Samcart 90-Day Free Trial – How to Get The Longest Trial Available in 2024

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This 90 days free trial offer comes with three mind-blowing bonuses. The bonuses are a free upsell playbook, a 40 minutes training course, and a one-page blueprint template to give you a head start.

There are some interesting features that also work with the trial. These include the drop and drag editor, new sales and checkout page templates, and many more.

Let’s dive deeper to see what the Samcart 90-day trial is all about and how best you can use it.

Editor’s Note: After contacting Samcart support, they’ve let me know they are no longer offering the 90-day trial. They’ve lowered it to a 30-day trial (even if you find a 90-day Samcart trial offer on their website, it will redirect you to a 30-day trial, said the support rep.

The Samcart 90-Day Free Trial

It is best to start with the bonuses of this 90-day free trial. Below are the main bonuses of the Samcart 90-day trial.

Free Upsell Playbook

samcart upsell playbook

The trial comes with a free upsell playbook. It is a fact that upsells are one of the surest ways to move your business to the next level. This free upsell playbook will give you the strategy you need to increase your profit exponentially.

In this free upsell playbook, you will learn powerful marketing skills that will triple your profit sooner than expected!

But to access that powerful strategy, you must first sign up for the trial.

The 40 Minutes Training

The second bonus with the trial is a high-impact 40 minutes training titled “10 Secrets To A 6 Figure Empire Webinar.”

This training is designed to equip you with a clear direction on how you can navigate the terrains of digital marketing. At the end of the training, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to launch and dominate the web with your informational products.

But you can also use this knowledge to sell physical items.

Again, to access this freebie, you will have to sign up for the free trial.

The One-Page Blueprint Template

samcart one page template

The reason for this bonus is to give you a good headstart so that you do not start from scratch. It is a high-conversion template you can copy and paste for every product you launch.

All you have to do is personalize the template to go with your product. You can add bump offers to increase the value of your customer’s shopping cart. You can tweak it however you like, but the good news is that you are not starting from scratch.

Samcart Free Trial Features

The free trial also comes with some features. This is especially important because many free trials do not offer as many features as this free trial.

With all the features offered in this Samcart free trial, you would be using the Samcart platform risk-free even though you are on the Samcart trial.

Without further ado, let us discuss some of these features.

Drop and Drag Editor

This is one of the features that the current $59/monthly Launch Plan offers. This feature allows you to assume total control of your brand. It also cuts the input cost for setting up your business online because you do not have to hire web page designers and web page developers.

This drag-and-drop editor allows you to drag ready-made elements onto your web pages and design them how you like. The best part is that you can be sure that the page will have an impressive conversion, even though you did not hire web designers and developers to design your checkout page.

Templates of Sales and Checkout Pages

The Samcart free trial also comes with this amazing feature. You will be allowed access to new sales and checkout page templates. Samcart allows users who take advantage of this free trial to utilize the new template designs to convert visitors into sales.

This also includes Samcart’s first “Free Plus Shipping” template. You can also add the checkout page pop-ups so that customers do not leave your checkout page when paying for goods.

Integration Engine

samcart integration engine

Undoubtedly, this is an advanced feature that this free trial offers. Although you will be operating with the Samcart 90-day free trial, you can enjoy the automation of many aspects of your business.

You will be allowed to integrate your account with an email service provider and many others, such as Slack, Apple Pay, Kajabi, Google Pay, and many more.

More Detailed Analytics

samcart detailed analytics

The Samcart 90-day free trial offers bigger and better analytics and well-detailed sales reports to help you understand how internet traffic engages your business.

Samcart offers sales reports to help you understand how your business is working. The traffic reports also help you understand which traffic source has the highest conversion rate.

Premium Support and Concierge Onboarding

The Samcart 90-day free trial also offers concierge onboarding. This means that Samcart will set up integrations for you, create your pages and make your transition to Samcart easy and smooth.

However, you have to qualify for this Premium Support and Concierge Onboarding to enjoy this feature as it is one of their advanced features.

How Do I Sign Up for the Samcart 90-Day Free Trial?

This is pretty easy. You do not have to check Samcart’s pricing plans. You only have to follow the following steps below:

Samcart 30-Day Free Trial

You can also try the 30 days Samcart free trial via this extended trial page.

It is safe, as you will not be billed if you quit the trial before the expiration of the 30 days. You will also receive some bonus materials if you sign up for the Launch Plan under the 30 days free trial.

Samcart 7-Day Free Trial

If you do not plan on taking too much time before deciding which plan to use, the 7-day free trial is an excellent place to start. It works for all three Samcart plans and, more importantly, includes the advanced features of the Scale Plan.

You can try it the 7 days Samcart free trial by signing up here after choosing the plan you’d like to try.

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