15 Best Samcart Examples In Numerous Niches

samcart examples

With the rise of the e-commerce industry, many platforms have been created to make selling convenient and less stressful. SamCart is one of them.

SamCart specializes in creating sales & checkout pages and their infamous 1-page funnel. With the SamCart platform, people can significantly increase their sales, develop well-designed pages without coding, and gather buyers’ insights in one place.

Right now, SamCart is used by over 22,000 businesses, and for good reason (read our review of SamCart here).

In this article, we’ll show you live SamCart examples you can check out.

Six Plus Figure SamCart Examples

1. Golf State of Mind 

in depth golf site
  • Niche: Golf / Sports Coaching 
  • Estimated Sales Revenue: $131k+
  • SamCart Product: Online training programs and audio sessions

Founded by David MacKenzie, Golf State of Mind aims to help improve players’ golfing skills by enhancing and training their mindsets. Aside from audiobooks and online courses, you can see various posts about golfing, like game analysis, course strategy, and visualization.

Most of the digital products offered by the website use SamCart’s features and checkout templates, except for the 1:1 coaching.

SamCart enables the website to create long-form sales pages with customizable pre-made templates. So after reviewing the videos and content of their digital product, customers can quickly buy by scrolling down the sales page or simply clicking their CTA buttons.

Another SamCart feature this website applied in its checkout pages is the one-click upsells. Buyers can add a 30-min lesson with David by simply checking the box. For businesses, this strategy is effective in increasing sales.

2. Kinobody Movie Star Program

Kinobody Movie Star Program Website Home Page
  • Niche: Health and Fitness
  • Estimated Revenue: < $5M
  • SamCart Product: Online training programs for men and women and digital cookbook

Kinobody Movie Star Program is just one of the online products offered by Kinobody. Some other courses are advanced muscle building, cutting program, and Kino Baddie muscle toning for women.

The website also offers physical products like supplementary and clothing. While the physical store uses different software, Kinobody uses SamCart for all the online ones.

The checkout pages are mostly one column, and they allow the use of coupon codes. It’s one valuable SamCart feature you can utilize to encourage more people to buy your product.

The sales pages are well-structured and work very smoothly. By clicking the “Join Now” button of any course’s CTA, the website will bring you to the end of the page and let you choose which payment plan you prefer.

After selecting, you will be directed to the SamCart page, where you can pay via credit card or PayPal. Both checkout pages you land on (if you click on either option) are built with the SamCart platform.

one of the payment plans

Fun fact: Kinobody uses SamCart for their affiliate program (one of the many extra services SamCart offers). Their users can earn commissions for recommending Kinobody courses.

3. Fraser’s GAMSAT

Fraser's GAMSAT Website Home Page
  • Niche: Admission Test Tutorial 
  • Estimated Revenue: $19.3M per year
  • SamCart Product: Three-tier packages that include access to online 

Fraser’s GAMSAT provides courses and tutoring to help takers pass the medical admission test. The team behind this company consists of lead tutors and founders. Fraser’s GAMSAT doesn’t have any physical products, only course packages, and live events.

All its course packages, from basic to comprehensive, are created using SamCart. Unlike the two websites above, Fraser’s used simple two-column checkout pages with videos, a list of the materials included, reviews, and three payment options.

SamCart enables businesses to be more accommodating to prospects who are on a budget. As Fraser’s did, you can provide 10 or 20-week payment plans.

The software will automatically charge your buyers by saving their payment information, so you don’t need to worry about a single thing.

4. Photzy

Photzy Website Home Page
  • Niche: Photography
  • Estimated Revenue: $263k+
  • SamCart Product: On-the-go photography learning tools.

Photzy teaches photography step-by-step through their downloadable tools and ebooks. Photzy’s long-form sales pages are created nicely and are complete with information about their digital products. They also provide blog posts about tips on how to become a better photographer.

The website uses SamCart split-column pages and other features like the progress bar and testimonial widgets.

great use of order bumps

These added tools can enhance the checkout experience for buyers. Moreover, Photzy included one-click upsells, which is a great strategy to upsell products.

Health and Wellness SamCart Examples

5. Primal Potential

Primal Potential Website Home Page
  • Niche: Health and Fitness
  • Estimated Revenue: $53k 
  • SamCart Product: Self-guided courses and productivity journal. 

Elizabeth, the founder of the website, graduated with a degree in nutrition and has taught over 3,000 clients. She uses the website not only to sell her products but also to provide blogs posts and podcasts about improving health and mindset.

