Kajabi Lead Magnet Guide of 2024

Lead magnets are an excellent way to sell your online course, increase your brand awareness, grow your email list, and boost your marketing and sales.

This article discusses what a lead magnet is, how to increase your sales with a lead magnet, and some lead magnet ideas for your business using the Kajabi platform and its many features.

What Is a Kajabi Lead Magnet?

A Kajabi lead magnet, or lead magnet in general, is a valuable asset or service a business offers in exchange for an opt-in email address. Many businesses use a lead magnet to build their email marketing list and boost sales from generated leads lists.

Many brands also use a lead magnet to convert cold traffic.

Kajabi allows its users to deliver a lead agent for the many benefits it offers their businesses.

Increasing Sales for Your Online Business With Lead Magnets; How?

Here are the following ways you can increase sales with a lead magnet:

Use Valuable Resource

Having the needs of your target audience in mind is critical to creating the type of content that will make them provide their opt-in email. Your content must be relevant to their needs and must provide value.

Direct Alignment With Your Product

Your goal is to convert your audience who sign up for your lead magnet into paying customers. Therefore, your lead magnet must align closely with your products. A lead magnet that doesn’t align closely with your products is less likely to increase sales or convert a potential client.

For example, suppose you sell courses about how to become a professional private chef. You can offer a short video summary of “The First Three Most Important Steps to Becoming a Professional Private Chef” as your lead magnet. Since the potential customers who will deliver their email addresses to get that valuable offer have dreams of becoming professional private chefs, you will increase the chances of converting them to paying customers.

But a lead magnet, as in a short video on “How To Interview A Professional Private Chef,” is less likely to convert potential customers for your course. Customers who deliver their email addresses for a lead magnet like that are likely not looking to become professional private chefs but to hire professional personal chefs.

Use Automations To Set Up an Email Sequence

Potential clients can subscribe to your email list to access your lead magnet on the Kajabi platform. You can then use this email marketing list to offer your online courses to your potential customers.

You can use the Kajabi in-built email marketing software to create converting campaigns with the list.


You want to let your contacts know that you want to subscribe them to an email sequence!

How To Distribute Lead Magnets on Kajabi?

There are several ways to distribute your lead magnet on Kajabi. However, the most common way is to distribute it as a download.

Here are the steps to follow to deliver your lead magnet to potential customers:

Create Your Landing Page

kajabi create landing pages

You can choose from many opt-in page templates on your Kajabi dashboard. Under the WEBSITE tab, go to PAGES to select a suitable opt-in page.

Customize the page to align with your brand and products with the user-friendly page editor. Besides customizing the page, you can add a custom form for your potential customer to opt in.


Customize Your Lead Magnet Form

kajabi lead magnet

Customize your form for your lead magnet. You can edit the following on the form:


The opt-in settings have double and single opt-in options. Both can work for your lead magnet, but they are different.

  • Double Opt-in:
  • For this option, the customer must confirm their opt-in after logging into their email. This option ensures the accuracy and deliverability of the contact addresses in your email list. It allows you to create a list of potential customers who have a real interest in your online courses or physical products.
  • The downside, however, is that the contact must take some extra steps to access the lead magnet. This can be discouraging for the potential client and is likely to reduce the opt-in rate.
  • Single Opt-in:
  • This option is straightforward. Contacts access the lead magnet immediately, after which they submit their details on your opt-in form. Unlike the double opt-in option, the single opt-in option is more likely to increase the opt-in rate.


These are the fields where the potential customer must supply contact information to access your lead magnet. Asking for too much information is likely to reduce the rate of opt-ins. You want to ask for little information when creating your forms.


The opt-in forms grant you access to add automation to email those who supply their email addresses. You can supply them with information about how to access your lead magnet in their emails.

You can tag potential clients and add them to your email sequence.


There are other settings to consider after submission. You will find three checkboxes at the top right corner of your form. They are:


Since all the potential clients who fill out your form will see your THANK YOU page, you can check the last box to send them to your custom THANK YOU page, where you will deliver your lead magnet.

