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Kajabi is an industry-leading online course platform that lets you create beautiful, responsive checkout pages without the need for any coding.

The platform’s checkout page provides everything you need to start with your own custom checkout pages – from designing your checkout template, monitoring stats, and integrating with popular payment gateways.

This article will be about Kajabi checkout page features, creating and customizing one, and its top features. For more details about its other features, check out our honest Kajabi review.

What Is a Kajabi Checkout Page?

checkout page example

On your end, as an online business owner, the platform’s checkout page is a customizable and responsive checkout page that you can create using templates provided by Kajabi. And edit by adding and changing some features.

It’s designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices and desktop computers so your visitors won’t be deterred by your checkout pages loading slowly or not at all.

Kajabi’s checkout page also has features that can help grow your business more and increase your sales. For example, you can use the order bump option to upsell your other products. Or add testimonials to convince visitors to purchase your offers.

While for your visitors, Kajabi’s checkout page is where they see all the products they want to purchase from your Kajabi website and finally decide to buy them.

This is a crucial part of your site, so by using the Kajabi features, make sure that your checkout pages are attractive and optimized.

How to Create and Customize Your Kajabi Checkout Page

Before creating any checkout pages, you must first ensure that you already have products in place. Once you establish them, you’ll automatically have access to the checkout page and customize it by following these steps:

1. Click the “Sales” tab, then choose “Offer.”

Kajabi offers page

2. Select one offer you’d like to customize.

Selecting the one you can customize under Kajabi Offers page

3. Under your product or offer name, click “Checkout” with a cart icon.

arrow pointed at checkout on kajabi site

4. After that, you’ll be directed to the checkout page editor.

Image from https://help.kajabi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043284774-How-to-Customize-Your-Checkout-Page

5. Select the tab you wish to change and after adding or editing, click “Save.” All of the changes will reflect on the preview page.

completing customization at kajabi checkout dashboard page

6. Make sure to check all the tabs and include what you need to make your page better.

7. Click “Get Link” and start including your checkout page in your email campaigns and articles.

arrow pointed at checkout on kajabi site

Top 5 Features of Kajabi Check Out Page

Order Bumps

There’s always an opportunity to generate more sales by increasing the number of products they may purchase. And adding order bumps is an excellent way to do that.

With these, you may include additional offers relevant to what your visitor wants to buy.

Although order bump is sometimes interchangeable with the word upsell, they’re slightly different.

With order bumps, you get the opportunity to promote related products and services throughout the checkout process, while upsells occur after a customer has completed their purchase.

Kajabi checkout page allows you to add order bumps easily. But first, you need to make sure that the product you want to include is already published.

After that, you can go to the Checkout Page editor by following the steps above, go to “Order Bumps,” include your offer, then save it.

Customization Features for Checkout Pages

Kajabi Checkout Page

Although the structure of the checkout page is already fixed, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for further changes. You can still do the following:

  • Edit your offer details by changing the offer title, adding images, brand logo, and copy.
  • Change the primary color of the checkout page.
  • Collect additional information from your visitors.
  • Create a new custom field for “Extra Contact Info.”
  • Add and customize service agreement.
  • Provide social proofs by adding testimonials.
  • Adding footer navigation for your visitors.

That’s a lot, right? However, there are more features outside the editor, and some of them are activating automation, changing offer status, viewing stats, and more.

Frictionless Checkout Template

Let’s admit it; the checkout process can be pretty dragging at times. But Kajabi wants to ensure your visitors won’t feel that way when they purchase on your site by streamlining the process and having a frictionless experience.

With frictionless checkout, your prospects won’t need to log in or sign up before they can buy your digital products or services. And in your end, it’s pretty easy to activate this feature.

Just go back to your offers, select the one you’d like to change, and click “Edit Checkout.”

Once you’re inside the editor, go to “Extra Contact Info” and ensure that the “Collect Name” and “Collect Password” are unchecked.

Image fromhttps://help.kajabi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037765273-How-to-Use-Frictionless-Checkout#h_62fa8663-a50d-434a-9869-06dd9270096d

After that, the frictionless checkout feature will be activated.

Checkout and Payment Options

There are more features outside the checkout page editor. With Kajabi, you’re allowed to add payment options such as PayPal and Stripe.

You can also upsell any offers, and this is a great strategy to use if your order bump fails.

Cart abandonment is another excellent feature that you can use to bring your visitors back to their cart. You can encourage them to proceed with the checkout process by offering coupon codes or freebies. You can choose to send the email reminder one, six, 10, or 24 hours later.

And this is optional, so if you’re not the type to follow-up customers, you don’t have to activate this feature.

If your product is a “limited offer,” you can add an expiration date or limit the number of people who can buy your product with just a few clicks! You don’t need to manually count or monitor them anymore!

Post-Payment Features

Your role as an entrepreneur doesn’t end after your prospects have bought your products. There are some other things you need to do for your business to thrive.

Kajabi offers some automation features following after-sales:

  • Sending a confirmation email to the new member.
  • Directing your new customer to a personalized thank you page.
  • Providing affiliate commission.
  • Sending the member’s info to a third-party email application.
  • Delivering a notification to your team members.


Customizing Kajabi checkout pages is a breeze. You can do it yourself and save tons of money and time from hiring people to do it for you. What’s more, the platform ensures that checkout pages of your online business don’t slow down, and it’s user-friendly even for your customers.

With the checkout page made in Kajabi, you can edit everything in one place and do it effortlessly. Indeed, Kajabi is a great tool to simplify your checkout process and provide an excellent overall customer experience.

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