Kajabi Podcast – A New Tool to Engage Your Audience in 2024

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Podcasts are getting popular over the years. And for course creators and entrepreneurs like you, this is a great marketing tool.

As of June 2022, there are around 383 million listeners worldwide, and experts expect it to grow continuously.

If you’re a Kajabi user or planning to use Kajabi soon, you’re in luck! This platform offers a built-in podcasting feature called Kajabi Podcasts.

Get to know this tool more in this post. We’ll discuss all its features, how it works, the pros and cons, and some FAQs.

Let’s start!

What is Kajabi Podcast?

kajabi podcast

Kajabi Podcasts lets you host, create, and distribute podcast episodes on one platform.

Like other podcast platforms, such as Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts, it allows you to produce audio content to engage with your audience, build trust, and promote your brand.

The main difference is that Kajabi provides more features than just hosting and distributing your podcast.

It’s an all-in-one tool, so you can also create a beautiful podcast page, publish blog posts where you can link your episodes, and sell other digital products.

So if you’re serious about your business growth but also value convenience and power, Kajabi Podcasts could be the perfect tool.

Who Is Kajabi Podcast For?

Kajabi Podcasts is ideal for different kinds of people. That includes:

  • Coaches and knowledge commerce business owners who want to leverage audio content as part of their marketing strategy.
  • Course creators who want to provide engaging and exclusive content for their students.
  • Podcasters who want to earn money by investing in a user-friendly platform to host and distribute their episodes.

Kajabi Podcast Features

Here are some of the features you’ll love about Kajabi Podcasts:

Intuitive Interface

kajabi podcast intuitive interface

If there’s one thing that Kajabi maintains across all its tools, it is its user-friendliness.

Kajabi Podcasts is designed to accommodate even the most tech-challenged users.

The back end is simple. You can see tips and short descriptions of what each function does. And there’s no need for coding or any other complicated steps.

For instance, creating a new episode just takes a few clicks. You only need to upload your audio file, provide additional information, and hit publish.

Podcast Import

kajabi podcast import

Moving your content from other podcast platforms to Kajabi is a breeze.

This feature is handy for those who have already established their podcast elsewhere but want to take advantage of Kajabi’s other features.

Whether your episodes are in SimpleCast, Podbean, Anchor, or any other platform, you can transfer everything by simply pasting your RSS feed link.

Show Notes

kajabi show notes

Show notes refer to the written content or description accompanying your audio content.

It’s usually around 105 words long and contains a summary of the episode, the guest’s name (if there’s one), and a call-to-action.

Aside from giving your audience an idea of the episode, show notes are also vital in SEO.

Google can’t understand audio content. So by including a description, you’re providing the search engine with what it needs to direct traffic to your episodes.

Episode Transcripts

Some might think that transcriptions are only necessary for videos. But they can also be beneficial for podcasts, especially if you want to make your episodes accessible to a broader audience.

Besides that, transcripts are also crucial for SEO, promoting inclusivity, and allowing listeners to skim through your content.


kajabi podcast distribution

With Kajabi, you can easily share your podcast episode to different directories without manually uploading them.

The distribution feature makes your content accessible to popular podcast directories, such as Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts. This is possible by connecting it via the RSS feed link.

What’s excellent about Kajabi is that it shows how to properly connect your podcast, as each platform has its own specific method.

Private Podcast

As the name implies, a private podcast is only accessible to specific people.

This feature is ideal for those who want to create exclusive content for their students or clients.

For example, if you’re a coach, you can use these to deliver supplemental audio lessons or mentorship sessions.

You can also use it to reward your email subscribers with bonus content.

Podcasts Analytics

kajabi podcast analytics

Knowing the numbers behind your podcast is essential to track your progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Kajabi Podcast has a comprehensive dashboard that lets you see the following data:

  • Number of listeners
  • What devices they’re using
  • Your top 10 podcast episodes
  • Top countries where your podcast is being played
  • Number of podcast episode downloads

You can use them to assess which topics and formats resonate well with your audience. Then, produce more content that matches their interests.

For example, your episodes about SEO might be getting more downloads than those about social media marketing. So you can produce more SEO-related episodes in the future.


