Kajabi Website Builder (2024): Overview, Updates, & Is It Too Simple, Advanced, Or a Bit of Both?

kajabi website builder review

Some people are hesitant to use Kajabi for their online business sites. They’re not sure if it’s too simple or too advanced for their liking.

But here’s some good news.

Kajabi offers the best of both worlds with its easy-to-use website builder plus a wide range of features for more complex designs.

Let’s look at the Kajabi website builder and see how it can cater to beginners and advanced users. We’ll also discuss some of the pros and cons of the new website builder to help you decide whether it’s the right tool for you or not.

The Updated Kajabi Website Builder

Kajabi released some cool updates last year to celebrate its 10th anniversary. These new features will allow Kajabi users to create a more gorgeous and functional website to house their online courses and other products.

New Kajabi Website Builder

Here’s a rundown of the updates:

New and Improved Pages

You can now share more content about your business and interact with your users. Kajabi added some new default site pages to minimize the time allotted for customization. The list includes the about page, announcement page, contact page, and members directory.

In addition, Kajabi enhanced the customization feature of utility pages, such as a login page and funnels, customization. You can now change colors and add logos, videos, images, and other elements to give them a more integrated look and feel.

More Website Templates

Kajabi has launched new website themes that are eye-catching, modern, and customizable for any niche.

This new update can benefit entrepreneurs who want to build an expensive-looking website but have no design experience.


Enhanced Customization

The new website builder gives you more control over your web pages’ font type and size, element colors, headers, and footers. You can also now apply universal styles to all pages to stay consistent with your branding.

Alt-text for SEO

Alt-text refers to the written description that search engines can read to determine what your image is. This is important as it can help your website rank higher on search engines and increase your visibility online. The site builder lets you add it to all the images on your pages and blog posts with just a few clicks making Kajabi better for SEO.

Improved Blog Features

The updates allow you to personalize your blog layout, add tags on your post for better organization and edit the blog’s sidebar. The old Kajabi website builder used the same sidebar for the homepage and blog page. In contrast, the new one lets you have separate sidebars for each page.

Enhanced Sales Features

You may now use the upsell or cross-sell features to promote your new online course inside the library pages. These can help you increase your revenue as existing customers have a higher potential of buying from you again.

Better Community Engagement Through the Member Directory

The new member directory page lets your members see each other’s information and connect directly via Kajabi or social media links. This new feature will help you create a stronger community, leading to more loyal customers and higher sales.

More Integrated Kajabi Pages

The pages under the new Kajabi website builder look the same as other editor tools inside Kajabi. You can easily make changes without going back and forth between different interfaces.

Kajabi Website Builder Highlight Features

There are so many things to love about this tool, and here are the top five:

Feature 1: Excellent drag-and-drop feature (PLUS one-click edit)

Most website editors offer this feature, so it’s not something new. However, Kajabi made it better. The common problem with the drag and drop tool is that you can accidentally displace something while trying to edit a section. It causes frustration and delay on your part.

What Kajabi did is it only allows you to drag and drop your sections on the sidebar. It’s much easier and provides you with more control over your website content.

This feature only gets better as it’s partnered with one-click edit. All you need is to click the part you’d like to change, and the settings will quickly appear on the sidebar.

Feature 2: Ready-made themes

Kajabi offers a wide range of free themes and templates you can use for your website, landing pages, emails, and products. They are highly responsive, mobile-friendly, and customizable.

You can save time and create a professional-looking website in minutes with this feature.

What’s more, Kajabi rolls out updates regularly for their existing themes and introduces more templates to cater to different preferences.

Feature 3: Custom domain

Kajabi provides you with a subdomain (yourbusinessname.mykajabi.com), but you can connect a custom one in just a few clicks.

Having a unique domain is essential in building your website’s authority and being easily found online. It also helps you create a memorable address for your brand and online business.

Feature 4: Code editor

Although you can do many things and use highly-responsive templates on Kajabi, there are still some limitations.

If you know how to code or plan to hire someone who does, you can use Kajabi’s code editor for further customization. This feature is very accessible and easy to find. You can go to the “Pages” tab under the “Website” section, click the ellipses (…) on the side of the selected page, and choose “modify code.”

With the code editor, you can view and edit the theme’s layouts, configuration, directories, and snippets.

