Kajabi Discount – How to Get Kajabi for $99 Or for 20% Off in 2024!

kajabi discount coupon code

Want to maximize your Kajabi experience and pay less? You can do so by using their extended free trial and paying annually to enjoy a 20% discount. 

The best part? You don’t need to look for promo codes at other sites to enjoy this Kajabi discount!  Those “verified Kajabi voucher code” sites are B.S. anyway!

Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Kajabi is offering 3 months of access for only $99! Check out this link to view more details and register. 

Kajabi Discounts

save 20 off kajabi

Who doesn’t want an all-in-one platform that lets you create online courses and sell them effortlessly? Most do. That’s why more coaches and entrepreneurs are moving to and using Kajabi.

As of the moment, over 40,000 creators are using the Kajabi online course software and its CMS to leverage their courses and programs. Impressive, right?

But here’s the catch….

Kajabi’s monthly subscriptions are on the higher side compared to its competitors.

But the reason behind this top-tier pricing is the superb features they offer in each plan.

Kajabi is committed to making everything accessible to you. They make sure that all tools you need are within your reach.

To maintain such a high-quality service, they rarely offer discounts and coupon codes for their subscribers.

I tried checking Google for working coupon codes for Kajabi. Unfortunately, most of them are already expired or just brought me back to Kajabi’s pricing page.

But don’t lose hope! That doesn’t mean Kajabi won’t give you any discounts.

In fact, they provide some great offers for a limited time, and there’s one discount that they’re giving continuously!

Forget about the coupon codes and discount codes for now. Go straight to their website and avail of their 20% discount. Here’s how:

Kajabi Annual Discount

save 20 percent off with annual
The Kajabi Plans.

Kajabi offers three different plans you can choose from – Basic, Growth, and Pro. These plans are priced at $149/mo, $199/mo, and $399/mo, respectively.

Those are the regular prices, but you can get a 20% discount by choosing annual billing. This will save you save money at the end of the day!

For the Basic plan, instead of paying $1,788 in a year for the monthly plan, you’ll only pay $1,428. So you can save $360 in total!

The Growth plan will cost you $2,388/year. But with the 20% discount, you’ll get it for only $1,908. That’s a $480 difference.

And lastly, the Pro Plan. If you pay for the Pro plan monthly for 12 months, that’s a total of $4,788 in a year. While the total discounted annual price will be $3,828. Going for the latter will save you a whopping $960!

It might still be expensive for others. But you need to consider the revenue you can get. Plus, the hassle-free process of creating and offering your services to other people.

How to Get Kajabi’s 20% Discount? 

So if you’re ready to take advantage of Kajabi’s discounted plans, follow these steps: 

1. Go to https://kajabi.com/pricing

2. Choose the annual discount tab.

annual billing

3. Pick the plan you’d like to use. Click “Start for Free.”

kajabi plan

5. Enter your full name and email address.  Click “Continue.”

kajabi coupon code

7. Enter your card number and the rest of the information needed. Click “Start Free Trial.”

first payment

8. After the 14-day free trial, you’ll be charged for the annual plan. Enjoy using Kajabi for a year at a discounted rate!

$99 Kajabi Discount (Limited Time Only)

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As of writing, Kajabi is giving 3 months of access to any plans for only $99. You can get a discount of up to $1098. This is a limited-time offer, so hurry and visit this link to test drive Kajabi for $99! 

Editor’s Note:


Where can I find a Kajabi coupon code? 

online course coupon code

The company rarely offers a Kajabi promo code or Kajabi coupon. But you might want to check other websites and see if they provide one. 

Some sites like Dealspotr offers a discount for Kajabi and Kajabi competitor coupons from time to time. 

I tried to visit some other sites, but the majority of the Kajabi discount codes don’t work. Most of the active ones only offer a 20% discount on the annual subscription as well. When you click the link, it will redirect you to the pricing page of Kajabi. 

One of the best Kajabi discounts you can see is the one they offer at their site.

Why can’t I get Kajabi coupons or discount codes? 

Kajabi is one of the most sought platforms out there. I believe that’s the reason why offering discount codes is not their thing. If you really want to get promos, try to find Kajabi coupons on other sites.

How do I use the Kajabi promo codes?

If you’re lucky to find Kajabi discount codes or Kajabi coupons, you may copy and paste the code in the promo code entry box. But since they’re not offering any Kajabi promo codes as of the moment, there’s no entry box as well.

Can I get a refund in case I don’t like Kajabi?

online course faq

Yes! Kajabi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So in case you regret the annual billing, you just need to contact their support, and they’ll process your refund.

When can I expect Kajabi to give discount codes?

I don’t want to get your hopes up. Kajabi isn’t fond of giving discount codes or promo codes. But they sometimes provide discounted offers for a limited time.

This online course software is top-rated, and people really invest even if they have fewer software deals than other sites.

Editor’s Note: Right now, Kajabi is giving 3 months of access for only $99. The best way to wait for their discount is to constantly check their site.

What if the discount code that I’ve found doesn’t work?

Some codes are either expired or have restrictions. Make sure to view conditions before using the code.

What’s the best Kajabi discount code?

I don’t think they’re giving a discount higher than 20% right now. But I’ve seen some sites offering a discount code with 30% off. Sadly, this code isn’t available as of the moment, but you can recheck it.

Does Kajabi Ever Have Discounts?

Yes, well at least they used to. Read our Kajabi Black Friday article for more information.

More Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:

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