Kajabi Black Friday Deals (Plus Cyber Monday Special Offers)

kajabi black friday

Kajabi offers significant price discounts on its plans seldomly, particularly around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Will there be a Kajabi Black Friday offer this year? Keep reading to find out.

We’re always on the lookout for new Kajabi pricing and plan modifications, as well as special discounts.

This page’s main purpose is to assist you in saving money on your Kajabi membership. We’ll keep this page updated as new offers are presented, so bookmark it if you want to stay on top of all the Kajabi discounts.

Kajabi Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Deals

It’s almost time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s time to save money in your online business with deals.

There’s no telling what exactly will be coming for Kajabi’s 2024 Black Friday deal, but we’ll update this page when we know ASAP.

If we go by history, we can possibly predict what special Black Friday Kajabi will be offering this year.

Here are some past Kajabi Black Friday Deals:

2024 Black Friday Deal: To be determined!

2021 Black Friday Deal: There was no Kajabi Black Friday deal nor a Cyber Monday special.

2020 Black Friday Deal: There was no Kajabi Black Friday deal nor a Cyber Monday special.

2019 Black Friday Deal: There was no Kajabi Black Friday deal nor a Cyber Monday special.

2018 Black Friday Deal: 2018 Kajabi Black Friday offered a special plan that cost $199/month or $1,197 in annual billing. It was an upgrade from their Kajabi Basic plan, which included a marketing course, coaching calls, and double the features.

2017 Black Friday Deal: In 2017, Kajabi offered 60% off all their platform plans!

Are There Kajabi Special Deals Going On Right Now?

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Potentially… Kajabi runs promotions at least twice per year (sometimes once per quarter).

One of their most popular offers is their extended free trial offers which can increase the default Kajbi trial from 14 days all the way up to 45 days (plus). Click here to see their latest trial offer.

Another way to save on Kajabi is to get 20% off your Kajabi plan (it’s what we did with our Basic Plan). You can save $30/month with your Kajabi Basic Plan, $40/month with the Growth Plan, and $80/month with their Pro Plan.

Is It Best to Wait for Black Friday Or Just Sign Up for Kajabi?

According to Kajabi’s track record, they’re not offering a special Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer anytime soon.

Over the years, they’ve been upgrading their all-in-one platform and making it one of the best online course software that course creators can create their digital products on. That’s been their focus.

You can read more about Kajabi’s features here and sign up here.

That’s not to say they don’t have special offers. Multiple times throughout the year, they’re continuing to offer unique angles to get people to invest in their SaaS product. These include Kajabi discount deals like their 60 Day Challenge and let you try Kajabi for $99.

So should you wait? I don’t think so. There probably will not be another Kajabi Black Friday deal in the foreseeable future.

If you’re serious about getting started with the Kajabi platform to advance your course creation business or the like, there’s never a right time to start anyway. If there’s an extended free trial while you’re searching for Kajabi deals, sure, take it, but it’s best to get started ASAP to get momentum for your courses.

Kajabi Is Rarely in the Discounting Business

As you saw from our Kajabi Black Friday timeline above, Kajabi has cut down on their percentage off discounts.

They know the value of their product. They know it’s one of the leading platforms in their industry and charge appropriately so. They’re the Mercedes-Benz or Porshe of their industry, and you never see those types of products go on sale.

With that said, they’ll let you test-drive their “car,” Kajabi, with their extended free trial from time to time. Or, at times, they provide special deals on their website about Kajabi challenges and free courses that may give you education on how to use their platform to create and sell courses.

Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions

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