Kajabi vs Simplero (2024): A Detailed Comparison of the Most Intuitive Platforms

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If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform to manage and create online courses, you might have heard of Kajabi and Simplero.

Both platforms have simple interfaces, yet they offer powerful features beyond basic course creation.

However, there’s still one that’s ahead of the other.

In this comparison, we’ll discuss each platform’s essential features to help you pick the best for your online business.

Similarities Between Kajabi and Simplero

Since Kajabi and Simplero cater to the same audience and have the same concept, their tools and features are pretty much alike.

For starters, both online course platforms allow users to create and sell courses without prior experience or technical knowledge.

That means anyone can create a course on either platform, regardless of background or expertise.

Additionally, they strongly value a beautiful website and landing pages for your online business.

Both platforms offer customizable pre-made templates that make creating visually appealing and high-converting pages easy.

Lastly, Kajabi and Simplero know how vital student engagement is, so they let you prepare quizzes, release downloadable resources, build a community, and monitor your student’s progress.

These platforms also provide a mobile app so your students can access your courses anywhere.

Overall, both Kajabi and Simplero are worth considering for your online course creation needs.

Kajabi vs Simplero – Key Differences

kajabi vs simplero
  • Pricing – Kajabi is more expensive than Simplero, but you’ll pay a fixed price for each plan. Simplero’s pricing, however, changes depending on the number of your contacts.
  • Limitations – Simplero lets you create unlimited products, but Kajabi limits you to three, 15, or 100, depending on the plan.
  • Integrations – Kajabi offers more direct integrations to other third-party services. In contrast, Simplero only has integration with Zapier.
  • Managing other products – Kajabi and Simplero both have podcasts and coaching features, but it’s easier to access and use them on Kajabi.

These are just the significant differences, so let’s learn about the others.

Membership and Course Creation

Kajabi and Simplero are two of the most intuitive membership and course creation platforms available. Even a beginner can build something in half a day or even faster.

With these platforms, you can offer drip and scheduled courses, which gives you more control over how and when you’ll publish your lessons.

You can also use different media types like videos, audio, images, links, and downloadable resources. They can add flavor to your lessons and make them more attractive.

However, Kajabi still has some advantages when it comes to uploading course materials and speeding up your process.

Kajabi lets you add content from your Google Drive, DropBox, or just by copy-pasting a link. You don’t need to download everything to your computer anymore. This isn’t possible with Simplero.

Another great thing is that Kajabi offers well-designed blueprints for different online products.

You don’t have to start from scratch and build your course or membership site from the ground up. You can choose a blueprint and customize it with your images and texts.

Moreover, the blueprints contain valuable instructions on how you can create compelling course content that your students will love.

Other than those, Kajabi and Simplero are equal. They utilize a drag-and-drop editor so you can quickly move your lessons inside your modules and provide you with a responsive course builder.

Winner – KajabiThe product outlines and more convenient ways to upload content make it much easier for course creators to launch their courses.

Student Engagement

Due to the increasing number of online courses, having excellent course material isn’t enough. You must ensure that your students are engaged. Or else they’ll become bored and disinterested, which can lead to poor course completion rates.

Kajabi and Simplero let you set quizzes and build a community for your members.

What Kajabi is missing, however, is the certificates and badges.

They are effective psychological motivators and tangible accomplishments that your students can show others. Simplero, on the other hand, has a badge system.

Simplero gives you access to certificates and badges. You can create a system and automate them so your members can receive them whenever they achieve a certain level of engagement.

The same goes for the certificates. You can edit the available certificate inside Simplero, then create a system and automate the sending of the certificates to your students.

Winner – SimpleroYou can make your students feel good about their achievements with badges and certificates, increasing member retention and engagement.

Themes and Website Customization

Another strength of these two platforms is their website builder. They allow you to build a mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and unique website without the stress of learning codes.

Of course, they allow modification of codes for advanced users, but most of their tools are designed for newbies.

Some basic customization includes changing the color, font style, size, and layout. You can also add some sections like CTA buttons, contact forms, testimonials, and many more.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly move them inside the builder. These sections help boost your conversion rate, decrease your bounce rate, and make a more attractive website.

However, this is what I noticed. Simplero doesn’t offer website templates like Kajabi. It has a “Site Themes” tab.


But instead of finding themes to choose from, you can only customize the sidebar, colors, typography, etc. In short, you’ll need to build your theme.

And although they provide beautiful landing page templates, they’re quite limited compared to Kajabi.

I find it more fun to design websites and pages with Kajabi because of their wide selection of premium themes.

