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Using SamCart can be daunting, especially if you are new to the platform. However, there is good news for you.

SamCart offers training materials to increase your ability to accomplish set goals with SamCart. These materials and resources are numerous and free.

Here is an article that discusses some of these resources. Check them out!

SamCart Training Resources

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Perhaps, the best part about these training materials and resources is that you do not have to pay for them. After choosing your preferred pricing for the plan you want, you will have access to some.

And when you need to learn with visual aids, you can check youtube for solutions.

Below are some training resources you do not want to miss out on. Check them out!

SamCart’s Online Courses

samcart online courses

SamCart offers a variety of courses online for users who want to learn how to sell their goods online. The best part is that the courses are free.

For instance, SamCart offers a variety of free online courses for creators selling courses. These include how to use the best sales page templates with the drag-and-drop feature, how to enroll new students, how to use the Auto-enrol feature to ease the enrolling process for students, etc.

SamCart also teaches online business owners how to make the most out of their online presence, especially with tips about how to put up a converting checkout page. These tips include integrating multiple payment processors such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, and many others.

Support and Solution (SamCart Knowledge Commerce Tools)

The SamCart knowledge base is a composition of questions SamCart customers often ask and articles that discuss the answers to these questions.

This is one of the resources that SamCart uses to help customers fix their issues. Although it has a lot of article tabs to take you through how to solve different problems, there is a “Search” bar to speed up your search for answers.

You can access articles relevant to your problem in a second, whether it is about sales, checkout pages, or data analysis. But you may not find answers to every question you have.

This is the main reason for the “Contact Us” button on their website to help you reach the SamCart support staff.

It would be best to have a quick read of the articles in the knowledge base, as this will help you navigate the platform faster and more efficiently.

SamCart Blog

It is common practice for many e-commerce software to have blogs offering useful information to their customers about how best to use their apps. The SamCart platform is no different. It has a blog dedicated to helping users understand their resources and how they can use SamCart to sell their goods online.

If boosting conversions and understanding how best to use the UpSell features and other SamCart resources are your concern, you can check out some of the blog topics on their blog. Some of the topics you will greatly benefit from include:

  • “The Subscription Saver, Everything You Need to Know”
  • “Upselling: How to Make The Most of Each Customer Order”
  • “How Much Do Online Course Platforms Take From Creators”

SamCart also uses the blog to announce the launch of a new feature, publish testimonials from other users, and increase the knowledge of their existing customers about their service.

SamCart Training Sessions

The live training is usually exclusive and normally features sales experts. You may have to reserve a spot if you want to take advantage of the resources in the live training. It would also help to attend the free live training with a few questions that are peculiar to your business since you will be in contact with real-life experts.

SamCart offers these training sessions to help users achieve their desired results with SamCart tools. The live training brings you in contact with SamCart experts.

You can learn a lot from these experts. They can help you with the needed knowledge to earn at least $100,000 in simple and practical steps.

However, the training is usually for a general need. You may have to tailor parts of the training to see how they can cater to the needs of your business.

Apart from the free live training, there are other free training sessions that SamCart offers. You also need to register for these courses.

After registering, you will also need to follow these courses through with some writing materials, as these resources usually have more details than other general materials on the Samcart Youtube channel.

The free training courses will help you with the knowledge you need to increase organic traffic and conversion rate.

SamCart Youtube Channel

samcart youtube channel

Users also make use of all the videos on the SamCart youtube channel. On the SamCart Youtube channel, you can access previously streamed videos germane to solving specific issues, such as course settings and content builder. Apart from the content builder and course setting, you will also find videos on how to set up ads in 5 minutes and other helpful content.

To efficiently use this resource for the success of your business, you can find topics that discuss the exact challenge your business is facing.

The youtube channel also features videos of users who marketed their products online with Samcart. These free videos offer tips to upcoming business owners who want to take advantage of SamCart.

Although SamCart allows access to their youtube content, it is highly unlikely to find an active SamCart user or an active SamCart community in the comments section.

SamCart Demo

samcart demo page

Training platforms and business owners selling online courses understand the importance of visual aids. SamCart also tries to help each customer get the drill with a few demos.

To access the SamCart demo, you will need to schedule a favorable time. These demos explain the process by turning texts into actions for a potential user to appreciate how SamCart works.

Much effort is put into ensuring that only earnest customers with a strong desire to learn how to use the platform can sign up for the demo training sessions. These demos are designed to help you focus on how to sell online and keep track of the success of your business.

SamCart Free Trials

Besides the text and video resources, SamCart also offers free trials to familiarise yourself with SamCart. These trials range from a week to 90 days, but you must create an account and sign in to enjoy this resource.

Another great thing about the trials is that they are free, and they come with almost all the features you will have access to when you use when you choose a plan. Some also come with free tools. A good example is the 90 days trial with the free Upsell Knowledge Playbook.

It also comes with a high-conversion one-page blueprint template to increase the conversion rate of your online business.

SamCart also offers a two-week free trial and a 7-day trial. The best part is that the free trial can be canceled at any time without losing your money.

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