Can You Create Landing Pages with SamCart in 2024?

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SamCart is all about converting more and in a more efficient way. This is why many business owners often think about checkout pages when they look up SamCart.

But for online business owners who want to create a landing page, is it possible to build landing pages on SamCart?

Here’s a satisfying answer to that question. Read on to find out!

Does SamCart Have Landing Pages?

Although SamCart is reputed for functional and productive checkout pages, it has a landing page builder integrated into it for building landing pages.

With the integration of a landing page builder, you can create landing pages customized for your online business needs. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor helps you create an effective landing page without prior coding experience.

Building SamCart Landing Pages

Building a SamCart landing page is pretty easy because of its drag-and-drop page builder.

SamCart offers many pre-made templates, which you can access from the builder. You can also use the builder to add new templates.

The best part of the landing pages is that It implements the SamCart one-page strategy. SamCart landing page templates are designed to consolidate all the important information about your product into a single page.

The landing pages are single-page templates that reduce the chances of your customers being distracted. This is one of the main reasons the landing pages have checkout forms included.

Features of SamCart Landing Pages

Traditional landing pages have features that offer some benefits. But the SamCart landing pages have all these features and even more. Some of these additional features are discussed below:

One-Page Approach

One of SamCart’s online marketing strategies is to ensure that a sales page is stripped of anything that can distract your potential customers. This is necessary for ensuring that these pages are manageable and productive.

This also means that all the important information about your product is consolidated and put on a single page. Your potential customers will find no reason to get distracted by something and forget to conclude the sale on the checkout page.

Samcart 1 Page Funnel Diagram

They will also not need to go through many pages before they get the product they are after, as this can also cause them to be distracted.

SamCart’s goal with this one-page strategy is to funnel every potential customer to a single page where they can get what they want and pay without distractions.

The page addresses the customer’s main needs, and the easy-to-reach checkout feature takes the ready buyers to the checkout page.

Split Testing

As high-quality landing pages, SamCart landing pages have a/b testing, also known as the split testing feature.

The comparison for a high-performing landing page to increase conversion rates is made possible with the a/b testing feature.

You can find this feature on all of the pages. This is to help you plan a productive approach to more conversion.

The best part is that SamCart makes it easy to navigate your way around to find the most productive conversion strategy. If one does not work, you can easily focus your energy and efforts on a different approach.

Multiple Templates

samcart one page funnel template

Besides the a/b testing and one-page approach, SamCart offers you a template library with multiple pre-made templates.

This has saved you from the hard coding part. All that’s left for you to take your business online is to choose the template your business needs.

You may have to remove unnecessary fields from the page, especially if they have no bearing on your business.

You also do not want to wait long before checking your SamCart account, as many new templates are often added to the library. The aim of these new designs is to ensure that your site’s performance improves.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Samcart Page Builder Design Image

Many shopping cart platforms provide the drag-and-drop page builder feature to encourage the intuition of users to build a totally different page.

This feature makes it easy for someone without prior coding experience or knowledge to build a landing page.

It allows users to create pages they believe will display their products better.

Apart from these, the builder also allows you to customize your templates to answer your customers’ needs. You can add or remove parts of the template that are irrelevant to your product.

Samcart Landing Page Example

Here are some examples of how SamCart does it.

samcart one page approach

Here is an excellent example of what a landing page looks like.

It fits all the important information about the product into a single page. More importantly, it has a portion that spells out the product’s benefits for the potential customer. But it also has a squeeze-part where you can get customers’ information.

Bottom Line

SamCart has incredible landing page templates for you to choose from. You are also offered the choice to build a landing page that suits the needs of your business as you deem fit.

These landing pages perform excellently because they condense information that the customer needs to know. The page outlines challenges, the solution, and the value you add to the customer. Apart from these, you also get the opportunity to integrate a checkout page for closing sales faster.

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