Top 9 Kajabi Themes for High-Converting Websites and Products Pages

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With over 40,000 users and $2.5 billion in sales recorded since its launch in 2010, Kajabi has established itself as one of the most promising all-in-one business platforms of the last decade.

One of its most impressive features lies in its fully integrated drag and drop web design tools. These tools allow you to build high-converting websites and sales pages without coding knowledge.

Even better, is the platform allows you to skip the design hassles by providing intuitive product themes and templates to help you create a gorgeous website in record time!

Today’s guide will reveal the top Kajabi themes you can use for building your websites and product pages more efficiently. You’ll also learn how to create a custom theme to match your taste and make your brand stand out.

Let’s proceed.

What Are Kajabi Themes, and Why Are They Important?

Most entrepreneurs face their toughest challenges when building an online business while setting up their websites and sales pages.

According to WP Beginner, designing custom online stores costs anywhere between 1,500 and 30,000 dollars. If you’re starting as an internet entrepreneur, this can be pretty expensive.

But in recent times, that hurdle has been completely smashed, thanks to website themes.

A website theme simply refers to the overall look and feel of a web page or online store.

Kajabi, as an all-in-one platform, provides its users with a number of premade, customizable theme templates to help them design their stores without coding.

This is a big win for you as a business owner because, now, you can design fully responsive web pages without spending too much time and money.

How Do Kajabi’s Themes Work?

A Kajabi theme or template is responsible for the overall appearance of your web pages. Each Kajabi theme has its unique layout, design, and features.

Note that Kajabi has two major areas that require design: the Website and Product Pages.

The theme templates exist in the Kajabi theme store. When you select a theme, the system automatically generates some samples styled according to the theme you choose.

templates kajabi

On the other hand, the themes for products are available within the product section of your dashboard.

When you create a product in Kajabi, the platform automatically generates a product design based on its default Premier theme. However, you will have access to 12 product themes within its library.

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Furthermore, if you have an exported theme on your local storage, you can use the ‘Upload Theme’ command to import new theme templates to your website or products sections.

Top 9 Kajabi Themes

In this section, we will look at 9 of the best Kajabi themes for websites and products. This will cover 5 Kajabi web page templates and 4 product themes in two different categories.

Let’s get to it.

Kajabi Website Themes

Kajabi has a total of 9 free, active website themes in its library. Let’s take a look at the top 5 free and active ones available in Kajabi’s

1: Rise

rise course creator

Rise stands out for its modern, sharp corners and crisp lines. It comes with a dark background that can make your images pop and give your web page an overall slick look.

It also allows Kajabi users to utilize full-width images and galleries to create a highly engaging visual experience.

Its 2-Step Opt-In and Exit Popup are among its most impressive features because they improve lead generation and conversion rates.

According to Kajabi, Rise is more suitable for professionals in the business and finance industries.

2: Reach

kajabi site

Reach is impressive for its combination of gorgeousness and simplicity. The template comes with a plain white background and black San Serif fonts.

It enhances the user experience with its thin dividers and smooth animation. Being a straightforward template, Reach incorporates an Opt-In form directly under the first section to maximize your lead generation rates.

This template is recommended for coaches and entrepreneurs in the personal development niche.

3: Emilia

template studio online courses

Emilia comes with a slight artistic feel. It uses a combination of cursive typography and eye-catching movements to create a friendly, visually appealing outlook for your website.

It positions the Call-To-Action right in the first section of the sales page, underneath a brief intro copy. This feature is a nice conversion hack as it quickly shows your website visitors what they need to do right off the bat.

Emilia is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to adopt a slightly more informal approach to their marketing. This encompasses freelancers, online course sellers, professional makeup artists, fashion designers, etc.

4: Kim

get started with Kim

Kim is an engaging theme that utilizes the power of color scheme in storytelling. It uses the stark contrast between purple, black, and white colors to make accents stand out.

The first section of a Kim-themed sales page introduces the offer along with the Call to Action, while its second section highlights the features included in the offer.

Owing to its slightly informal vibe, Kim is suitable for Kajabi users offering coaching and freelance services as well as online course creators.

5: Hopper

Hopper first thing

Hopper is a modern theme with sharp edges, readable texts, and an overall clean design. Its purple background overlay is consistent with its CTA buttons and icons, giving it a bold, authoritative vibe.

It lets you introduce your offer with a bold header text, setting the stage for an immersive experience for your students, clients, and visitors.

This theme stands comfortably on the formal side of things and can be used by marketers targeting professionals in different corporate industries.

Kajabi Product Themes

Kajabi has a library of 12 product themes, all accessible from your Kajabi account. Let’s take a look at the top 4.

6: Premier

great for online courses
#1 Kajabi Theme for Courses.

Premier is Kajabi’s flagship product theme. Thus, when a user creates a product, the platform chooses Premier as the default theme.

Premier is impressive for its customizability. It lets you customize sections and content blocks for your home page, blog pages, and more.

It also comes loaded with user experience features such as students’ course progress, cross-sells, course instructor visibility, and more.

7: Momentum

Momentum product theme
Momentum theme is the second most popular product theme.

Momentum is built for simplicity, straightforwardness, and easy consumption. The theme is designed to minimize distractions while enhancing the attention-grabbing potential of your sales page content.

If you’re selling a membership product, Momentum will be a great choice.

8: Icarius

standalone pages

Launched around 2016, Icarius is one of the newest arrivals in Kajabi’s collection. The product theme makes a great first impression with its streamlined storefront design. Its design is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

For example, the Icarius header and footer show at the left-hand side of the screen on desktops while reverting to the top and bottom of the screen on mobile devices.

Icarius also lets users display payment options in its footer menu. You can also choose to display tags to help your visitors access your posts faster when they search through your site.

9: Galileo

easily customize this page

Galileo’s design comes with a large marquee, with tiled sections neatly lined underneath it. Each tile links to a different sales page, and just like in Icarius, you can use tags to help your users access your posts faster when they search through your site.

Galileo also features a section with categories to help you organize your posts better.

How to Customize a Theme

If you would like to maintain your brand image by customizing your theme templates in Kajabi, we will show you a straightforward way to do it.

Let’s outline the steps below:

  1. Click on the website tab in your dashboard and select Theme Store.
  2. Choose your desired template and hit Add to saved themes.
  3. Hover around the saved theme and select Customize.
  4. Navigate to the sidebar to set your global configurations.
  5. You can now add texts, images, and videos, to customize your sections according to your branding and design needs.
  6. Save your progress before you navigate to a new page.


Selling physical or digital products on the internet can be a rewarding experience. And with the introduction of theme templates, the technicalities of building web stores have dramatically reduced.

Kajabi is well-known not just for its comprehensive collection of templates but also for its high customizability. Thus every website and product theme available in its collection can be customized to produce a unique feel.

Ultimately, I hope that this guide gave you the insight you need as you choose your ideal website theme for your brand.

If you haven’t already, give Kajabi a try!

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