Kajabi Pipelines Explained – How Funnels Work in Kajabi

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Some Kajabi users (and potential users) are wondering how funnels in Kajabi work and what they’re for. The purpose of a funnel is to bring customers and prospects down a predetermined path to achieve a specific goal.

For example, suppose you have a course on Facebook Marketing. In that case, you might want to create a funnel that leads from your home page, through the checkout process, all the way to receiving an informational video for Facebook Marketing.

Sounds easy, right? But for business owners who have zero experience in creating funnels or pipelines, this can be pretty challenging and overwhelming. 

However, you can build Kajabi Pipelines (Kajabi’s lingo for sales funnels) in a matter of minutes. And we’re not talking about unresponsive, poor, and dull funnels but well-designed, fast, and attractive ones.

If you’re curious to know what Kajabi Pipelines are, how they work, and how many you can create, make sure to read this article until the end. 

What Are Kajabi Pipelines

simple sales page Kajabi pipeline
Watch a Kajabi Pipelines Demo!

Kajabi Pipelines are the platform’s answer to the need for a simpler, more intuitive way of setting up funnels for your business.

With just one click, you can create amazing marketing funnels. Kajabi provides well-made blueprints you can choose from depending on the campaign you’d like to establish. 

Aside from that, Kajabi offers pre-made landing pages and high-converting copy for your emails. The pre-written content is taken from the most successful funnels of Kajabi Partners, so you can be confident that they’ll work for you, too.

With Kajabi Pipelines, automating your marketing workflow is easy, allowing you to make simple sales and landing pages with minimal effort. 

What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about any other tools or plug-ins, as everything you need is on one platform. It’ll be effortless to make changes, add content, send messages, and monitor insights. 

Imagine the amount of time you can save just by using Kajabi Pipelines.

The Structure of Kajabi Pipelines 

There are two sets of templates available on Kajabi Pipelines. First are traditional ones that follow the OVO structure, which is short for – Opt-in, Value, and Offer.  

The Structure of Kajabi Pipelines 

Opt-in pages help you collect subscribers, build your email list, and increase your conversion. These web pages are often called landing pages because they are the first place people arrive on your website after clicking a link in an email or a button on your home page.

Once you secure your prospects’ email addresses, it’s time to provide value to them by giving free resources, tips, downloadable materials, etc. The purpose of this phase is to build trust with your prospects, so they’ll know that you and your business are a real deal. During this phase, avoid making sales pitches.

After giving value and establishing a relationship with them, then it’s time for the next step. You may now introduce what you’re offering that is relevant to your leads’ needs. By customizing your Kajabi Pipeline, you can create sales pages and link them to your email sequence.

If you used the suitable pipeline and marketing campaign and were able to provide value to your potential customer, then he/she will be more likely to buy your products and services.

Legacy Pipeline of Kajabi

The other set of Pipelines available on Kajabi are called Legacy Pipeline. This group includes blueprints that you can use to create funnels for promotional offers, webinars, product launches, and sales pages.

For more info on ALL of Kajabi’s features, read our detailed Kajabi review article.

How To Build A Pipeline In Kajabi

Will you believe me if I tell you that you can create a Pipeline on Kajabi in just a few minutes? Yes! Not hour, but minutes. And depending on what you’ll create, it can shorten to seconds.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to establish your pipeline in no time!

1. Select the “Marketing” tab on your Kajabi dashboard, then choose “Pipeline.”

Kajabi Marketing Plan Tab

2. Click “+Add New Pipelines” on the top right corner of the page.

highlighted +Add New Pipelines

3. From there, select one from 14 pre-built Pipeline blueprints. You can choose a basic Pipeline blueprint that follows the OVO structure or opt for a Legacy template.

Kajabi pre-built pipeline blueprints

4. Once you check the structure of your pipeline blueprint and watch the video on how to use it, you can generate it by clicking “Create Pipeline.”

a preview of video on how you can use kajabi pipeline

5. Write the title of your chosen Kajabi Pipeline, fill out fields, and upload necessary files (if any is required).

filling out fields in your chosen kajabi pipeline

6. Once done, click “Generate Pipeline.”

7. After that, you’ll see an overview of your funnel, including landing pages, on the Pipeline customization screen. It will show you all the phases included in your chosen Pipeline.

overview of your pipeline funnel

8. Click the phase you’d like to customize on your Pipeline page.

9. On the “Page builder,” use the drag-and-drop feature to add and edit sections. Feel free to include what you want, like images or more texts.

Kajabi Pipeline Page builder

10. Once done, you may customize the other phases by clicking it on the left sidebar. For example, if you choose a Pipeline with email campaigns or landing pages, you can personalize the content then save it.

You may follow the blueprint checklist on the left side of your Pipeline customization screen so you won’t miss anything.

Here are some other things you can do on your Pipeline page builder:

  • View stats of your Pipeline.
  • Add a landing page.
  • Review the stats and views of the pages and email sequences connected with your Kajabi Pipeline.
  • Rearrange your funnel sequence.
  • Copy and share the link to your Pipeline.

What to Do After Building Your Kajabi Pipeline

After creating your Kajabi Pipelines, you must monitor your stats and see whether your Pipelines work or not.

When you click the “View Stats” button on your Pipeline page builder, you’ll be able to view the following:

kajabi pipeline stats
  • Conversion rate, total sales, and sales per view.
  • The conversions, views, and revenues of each landing page.
  • The number of sends opens and clicks on your email sequence.

Once you’ve done analyzing the data. See which funnels are successful and use the same structure for your other offers.

You may also check the overview of your forms and email sequences under your dashboard’s “Marketing” tab.


How Many Pipelines Can You Create on Kajabi?

kajabi pipeline plans

The number of Pipelines you can create depends on your Kajabi account pricing plan. So before subscribing to any, ensure that you’ll get the right amount you need.

The Basic Plan, which costs $149/month, allows you to create three Pipelines. This Kajabi account is perfect for business owners who are just starting out and offering one to three products or services.

For $199/mo, the Growth Plan lets you create up to 15 Pipelines. If you’re someone who has an established business and you’re planning to offer more to your customers, then this plan is for you.  

If you think you’ll need more than that, you can opt-in for the Pro plan at $399/mo. This is the highest tier, and you can build up to 100 Pipelines when you subscribe to this plan.¬†

Moreover, you can get Kajabi Access if you want more benefits from your subscription.

Remember that Pipelines aren’t just for selling. You can also use these for lead generation, email marketing, or even webinars.


That’s All

Don’t let the fear of a new platform hold you back from making your online business grow. 

Although subscribing to a platform that allows marketing and workflow automation might feel expensive at first, you’ll benefit more from it in the long run.

Once you figure out how to make it work, you’ll be able to make more money without sacrificing your time doing all things manually. 

With Kajabi Pipelines, you are introduced to a new part of the digital world where you can get more.

And although it is an advanced funnel creator, you won’t feel overwhelmed because it is structured and organized well for users. In addition, they provide tutorials on their Pipeline in the Kajabi section of the Help Center.

If you’re ready to build powerful Pipelines on Kajabi and discover other features of the platform that can help your online business, start with their 14-day free trial

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