you can add navigation tools like logical left-hand and use extra features like big tiled categories.

All of the momentum themes provide unique features like more color choices, big tiled categories, and the option to hide course progress. Although they might seem like tiny changes, having a product theme in place will give you more freedom in designing your product pages.

Aside from getting a custom Momentum theme, page, and website theme, Penny also provides a tutorial on creating custom Premier themes. It’s helpful if you’re running a membership site and want it to stand out.

With this, you can learn how to add Google, adobe fonts, or other custom purchased fonts and use horizontal menus and a secondary navigation menu. You’ll also get access to premium image assets, membership tutorials, and two custom designs.


Penny’s page templates range from $49 to $75. Her website templates cost $380 to $452, and the product templates are from $79 to $249.

Recommended Template

  • Flix – the Netflix-inspired theme is perfect for anyone who wants to recreate the look and feel of the popular streaming site on Kajabi. It’s vibrant yet straightforward and includes all the pages you’ll need, including a page for a private or paid blog.
Flix Theme at Kajabi

Get the suitable website, page, or product theme for your site on Penny In Your Pocket.

5. Groth Co.

Screenshot of Groth Co. Home Page

Groth Co. is an online shop run by a product creator couple, Cody and Jacqueline.

They provide the cheapest template options than the rest on this list. You can also hire them for custom design.

I like Groth Co. because they specify the type of niche the template is ideal for. It helps users easily decide which template will be the best for their needs. There’s also an available live demo of the website templates, including the standalone pages.

screenshot of Groth Co. Website Templates

The templates of Groth Co. contain video tutorials for easy setup and all the essential pages you’ll need to launch your business and earn passive income. That includes:

  • opt-in page to grow your email list;
  • sales page to help you convert visitors;
  • and five web pages to introduce your business and show visitors what you’re offering.


All Groth Co. Kajabi templates cost $249.

Editor’s Note: They currently provide 50% off on their Kajabi templates. Use their promo code HALFOFF upon checkout.

Recommended Theme

  • Female Consultant – the theme looks clean, and the white-gray-yellow color combination is just perfect. Regardless of the name, it will fit even male consultants or agencies.
screenshot of Female Consultant home page

Choose the suitable Groth Co template for your niche.

How to Upload New Custom Theme

Uploading your new theme is very easy.

Here’s how you can use and set up your new theme:

1. Go to the Website tab on your Kajabi Dashboard and select Design. Scroll down and click “Upload Theme.”

How to Add Custom Kajabi Themes Click upload theme

2. Click or drag and drop your file.

Upload the new theme file at Kajabi

3. Once it appears under your Saved themes, click “Set to Live Theme.”

Click Set Live Theme at Kajabi

Hiring a Developer to Create a Custom Theme

Another option to get the best theme for your Kajabi website is to hire a developer. Here are some of the best places to look at:


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can hire people for digital services. Most offers start from as low as $5, so you can choose the right person that will suit your budget.


It’s another excellent marketplace like Fiverr.

What’s good about Upwork is that you can see developers who have high job success and are top-rated. This way, you’ll feel more confident in choosing the right person to design your Kajabi site.

Kajabi Communities

Kajabi Facebook communities are the best place to find newbies and experts who know Kajabi well. Just be careful of scammers. 

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Creating the best website is crucial as a course creator and business owner. It might require spending more, but it will pay off in the long run.

A well-designed and unique website will help you attract more audiences, become known as a brand, and increase sales. It can also set you apart from the competition as the look of your website is what your audience will remember.

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