Pros and Cons of Using Kajabi Podcast

This tool has more advantages than disadvantages. But to give you a more balanced view, here are some of the good and bad points of Kajabi Podcasts:

The Good

  • No transaction fees or hidden fees. Unlike Apple Podcasts, which takes away 30% of your earnings on your subscriber’s first year, Kajabi doesn’t charge you anything. You get to keep 100% of the revenue you generate.
  • It can be integrated with other Kajabi products. You can offer your podcast with other membership content, online courses, and products. It’s a great way to maximize your earnings as you can cross-sell and upsell to your listeners.
  • No extra cost. All Kajabi plans include access to Kajabi Podcasts.

The Bad

  • Subscription is more expensive than the others. If you’re only for the podcast feature and not the other tools like creating or launching a blog post, email marketing, and website, you might find the plans quite pricey.

How Does Kajabi Podcasts Work?

Now for the fun part, I’ll teach you how to launch your podcast, transfer your existing one, and make money from it.

Create A New Podcast

1. Click the “Products” tab on your dashboard.

kajabi product dashboard

2. Select the “Podcasts” tab.

kajabi podcast tab

3. Press “Get Started.”

kajabi get started podcast

4. Select “Podcast” in the New Product Section and Click “Get Started.”

kajabi new product section podcast

5. Click “Create a New Podcast” and press “Continue.”

kajabi podcast continue button

6. Fill out the details and pick whether it’s a public or private podcast. Select “Continue.”

kajabi podcast form

7. Set up your language, podcast category, and episode order, and click “Continue.”

kajabi podcast language

8. Customize the color of your page. You can change this one later, but you must upload a thumbnail to continue.

9. If you choose to make private ones, you’ll need to select whether they’ll be paid or free podcasts. Kajabi will ask you to set up a payment gateway for the paid podcasts if you haven’t yet.

kajabi podcast payment gateway

10. Click “Save and Finish.”

kajabi podcast save finish

Launch A New Episode

1. Go to the “Podcasts” tab again. Choose the podcast you’d like to add an episode.

kajabi launch new podcast

2. Fill out the details and upload your audio. If your content is for adults, check the box saying that it contains explicit content. Click “Add Episode.”

kajabi add episode podcast

3. If you want to make changes, just click the episode you’d like to edit. You can also schedule your podcast, add transcription, and copy the link to your podcast episode.

kajabi edit podcast transcription

Once you publish your podcast, you can choose to embed code on your Kajabi page so people can find it easily.

Copy the code under your selected podcast, and paste it onto the source code inside your website builder.

Transfer Existing Podcast

1. Do the same as when you’re creating a new podcast. Follow step one to step four of the “Create a New Podcast” section above or click “+ New Podcast” inside your “Podcasts” tab.

kajabi transfer existing podcast

2. This time, click “Import a podcast.”

kajabi import podcast

3. Paste the RSS feed link and click “Continue.”

kajabi paste rss feed

4. Provide all necessary information and click “Save and Finish.”

kajabi details save finish

NOTE: You can get the RSS feed link from the current podcast hosting that you’re using. For example, if you’re using Anchor, you can go to your account and copy it from there.

If you’re unsure how to get your RSS feed URL, search for “how to find my podcast RSS feed in (name of the hosting platform) on Google.”

Kajabi Podcasts FAQs

How many episodes can I have?

You can make as many episodes as you want. But Kajabi limits the size to 250MB only per podcast episode.

Will my podcast episodes be optimized for search engines?

Of course. And it’s not only your podcast episodes but also your transcript and podcast page. So make sure to include relevant keywords.

What audio format should I use for my podcast episodes?

Kajabi Podcasts only accept MP3 files for new episodes and supports MP3 and MP4A for imported audio content.


Now that you know everything about Kajabi Podcasts and how to use them for your online business let’s make it official!

Register for Kajabi’s 14-day free trial (or 30-day trial) and create your first free or paid podcast.

With Kajabi, you can easily upload your audio files, add transcripts, and even create a landing page for your podcast.

Start your podcast with this platform and see how effectively it can grow your brand.

Kajabi Frequently Asked Questions:


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