What Is Samcart? Is It the Next All-In-One Platform?

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At last, there is a better way to sell online with a higher conversion rate, fewer cases of abandoned shopping carts, and an easier and faster way to display your products with little to no copywriting skills.

If you’ve been wondering, “what is Samcart?” you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

What Is Samcart?

Samcart is an e-commerce software that allows you to advertise your products for sale online and receive payments online. But Samcart is more than just eCommerce software.

This e-commerce platform uses sophisticated business-related tools such as inventory management, payment processors, and several digital marketing tools to help you sell your digital or physical products.

These tools and Samcart’s simple one-page funnel system gives sellers a better chance at selling their products with a higher conversion rate than other complex eCommerce shopping cart platforms.

Samcart also implements great revenue generation systems such as subscriptions, order bumps, and various payment systems to suit the needs of each potential customer.

Check out some of its features below.

Samcart Features

Split Testing

samcart split test

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, allows online business owners to compare two varying versions of a webpage.

With Samcart, you can use A/B testing to determine which checkout pages convert more to choose the checkout page that converts the most.

One Click Upsells

One-click upsells set Smacart apart from many other eCommerce platforms. One-click upsell can help you make an extra 20-30% of your revenue on Samcart by increasing the average order value of your customer’s shopping cart.

This feature helps persuade customers to buy upgraded versions of your online services or physical products with just one click.

One Checkout Page

Samcart uses the one checkout page feature to drastically reduce cases of abandoned shopping carts.

This feature combines checkout processes of different checkout pages, such as shopping cart content, payment information, shipping options, and billing addresses, in a single checkout page.

It has several checkout templates you can try out to find the one that is compatible with the physical or digital products you sell.

This feature limits the number of checkout pages customers will encounter, resulting in a better shopping experience and more revenue.

Flexible Payment Plans on Checkout Pages

Apart from utilizing the one checkout page feature, this shopping cart platform also offers flexible payment plans.

Samcart offers multiple payment options for your business. Increase your revenue by offering multiple payment options to your customers for the same digital products online.

Also, suppose you are selling online courses and wish to offer subscription products, a periodic payment plan, or a specific payment structure. In that case, you can set all the features of payment you want with this shopping cart software.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Unlike many other shopping cart platforms, Samcart offers a way to save purchases that failed because of failed payments or other reasons.

Sometimes, a potential customer may fail to go through with the purchase, especially when a payment fails or the payment options offered do not work for him.

This shopping cart abandonment feature is one of the key features that Samcart uses to help you regain that potential customer. Samcart sends emails, Facebook ads, or short messages personalized to that potential customer. This feature aims to re-engage the customers and persuade them to complete the purchase.

This distinctive feature efficiently acts as a working lead list to re-engage potential customers, increase conversion rate and create great relationships with your customers.


samcart integration

Samcart supports integration with over 750 tools that can help you increase customer value and shopping experience. Samcart supports email marketing tools that help maintain a good relationship with your customers. These tools include Mailchimp, iContact, GetResponse, etc.

Also, Samcart supports integration with various payment processors such as Paypal, Stripe, Apple pay, Google pay, etc. You can also increase your conversion rate with this feature even though the google pay custom page and many others will show in some browsers only.

This integration feature is one of the user-friendly key features that make Samcart better than many other shopping cart software. 

Apart from email marketing tools and payment providers, the integration features also cover tools that deal with a sales funnel, web sales page builders, membership platforms for subscription products, marketing automation, and many more.

Subscription Saver

The subscription saver feature is cool, especially if you plan on selling digital products like courses and online coaching lessons.

Samcart offers this feature to help you charge customers regularly with a specific payment plan. The main reason for the subscription saver feature is to ensure that customers do not have to re-enter the details of their payment plan or credit cards.

After a customer fills in his payment details, the details are saved for the recurring charges.

Expired credit cards, the financial institution shutdown, or the card’s cancellation may defeat this feature’s aim.

But Samcart makes provision for these possibilities. Samcart automatically alerts and reminds your subscribers to update their payment information so that the subscription saver feature can function work.

This feature saves your subscribers valuable time. It also saves money and time for you.

Affiliate Center for Sale Teams

Samcart offers an affiliate center to help your own private sales team boost sales for you. This tool lets others earn a commission when they refer your people to your checkout page.

Samcart generates an affiliate signup page where affiliates can sign up for your affiliate program. You have to choose the automatic affiliate application, which can automatically accept affiliates.

Alternatively, you can also choose the manual affiliate application, where you will have to manually choose which affiliate applications to approve in your affiliate center.

The idea is that when customers purchase your products with an affiliate link, Samcart allows the affiliate site owner to earn a commission from the sale.

Who Can Use Samcart?

who can use samcart

Samcart is not limited to people who sell subscription products online. Anyone who has a product to sell and wishes to sell online can use Samcart.

Some of the features Samcart offers to increase conversion rates are limited to the premium plan. They include the subscription saver and the affiliate center features.

Instead of spending huge sums hiring a personal customer support team per hour, you can save money by upgrading to the premium plan to maximize the gains of your Samcart account.

Is Samcart Worth It?

Weighing the pros against the cons of Samcart can help you reach an informed decision.

Pros of Samcart

  • 7-day free trial (sometimes 90 days) to see how Samcart functions, integrations, and features to know the plan for you.
  • 45-day refund period if Samcart does not answer your needs.
  • Sandbox mode for testing the setup before publishing at no extra cost.
  • More than 750 integrations to make business administration easier and more efficient.
  • Maximize your revenue with order bumps, one-click upsells, subscription savers, several payment options, etc.
  • The flexibility of plans; a 30-day money-back guarantee when you upgrade from the “Launch” to the “Grow” plan.
  • Top security to ensure that your customers are safe.
  • Samcart support team to remind your customers of expired cards and other payment problems.

Cons of Samcart

  • Samcart is quite expensive compared to rival shopping cart platforms.
  • Samcart supports only the sale of products; it does not sell the brand. This can be incompatible with some stores that thrive on promoting their brand.
  • Some of the advanced features are limited to a specific plan which may be too expensive for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about Samcart’s feature critiques, check out our full review.

Samcart Pricing

samcart pricing

The first thing to know about Samcart pricing is that Samcart has three plans- the Launch, Grow and Scale plans. The Launch plan is $49/ month, but it is also billed at $39/ month if you pay for the year ($470 per annum).

The Grow plan is a little more sophisticated than the Launch plan. It costs $99 per month, but it is also billed at $79/per month if you subscribe for a year ($950 per annum).

The Grow plan has the same features as the Launch plan. But it differs from the Launch plan by incorporating multiple payment options, after-purchase upsells, and order bump collections. Also, there is no Samcart branding with this plan.

The Scale plan is the most expensive and most sophisticated. It costs $179/month, but you can get it for $159/month at $1,910 if you choose to pay for a year.

The Scale plan beats the Grow plan with its incorporation of the following features:

  • Affiliate center
  • Incorporated split testing
  • Cart abandonment; and
  • Subscription saver.

However, you must go premium to utilize these advanced features.

Bottom Line

This Samcart overview aimed to provide a detailed answer to the question “What is Samcart?”. You can be confident that Samcart is a professional shopping cart and course creation platform thousands of online entrepreneurs use.

If you’re on the fence about Samcart, test drive it with the link below. Our readers get a 30-day trial!

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