SamCart Kajabi Integration – How to Make the Most of Both Platforms 

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Are you looking for the best way to connect SamCart with your Kajabi account?

I’ll show you the complete guide to integrating the two platforms. So, you can make the most of both tools.

What is SamCart?

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SamCart is a digital shopping cart that allows users to sell and promote their products online, whether physical items or digital products and services.

Why Integrate Kajabi into SamCart?

Kajabi is known for its online course and membership site builder capabilities. Although it has some basic eCommerce features, it’s not as robust as SamCart.

Connecting these two platforms will allow you to build premium digital products and access powerful sales tools. This, in turn, can boost your conversion rate and increase overall sales.

How to Integrate SamCart into Kajabi?

Follow this step-by-step guide to connecting SamCart with Kajabi:

1. On your SamCart dashboard, click the Settings icon.

samcart dashboard settings

2. Select the “Integrations” tab on the left sidebar.

samcart integrations

3. Choose “New Integration” and select Kajabi.

4. Type the integration name. Then paste your API Key and API Secret.

samcart api

You can get the API Key and API Secret on your Kajabi account. Go to Settings -> Account Details -> API Credentials.

5. Press the “Save Integration” button to continue.

samcart save integration

6. Go to your “Products” tab and select the product you wish to integrate with Kajabi.

samcart products tab

7. Click the “Integrations” tab, go to the Beta Integrations, and select New Rule.

samcart new rule integrations

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8. Choose your trigger action from the following:

samcart trigger action
  • Product Purchased
  • Product Refunded
  • Subscription Canceled

Trigger refers to the user activity that will initiate the integration. For example, if you select “Product Purchased,” the integration will trigger when a user buys that product.

8. Select the Kajabi integration you created.

9. Pick the action you want to happen. You can select between:

samcart pick action
  • Grant Offer
  • Revoke Offer

Action refers to what Kajabi will do once the trigger is activated. In this case, choosing “Grant Offer” will give the user automatic access to your digital product in Kajabi.

10. Once you select the action, pick the Kajabi offer you want to apply this to. You can only choose one.

integration specific settings

11. Press “Submit,” then activate the integration.

click submit

You’re all set!

When a user buys, asks for a refund, or cancels a subscription on SamCart, the platform will automatically take care of granting or revoking access to Kajabi.

Wrapping It Up

That’s it! You’ve now successfully connected your SamCart account with your Kajabi account. By doing so, you can take advantage of the sales tools that SamCart offers and the high-quality course creation tools that Kajabi is known for.


How many integrations can I make with SamCart-Kajabi?

You can create as many as you want. But you can only choose one trigger, action, and offer per integration.

I’m having trouble connecting SamCart with my Kajabi account. What should I do?

Contact SamCart’s team at Because the automation will happen inside SamCart, Kajabi doesn’t have access to solve the issue.

How much does SamCart-Kajabi integration cost?

The integration itself is free. But you’ll need to pay for both tools to get access. SamCart’s cheapest plan costs $59/month, while Kajabi’s is $149/month.

Is there any other way to connect these two platforms?

You can use third-party apps like Zapier or Integrately. However, you’ll need to create another account and learn a new app to initiate the connection. 

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