Primal potential’s 12-week program is a group coaching service turned self-study course offered using SamCart.

Aside from this, some products under her shop also utilize the app, like the Nutrition Fundamentals, Breaking Barriers, and her physical product. She used simple checkout page templates but customized them a little to match her brand.

6. Get Handles

Get Handles Website Home Page
  • Niche: Exercise (Ball Handling Workouts) 
  • Estimated Revenue: $60k 
  • SamCart Products: Online course about instant ankle breakers.

Among all the examples, Get Handles has the simplest site of all. The SamCart product isn’t visible on the main landing page, but you can view it here.

Get Handles customized its CTA button and made it bigger to be more visible. It also added two special offers that people can get as add-ons.

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The contact form was simplified and only required three pieces of info from the buyers. Using SamCart’s features, Get Handles added 60-day money-back guarantee so purchasers will feel safer when buying the course.

7. Faster Way to Fat Loss 

Faster Way to Fat Loss Website Home Page
  • Niche: Health and Fitness
  • Estimated Revenue: $19k+
  • SamCart Product: Weight loss program for men and women 

Faster Way to Fat Loss offers a variety of products and services for weight loss and transformation. Their main customers are women, but they also provide programs for men.

The website’s products are VIP memberships, FASter Way to Fatloss masterclass, and Prenatal programs.

These are all powered by SamCart, but the pages’ formats are a little different from each other. Some used single-column checkout, while the masterclass opted for the two-columns. The CTA buttons aren’t the same as well.

On their Faster Way masterclass, they used the countdown timer widget. This tool can create a sense of urgency for visitors and push them to sign up.

Other than that, the website also used the FAQ widget. Faster Way uses the payment option uniquely. Instead of providing two different pricing plans, the website used them to determine the gender of the enrollee.

Lifestyle and Hobbies SamCart Examples 

8. Passion 4 Dancing

Passion 4 Dancing Website Home Page
  • Niche: Ballroom Dance
  • Estimated Revenue: <$5M
  • SamCart Product: Yearly membership for online Ballroom and Latin style dance.

Passion 4 Dancing’s founder helps people learn ballroom dancing fast and easily through his high-quality videos. Aside from the SamCart product, he offers free video tutorials on his blog page.

Their online membership allows users to enjoy 24/7 access to videos, new monthly dance lessons, music suggestions, email tips, and live practice classes.

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Once they register, they can log in right away to the website. Moreover, members of Passion 4 Dancing can enjoy a lot of exclusive content like interviews and Q&As on their site.

Selling online products with recurring fees is very easy with SamCart as it has a Subscription Saver that can protect an online business from losing sales because of expired credit cards or declined payments. With SamCart, the website can also give a full refund to the customers and cancel their subscription anytime.

9. Flow Genome Project

Flow Genome Project Website Home Page
  • Niche: Productivity for Leaders
  • ER: <$5M
  • SamCart Product: Digital trainings to improve performance, leadership course, coaching certification, 1-on-1 coaching, and live events. 

Behind the huge Flow Genome Projects company are various artists, professionals, and leaders with the mission to help people achieve high-level performance and maximize human potential.

SamCart enables the website to utilize its pages for all of its products, from live events to digital courses. These are connected with well-designed sales pages, so readers know what they need before purchasing their program. Because of this, all the checkout pages are simple and short.

With SamCart’s pricing plan feature, they provide an option for full payment and a 3-month installment plan. In some of their checkout pages, they accept Paypal, but with their Flow Fundamentals, they only accept credit card payments. 

10. Pelvic Pain Relief

Pelvic Pain Relief Website Home Page
  • Niche: Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Estimated Revenue: $12k+ 
  • SamCart Product: Group coaching calls with membership access and various course options offering different health and exercise programs for women. 

Pelvic Pain Relief’s founder, Isa Herrera, is a licensed physical therapist. She established this company to provide science-backed exercises, methods, and equipment to fully and properly apply healing and professional training.

The website uses checkout pages of SamCart for most of the online programs as well as the community sessions.

SamCart enables multiple payment plans for the three-tier community membership so the registrants can choose between paying monthly billing or annually. And like other products, the website provides a discounted price for those who opt for the annual billing.

Isa made some changes to her SamCart pages, but they are still well-structured and easy to navigate.

She added more form fields to get billing information for some and changed the size, content, and color of CTA buttons. As for her Coaching product, instead of using the usual “Place your order now,” she tweaked it to “Pay 100% Refundable Deposit.” 