Note: The code editor is only available for the ‘Pro’ plan, but Kajabi still allows other plan users to make minimal coding using custom code blocks.

Top Feature 5 – Built-in Integrations

Kajabi is more than a website builder. All the tools you need to create a website and online course and market and sell your digital products are available on this all-in-one platform.

You can publish email campaigns, create opt-in forms, build coaching and community offers, and more without adding third-party apps.

These built-in integrations can surely save you time and money. In addition, all these features are very easy-to-use and set up, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get started.

Kajabi’s built-in integrations are one of the main reasons I recommend it to entrepreneurs who want to focus on making money and improving their online courses. It has everything you need to succeed in your online business.

Check Out These Examples of Kajabi Websites:

Kajabi Website Builder Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly.
  • Organize and cohesive platform.
  • Smooth interface.
  • Editable and responsive templates.
  • Great customer support.
  • Regular updates of themes and features.


  • It can be expensive for some.
  • Limited SEO tools (especially for technical SEO)
  • No free version.
  • Lesser customization compared to WordPress.

How To Use the Kajabi Website Builder?

Now to the exciting part – building your own website!

The video above was released before the launch of the new website builder, but the steps are still the same. So you can watch it to get an idea of how the editor works.

Again, you don’t need any technical skills to create your first website, page, and online course. So follow this quick step-by-step guide to start:

Step 1: Sign up for an account. Choose the plan you’d like to start with and claim the 14-day free trial. With Kajabi, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription, so don’t overthink this step.

Kajabi pricing: Choose your plan

Step 2: Click the “Website” tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. You’ll be directed to the “Design” section.

kajabi website tab

Step 3: Click “Pick Theme.” It will bring you to the theme store.

picking a theme at kajabi website

Step 4: Choose the theme you’d like to use and click “Get Started.” For this example, let’s use Kim.

kajabi get started button in customizing a page

Step 5: Select “Customize” to insert content and edit the template to your preference.

kajabi customize button on the upper right
  • The “Section” tab allows you to add and reorganize sections on your website, edit the footer, enable popup and opt-in forms, and change the header.
  • On the “Settings” tab, you can change the general look of your website, disable pages and comments, and add custom codes.

Step 6: Click “Save.” Choose the next page you’d like to customize by clicking the drop-down menu on the left side of the Save button.

saving a chosen kajabi theme

Adding a New Website Page

If you want to create more pages, such as a portfolio or landing page, you can go to the “Pages” tab first, under the “Website” section, and click + New Website Page.

kajabi new website page tab

The Kajabi website builder provides almost everything to create a beautiful and functional website. Don’t forget to check all the widgets available inside the “Add Section” tab. Also, use the drag-and-drop feature of the website builder to speed up your editing process.

QUICK TIP: To build your website faster, go to “Settings” and click the “General Appearance” tab. You can pick the default or universal color, fonts, and font sizes that will reflect throughout your web pages.

Final Thoughts

Kajabi platform is one of the best for building your site and selling your digital products. You can easily create your web pages by using and customizing their pre-made templates, one-click editing, and dragging and dropping sections.

It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who hate dealing with site technicalities and don’t want to spend too much money on design and development. But regardless of its user-friendliness, you can still gain control and personalize your site more through the custom code blocks or the Code Editor.

Are you ready to try the new website builder of Kajabi? Start building your dream website and selling your online course today. Try Kajabi free for 14+ days!

Kajabi Website Builder Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about the Kajabi themes and templates? 

The Kajabi themes and templates are easy to customize, responsive, and visually appealing. It can also function pretty well on its own, without any coding or third-party apps.

When will there be more templates available?

They added some templates on the new website builder of Kajabi recently, but they will provide more soon!

What makes Kajabi better than other website builders?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. It’s packed with everything you need to succeed in your online business. It also has built-in integrations, which makes it more convenient for users.

How much does Kajabi Website Builder cost?

You can gain access to the Kajabi website builder along with other Kajabi tools and features by subscribing to their paid plans – Basic ($149/mo), Growth ($199/mo), or Pro ($399/mo). If there’s not a current Kajabi promo going on, you can get a 20% off discount on annual plans.

Do I need to pay more to access the new website builder of Kajabi?

No. All of the updates mentioned above are available to all Kajabi users. You don’t need to pay extra money to access them. If you have an existing or current website on Kajabi, you can easily update to the recent version.

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