Is Samcart Good for Selling Physical Products in 2024?

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Samcart is often used by vendors offering services and digital products for sale. Fitness coaches, professional tutors, sales teams, and many other businesses offering non-tangible products use Samcaet to accomplish sales targets and increase profit.

The gains of Samcart have made many sellers of physical commodities ask whether they can sell their physical goods with Samcart.

Check out this article for a detailed article. You will learn whether you can sell physical products such as books and other materials online, how you can do so, the advantages of choosing Samcart over other eCommerce cart shopping platforms, and how you can make the best of Samcart.

Read on to find out.

Can I Sell Physical Products With Samcart?

samcart one page approach

The answer is yes. You can and should use Samcart to sell your physical products if you want to run your business online.

Samcart is a direct business-to-consumer eCommerce platform that gives you control over your marketing strategy and how you want your customers to see your store.

Whether you sell digital or physical products, Samcart’s one-page approach simplifies your marketing strategy and reduces the need for elaborate marketing campaigns and inputs.

You can also increase conversions with its simple one-page website since it emphasizes the value of your products to your customers.

Planning to sell with Samcart? Check out some of the advantages you stand to get below.

What Are Some Advantages of Selling Physical Products With Samcart?

Check out some of the benefits of using Samcart to market your physical goods below:

Multiple Payment Options (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)

samcart payment

The numerous payment gateways on Samcart make selling physical products very easy. Samcart makes payment very easy for every group of customers you may have.

Samcart is compatible with multiple payment gateways, and these include the following:

  • Standard credit cards
  • Google pay
  • Apple pay
  • Paypal, etc.

The availability and integration of these digital wallets and payment alternatives reduce the chances of abandoned shopping carts. Customers are able to find a payment system that caters to their needs. These, in turn, boost sales.

Increase Sales With the Upsells and Add-Ons Features

The add-ons and upsell features are also an added advantage to help you boost your business. Businesses can also connect to custom domains instead of the regular “” suffix on their checkout pages.

This is especially important for you as a seller of a physical commodity because you want your brand to resonate in the mind of your customers. But this feature is only available for users on the premium plan.

Samcart also allows you to use the upselling technique to increase the average sales value of your customer. This means more money for your business.

Samcart and many other eCommerce platforms usually allow users to combine upselling and order bumps to increase the value of a customer’s order. These features aim to increase profit.

So if you are selling physical goods online, Samcart’s one-click upsells and order bumps are a great way to maximize your profits.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Feature

samcart abandonment recovery feature

As with a traditional sales funnel, potential customers do not make it to the checkout page for many reasons. One reason is the non-availability of some digital wallets like Apple pay, Google pay, and Paypal; and the several pages they must navigate to get to the product pages.

Samcart is a shopping cart software that removes these complexities with its one-page approach. But this eCommerce platform also has another feature specifically designed to recover potential customers who do not conclude the purchase.

Samcart reaches out to the customer to determine the reason for the cart abandonment. It engages the customer intending to encourage the visitor to conclude the purchase.

Compared to other platforms, this feature ensures that the number of unfinished transactions is reduced to the barest minimum. Hence, sale increases.

“Pay What You Want” Feature

samcart pay what you want feature

The “Pay what you want” feature is a relatively new feature available on Samcart for select industries and businesses.

Although suited for businesses that sell physical and digital products, the “Pay what you want” feature is better suited for businesses that sell physical products. One good example is a business selling artistic impressions.

Another example is a business outfit that helps groups or other organizations collect donations for a cause. The idea is that the client is given a blank check to decide what the product is worth. As a physical product vendor, you can use the “Pay What You Want” feature to boost sales and expand your customer base.

You can also use the “Pay as you want” feature for shipping options.

Multiple Integration Tools for Selling Physical Products

samcart multiple integration

Samcart does not have in-built marketing tools such as e-mail marketing tools, electronic wallets, Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM), among many others. But Samcart can be integrated with over 700 marketing tools.

This is great news for your business. You can maximize the benefits of these tools for the success of your business. You can integrate tools for advertising, electronic wallets like Google Pay, e-mail marketing software, Google Analytics, etc.

Integrating these tools will help you keep up with the sales trends to respond to the changes in the market for your physical products.

Final Thoughts

Samcart has all you need to sell physical products online. These advantages listed above are only a few of the goodies Samcart offers.

There are many others that are beneficial for your business, including the subscription saver feature. To learn more about Samcart’s full feature set, check out our Samcart review.

This feature is mostly used by businesses that offer digital products online. But you can also use it for your physical commodity, especially if you want to keep your customers coming back for new arrivals of the same product.

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