Other than that, SamCart makes it easy for the website to accept payments via PayPal and other methods.

11. Fabulous Alyce

Fabulous Alyce Website Home Page
  • Niche: Dating 
  • ER: $17k+ 
  • SamCart Product: Dating workbook for women

Alyce is a professional dating coach, a crystal healer, and a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming. She wants to save women from toxic relationships and falling with the wrong people. She also teaches them how to attract their ideal partner. 

The website uses the checkout page of the software for the 10 Dates in 10 Days Workbook. It’s a simple two-column page with photos and texts of what to expect inside the digital book. However, if you want to sell physical products, SamCart offers a shipping and handling feature you can use.

On her form, she included a coupon code form field, and she provided two payment plans. Purchasers can choose to buy only the workbook or get it with a coaching call.

Business & Education SamCart Examples   

 12. Wealthy Education

Wealthy Education Website Home Page
  • Niche: Investment and Trading
  • ER: $175k+
  • SamCart Products: Online courses with lifetime access to specific types of trading such as cryptocurrency, forex and day trading, technical analysis, and investing bundles.

If you want to be financially free by learning the principles of trading, Wealthy Education can provide you with the information you need. This online business offers free ebooks, blog posts, and online courses.

Among the SamCart examples, Wealthy Education has the plentiest digital products offered, and they use SamCart checkout pages for all.

For the courses, they created sales pages with the checkout form at the end. SamCart enables fast creation of this with their pre-made checkout templates. The website also used a countdown timer, video for the course introduction, and various order bumps. These can enhance the checkout experience of the buyers.

With SamCart Integration, sales proof pops up at the lower left. This can increase their conversion as people will be convinced that people are buying the course.

name and email table

They created three plans to choose from for their investing bundles. However, once you select one, you can still pick another without going back because you’re allowed to do it on the checkout pages.

 13. Youpreneur Academy

Youpreneur Academy Website Home Page
  • Niche: Coaching services
  • Estimated Revenue: $195k+
  • SamCart Product: Online course for coaches, content creators, experts, and business owners.

Youpreneur Academy is a part of the products and services offered by Youpreneur. The website provides online content like podcasts, courses, coaching, and more. Yourpreneur wants to help entrepreneurs become credible leaders and grow their businesses.

The Academy offers a 5-hour lesson taught by Chris Ducker, and it aims to help business owners build their brand and stand out in their industry.

With the help of SamCart pre-made checkout page templates, selling online products and creating checkout pages is very easy. Like what the Academy did on theirs.

Since the templates are pretty customizable, they were able to add their content and edit the page to resonate with their brand. The CTA buttons are highly responsive as well as FAQ and countdown widgets.

 14. Geek in Your Pocket 

Geek in Your Pocket Website Home Page
  • Niche: Website Maintenance
  • Estimated Revenue : $17k+
  • SamCart Product: Website auditing and support services

This website is a little different from the others. Instead of offering courses and physical products, Renee is offering her website service for business.

She wants to help struggling business owners like her to be able to balance time and do more of what they love than using their free time to maintain and update their websites.

Using the checkout page of SamCart, she offers two products that people can choose from. One is complete website maintenance and improvement. While the other is an ongoing protection plan.

Like the others, she offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.

The website audit checkout page is elegant. There’s no payment plan option, but it is a recurring fee. As of writing, Rene offers a free 30-day bonus offer as an order bump.

While the protection plan has two recurring payment options and two order bumps. Buyers can choose from paying monthly or annually.

Although different, both of the SamCart checkout pages are well-organized.

 15. 6-Figure LinkedIn Secrets 

6-Figure LinkedIn Share Secrets Website Homepage
  • Niche: LinkedIn Coaching
  • Estimated revenue: N/A
  • SamCart product: Online course about the system to earn six figures using LinkedIn.

Yoon’s website is pretty straightforward. She doesn’t have any other page like about us, contact, etc.

Her homepage is also her landing page, where you can find who she is and what she’s offering. She helps people maximize the potential of LinkedIn and get high-paying clients without needing to spend too many hours every week.

All you need to know, the curriculum, testimonials, and bonuses are all on the sales page, so when you click the link to her checkout page, you won’t see anything but only the form. No images, just the contact information field plus the payment method.

SamCart helps give you the freedom to include and exclude anything on the checkout page.


No matter what you’re selling online and what niche you’re under, SamCart lets you create the best, simplest, and highly responsive checkout pages you need.

The Bottom Line: pick the best pricing plan for you and start your 14-day free trial with SamCart!

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