You can also offer other valuable services or a free offer to increase the potential of generating sales. Offering valuable and relevant products or services, such as invitations to a free virtual event, and subscribing to your social media channels to watch quality and relevant videos (Youtube, Twitter, etc.) can generate sales.

You can customize the THANK YOU page after creating it on Kajabi. After you create the page, select it with the drop-down menu after you check the SEND THE CONTACT TO A CUSTOM THANK PAGE box.

Deliver Your Lead Magnet

kajabi new automation send email

Delivery is the second most important step after you create a lead magnet for your online course or product. Here are three ways to ensure delivery when you create a lead magnet.


As mentioned above, you can create a link to your lead magnet or details about how potential clients can access your lead magnet on your THANK YOU page. The only downside about this delivery method is a person can access your lead magnet after leaving fake contact data on your opt-in form.


You can also deliver the lead magnet through automated emails. You can create this delivery method by using the automations to send emails to the user. But your contacts must open and read the email to access the lead magnet. Therefore, your contacts must provide valid email addresses to access your lead magnet.

A downside of this delivery method is that your contacts will have to opt-in again to access the latest version of your lead magnet if you update the content of your lead magnet. If they do not, accessing your lead magnet with the email attached will be impossible.


Using a link in a landing page via email is another excellent way to deliver your lead magnet to your contact. This is the most preferred mode of delivering your lead magnet to your contact. Create a landing page with details about how to access your lead magnet.

You can attach the link to the lead magnet in the automated email to be sent to your contacts from the opt-in form. This would mean that contacts must supply valid email addresses to access the link to the landing page.

Apart from designing a landing page for the delivery of your lead magnet, you can also upload short leak clips of your courses and add short descriptions about your products on the landing page for your contact to watch. This will increase the potential for generating sales.

But the content you upload (video, description, and any other type of data) must be relevant to your product and the needs of your contact. The relevance will depend on the lead magnet you offer.

You can update your lead magnet content to continue keeping it valuable to your contacts. Your contacts can also check your landing page for updates.

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Ideas for Lead Magnets

There is an endless list of ideas for businesses that want to create lead magnets. When you create your lead magnet, you can upload an interesting video to keep your contact interested. If your lead magnet is data-related, you can create tables and graphs.

You can search for related photos to sustain your contacts’ interest. You can also use sites like Canva to edit and customize the pictures or details in them to align with your brand.

But the main idea is for your lead magnet to offer value. Here are some practical ideas below:

Long Form Guides

You can use a long-form guide as your lead magnet. A long-form guide is usually best for topics that are oversaturated. Since writing new and exceptional content can be tough, you want to resort to long-form guides.


E-books are a great idea for a lead magnet if you are trying to sell a course you created. But you want the free E-book to align directly with your digital products.

White Paper Report

White paper reports are authoritative reports that discuss solutions to problems. You can offer one free on your landing page to compare different solutions to a problem that your courses discuss.


Checklists are another great idea. You can offer an interactive checklist or a free downloadable version for a product you offer, such as hiking or camping.

Virtual Events

A free webinar is similar to a webinar. But since the event is hosted live, the potential clients can interact with the host and become convinced to purchase the product.


Free invitations to a webinar you created to offer help to your potential clients are an excellent lead magnet to increase sales.


Free downloadable templates are great ideas you can implement to increase sales for your products.

A Free Quiz

take the superquiz

Source: https://kajabi.com/blog/10-lead-magnet-examples

A free quiz to find out the likelihood of an outcome works well. It helps you to accurately search out your target market.

Are you thinking about generating leads with a lead magnet on Kajabi but not yet a user?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should Lead Magnets Be Free?

Ideally, a lead magnet should be free. The only cost for accessing a lead magnet is usually the contact’s information.

Can You Create Lead Magnets On All Plans?

Yes, you can create a lead magnet, use landing pages, and create a website that works to distribute your lead magnet on all pricing plans.

More Kajabi FAQs:

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