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Whether you offer a service or digital product(s), your business needs to be rightly positioned with an excellent single-page funnel. This is exactly what Samcart funnels do.

Are you wondering what the difference between Samcart’s approach and traditional funnels is?

Read on to find out.

Can You Create Sales Funnels With Samcart?

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Yes, you can create sales funnels for your with Samcart. The one-page marketing strategy is perhaps one of the main reasons Samcart is more effective than many other eCommerce platforms on the market.

The Samcart one-page sales funnel simplifies the journey every potential customer usually goes through before making a purchase. But how do the Samcart funnels differ from the traditional sales funnels?

How Does a Samcart Sales Funnel Differ From a Traditional Sales Funnel?

Setting up sales funnels engages potential clients by informing them of your product and leading them on until they purchase it. The traditional multi-step marketing funnel is one common way to achieve this.

The traditional sales funnel usually begins by flashing an ad to direct the prospect to several pages from the squeezing page where some of his basic information are collected.

This information is the starting point for engaging the potential client with emails that are usually sales copies or links to a page where he can interact with payment gateways for the product.

The reason this strategy is favored is that it helps the vendor build a create a leads list for his online business. As the list grows, he can use marketing automation tools to engage the prospect, send more sales copies about new products and hopefully convert as much traffic as possible.

But this approach presents a problem; customers who have not bought from you are less likely to purchase, read the sales copies or follow links in the emails when you notify them of new products than customers who have bought from you. So you may end up with a long leads list but a very discouraging conversion rate.

This is the problem that Samcart funnels tackle. The difference between a Samcart sale funnel and traditional funnels is that the Samcart approach makes the prospect an active customer from the first time he sees your product page.

Samcart 1 Page Funnel Diagram

The Samcart approach combines all the several complicated steps of a traditional funnel into one page where the prospect is shown all he needs to know about the product and also allowed to make an informed buying decision.

Hence, Samcart emphasizes clients that have interacted with your business since they will be more willing to buy new products when you send them updates with your client list than it does on potential clients that may never buy from you.

How To Build Sales Funnels With Samcart

If you want to create a Samcart sales funnel, here is a simple guide to help you put your products online without creating numerous pages.

Create a Base Offer

This is the first step to creating a sales funnel. This base offer is your product. Go to your Samcart dashboard, click the new product, and select the new product tab. You want to add all the important details about the product, such as the name, product type, and a short description.

Set the product price, payment frequency, payment gateways, and payment options. After that, you want to specify the location where it is available and create shipping options and the appropriate design to make it appealing to the prospect. Save the changes.

Compliment Your Base Offer

You want to complement your base offer with an order bump or two. For instance, if you are selling a book, you can add the audio version as an order bump or an upsell.

To do this, you want to repeat the same process as when you added your new product. These new products will be more expensive, and you can choose a different payment option, such as recurring payments after an initial payment.

Ensure to save changes as you go.

Set the New Products As Upsells and Downsells and Test

You want to set the more expensive and upgraded versions of your products as upsells, while the less expensive products can be set as downsells.

After you have added the products, you want to click the “Upsell” bar and add a description for the upsell. After adding a description, you want to select the product you want to sell as an upsell and click the “finish” bar.

You want to configure the products well and add video or graphic images so the client can have as much information as he needs. You also want to repeat the process with the base offer and other additional products.

Remember that upsells are more expensive than downsells. Downsells will usually appear as a cheaper alternative after the customer has rejected the upsell.

After creating all your upsells, you want to click on the upsell bar again and click on the “create upsell funnel” bar. Add the title and click create the “New funnel” bar. Modify the upsell and downsells created in your drop-down menu appropriately and save the changes you made.

So if your upsell product is at an outright $300, the corresponding downsell can be $110 in three monthly installments, totaling $330. You can then edit the second offer to show a different product and so on.

After modifying it appropriately, you want to save changes and return to “Products.” Scroll down to “Order bump” and add a catchy sales pitch in the description bar.

Scroll down to the “Upsell Funnel” bar and add the exact product sales funnel you want. If you want to run a split test, you can create another funnel and run a split test on varying prices, videos, etc.

The final step is to switch to sandbox mode and save changes so that you can test the sales funnel. To test the funnel, you need to copy the URL, paste it into a new tab and see if the funnel works.

Here is a working model for understanding the illustration so far.

working diagram

Bottom Line

As a checkout cart and landing page builder, Samcart will work best for your business since it is best suited for building micro sales funnels for small businesses.

The numerous tools, such as smart pixel tracking, automated marketing tools, and advanced reporting tools, helps you understand business trends and put your marketing relationship concerns at bay. Learn more about these features in our review.

Make your business management easier today with Samcart! Try them out for free with an extended trial.

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