Samcart $19 Plan – Is This Plan Still Available in 2024?

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Some time ago, Samcart had a basic plan at $19 only for sellers. But Samcart no longer offers the $19 basic plan.

The least expensive plan Samcart currently offers is the Launch plan, billed at $59/month. This plan allows you to access many more features than the $19 plan offered. If you opt for the annual billing, you stand a chance to get the plan at $39/month. That is about 33% off.

However, below are a few things to know about the $19 plan.

What To Know About Samcart’s $19 Plan

Although it allowed online business owners to operate Samcart with a few features, the following were peculiar about the $19 plan.

Checkout Pages

The Samcart $19 plan had more than 12 checkout page templates in its template library. Although it was limited in the number of checkout pages, it had checkout pop-ups, which is a checkout procedure that allows your customers to finish their purchase without leaving your webpage.

No Affiliate Center/Affiliate Program

Although some current plans offer sellers an affiliate program with an affiliate center to increase conversions, the $19 plan did not offer this feature. It did not also have some of the advanced sales reports features of the current plans.

Email Customer Support

The $19 plan offered email support and live chat but did not offer email custom integrations. These automated emails make it easy for businesses to follow up on the customers with product updates after getting their information.

Unlimited Pages To Advertise Products and Online Services

The plan also came with unlimited pages to advertise your digital products online. These pages had design templates for various sales pages. All the seller had to do was choose, drag and drop.

Other features that the $19 plan offers include discounts, Samcart branding, and credit card as a means of payment.

How Does Samcart’s $19 Plan Compare to the $39 Plan?

The $19 plan does not compare in any way to Samcart’s current $39 launch plan. The $39 launch plan is packed with more features to help business owners utilizing Samcart make the best use of the Samcart platform.

Apart from the flexible pricing plans of paying monthly or annually, the $39 launch plan offers the following:

  • Onboarding training with the weekly webinars
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • More sophisticated sales funnel
  • More landing pages
  • Flexible payment plans and payment options for different customers
  • Smart pixel tracking
  • A Samcart free trial
  • A flexible payment plan so that users can elect to pay annually or monthly
  • Integrations to make the shopping cart platform meet the needs of the user
  • Coupon discounts
  • The “Pay As You Want” feature
  • Free and paid trials

Many of these features are not offered on the $19 plan. So evidently, the $39 Launch plan beats the $19 plan by far. But there are many other features that Samcart offers which does not come with the $39 plan.

These features include the Subscription saver and the affiliate programs and center. But these are only available on the premium plan of the Scale plan.

The $39 Plan Over the $19 Plan?

There is no question that any Samcart user will pick the $39 plan over the $19 plan. With the $39 Samcart affordable plan, business owners get great value for their money and more sales evidently.

The drag-and-drop editor features for a sales page, advanced analytics, and standard integrations make the shopping cart software more desirable than many other software.

The plan is especially great for startups selling digital products. But it is also great for business owners that sell physical products. Business owners can use the one-click upsells, and order bumps feature to increase the cart values of each customer that engages with their sales funnels.

Final Thoughts

Samcart features make it an excellent shopping cart platform. Whether you are selling courses or physical products, Samcart is a reputable platform for online business.

Samcart is an excellent choice for sales if you sell products requiring recurring subscriptions. Samcart integrates with Membership sites such as MemberPress so that you can add and remove clients as you please.

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