Kajabi Pre-Made Themes

Right now, they have over 50 customizable templates, but you can also upload your own theme or buy from third-party stores.

Winner – KajabiIt offers a better selection and gives you more control over what theme or template you’d like to use for your brand.

Marketing Tools

Besides the tools for creating and selling online courses, most users also look at the marketing tools they can use.

If you’re one of them, I’d say you’ll love these tools.

Email Marketing

Kajabi and Simplero offer well-known tools like email marketing, sales funnels, and affiliate programs. And, like the other tools, it’s easy to work around them.

You can set up, schedule, automate, and track your email campaigns in one place. This gives you better control and insight into your marketing activities.

The only advantage of using Kajabi is that more designs are available than in Simplero. Meaning to say, you can make more beautiful promotional emails with it.

However, Simplero has an A/B testing tool, which is unavailable in Kajabi. A/B testing is a handy tool for marketers.

It allows you to test the success of your emails to know what is working and what isn’t. You can run two versions of one campaign without duplicating and manually monitoring them.

Sales Funnels

Creating a complete campaign for a product or a service can be tedious.

You must build a structured sales funnel, then set up and connect your pages, emails, and opt-in forms. For beginners, it is a time-consuming process.

But with Kajabi and Simplero, you can use pre-built templates and get your funnel up and running in a few minutes.

Kajabi calls them Funnels, while Simplero tags them as Done-For-You Campaigns.

simplero done for you campaigns

What I like about Kajabi is that you can share your funnel to your email campaigns, social media, and web pages using a link.

Doing so can encourage more people to sign up for your product launch, freebies, and other campaigns.

You can also customize the pages inside the funnels using the drag-and-drop editor.

Affiliate Program

Like the other marketing tools, both applications have an affiliate program. You can choose the commission percentage you’d like to give and monitor your affiliate’s progress.

However, Simplero lets you set up and schedule an automatic payout via PayPal, so you don’t need to manually pay your affiliates as Kajabi does. You can also establish delay payouts so you can better handle refunds.

Winner – Simplero. Although the differences aren’t that noticeable, automatic payouts and A/B testing are excellent marketing tool additions.

Sales Tools

Kajabi and Simplero have all the necessary features to close more deals and attract more new members to your list.

With these all-in-one platforms, you can offer discount codes, 1-click upsells, and order bumps.

These tools help you to maximize the revenue from your products, memberships, and courses.

For example, you can provide a 20% discount for new members to attract them to subscribe to your membership program.

Additionally, you can set up different pricing options or tiers for your online courses and other digital products.

With Kajabi and Simplero, you can create different plans for premium members, silver members, gold members, platinum members, etc.

You can also offer free trials or one-time charge payments, recurring payments, or installment plans.

Winner – Tie. I’d say that you can’t go wrong with either software regarding sales tools.

Customer Support and Online Resources

Simplero provides help tickets, free discovery call, a knowledgebase page, a Facebook group, and their own Simplero University.

Kajabi offers almost the same as it has a Help Center, which acts as its knowledgebase, email support, Facebook community, and also Kajabi University.

However, Kajabi takes it up a notch by providing live chat support, daily live webinars, and onboarding sessions with Kajabi experts.

Winner – KajabiLive chat support is crucial, primarily for those who want a faster response from customer service.

Kajabi vs Simplero – Pricing

Simplero offers three pricing plans:

simplero pricing
  • Starter – $70.80/month
  • Scale – $178.80/month
  • Skyrocket – $298.80/month

They offer around 17% off for those who choose to pay annually.

Here are Kajabi’s 2024 pricing plans:

kajabi pricing table
  • KickStarter – $69/month
  • Basic – $149/month
  • Pro – $199/month
  • Growth – $399/month

Compared to Simplero, Kajabi provides a 20% discount for annual users.

I think Simplero provides a better deal because of its pricing range and unlimited product creation for the two higher plans.

However, they’re not fixed. As your list goes up, so is the price you need to pay. In the end, you might pay more than what you’ll pay if you use Kajabi.

Kajabi vs Simplero – Conclusion

Kajabi and Simplero are two superb all-in-one online course platforms. They are both easy to use and have a lot of features. You should check out both of them.

But I’d pick Kajabi. It’s still more intuitive, organized, and stylish than Simplero.

You can also select from a great list of themes, templates, and blueprints to create a better user experience for your visitors and students.

Most importantly, it has more integrations than the other.

However, if you’re on a budget and your main focus is on providing more engagement for your members, Simplero is an excellent choice.

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