Samcart Upsells and Order Bumps – A 2024 Guide

SamCart Order Bumps and Upsells

Every digital e-commerce shopping cart software should offer users all the features required to maximize market opportunities and increase sales and revenue.

SamCart does this for its users with numerous features, including SamCart upsells and order bumps.

Here’s a complete guide to help you make the most out of these features. 

SamCart Upsells and Order Bumps; What are they?

Upsells are usually more expensive value-packed post-purchase offers that customers can purchase without the need to check out again.

Upsells are usually upgraded versions of the base offer or a multi-offer discount. 

Order bumps, on the other hand, are used to advertise other related offers a customer may desire to add to the order before checking out. Offers used as order bumps are usually complementary products that go with the main product the customer wants to purchase. 

SamCart allows you to add multiple offers as SamCart order bumps in the footer or grids. You can also feature these multiple offers as pop-ups.

Key Differences Between SamCart Upsells and Order Bumps

Upsells and order bumps comprise the products created under the PRODUCT tab. Hence, the concepts can be confusing for new users. 

Here are some key differences to help you understand the main differences between upsells and order bumps.

Pre-Purchase Points (Order Bumps)

bump offers on samcart

SamCart Order bumps are implemented before the checkout. Hence, it is a pre-checkout offer. But SamCart upsells usually come after the checkout.

Post-Purchase Point (One-Click Upsells)


SamCart Order bumps are typically part of the regular checkout process. SamCart Upsells are usually referred to as “Once’click” because the customer does not need to go through the regular checkout process again. The client’s payment method is already stored.

Complement and Upgrades

SamCart Order bumps are complementary products rather than upgrades. SamCart’s upsells, on the other hand, are usually upgraded types of products offered. 

Funnels and No-Funnels 

Upsells are usually added to sales funnels that feature multiple products. But order bumps, conversely, are single offers for customers to add to their shopping carts.

Why Set Up SamCart Upsells and SamCart Order Bumps?

Many SamCart users and online businesses mainly use SamCart upsells and order bumps to increase sales and generate more revenue. When used properly, SamCart’s upsells and order bumps can help you earn more by linking them instead of offering multiple products as numerous separate offers.

SamCart Upsells are a proven way to increase sales and revenue. SamCart has tested and found that upsells bumped up average sales by almost 70%. That spells a lot of potential for SamCart users who desire to utilize the feature when making offers. 

Contrastingly, SamCart found that order bumps converted only 30-40% of the time. 

Examples of Products You Can Sell With SamCart Upsells and SamCart Order Bumps

There are no limits to the type of products you can offer as SamCart upsells and SamCart orders bumps. You may offer digital or physical products as upsells and order bumps. But you must ensure that you use this feature right to achieve an increase in average order value.

Here are five common products that commonly feature as your SamCart Upsells and SamCart Order Bumps:

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions work great as order bumps to complement courses. You can offer coaching sessions to ensure accountability and extra guidance with the course. 


Ebooks also work excellently as order bumps for when you sell physical copies of your books. Your customers can begin to dig into the soft copies of that gardening guide or recipe book pending when the physical book arrives. 

Video Courses

If you sell physical products that require some training or expert guidance for customers to get the most out of the product, video courses are a notable option for order bumps on product offers like that.

Physical Products

Physical products feature well as SamCart order bumps and upsell. If you offer two versions of a certain product, you can make the upgraded type an upsell while the base version is offered as the original product.

On the other hand, you can also offer physical products as order bumps. An excellent example is when you sell a clipper and offer shaving accessories such as brushes and extra blades as order bumps. 

Adding SamCart Upsells and Order Bumps in SamCart

Adding a SamCart upsell is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps outlined below to set your upsells up.

Adding an Upsell


samcart new product upsells
  • Creating the base product you want to offer for sale is the first step. You can duplicate a product and fix a different price if you like. You can also choose to create a new product from scratch.
  • Go to your PRODUCTS tab on your SamCart dashboard, and choose NEW PRODUCT.
  • After creating your product, click on the UPSELLS tab. Choose UPSELLS from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose your SamCart template and attach your product.
  • Attach a SamCart product to the product.
  • Customize the page as you like. This may include modifying the button’s text, adding images, a video clip, and some text.
  • Preview your work and publish when satisfied with the customizations.


samcart upsells
  • Creating a funnel is the last step to enabling your upsell. Select FUNNELS from the UPSELLS tab.
  • Add your upsells in any particular order you desire.
  • Click on SAVE CHANGES at the upper right corner of the page.

Adding a SamCart  Order Bump

samcart share this product upsells
  • Before creating your SamCart order bump, you must first create your main offer and the offer you want to use as the SamCart order bump. 
  • Again add a product from the PRODUCT as described above.
  • Choose your desired product.
  • On the product page, select the UPSELL tab.
  • Scroll down to choose ORDER BUMP.
  • Select your chosen product and click on ADD.
  • After adding your product, customize the order bump by adding a single or multi-product widget, choosing the color, layout, border alignment, and many other options, and you are good to go!

SamCart Upsells; Pros and Cons


Variation Testing and Seamless Checkout (Pro)

SamCart upsells are a good way to find which offers get the most engagement from your customers. SamCart allows its users to offer numerous products as SamCart upsells. But you cannot offer more than 5 products as upsells. However, this allows you to test different products to know which customers favor most. This insight can help you improve the quality of your offers. 

Another great thing about SamCart’s upsells is that customers do not have to fill in payment details again. SamCart makes your upsells a one-click checkout solution for a seamless customer experience.

Customer Frustration and Distrust (Con)

You may end up frustrating your customer and building distrust in your client base if you do not use your SamCart upsells properly. Offering too many products as upsells or products irrelevant to your customers can adversely affect the quality of their shopping experience.

You may also build a distrust for your business when you offer expensive base products at a discounted rate. Your customers may begin to wonder why you never offered them the discount when they saw the product on your website in the first place.

SamCart Order Bumps; Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons when implementing your SamCart order bumps.

Helps the Customer Save Time (Pro)

Your SamCart order bumps can save your customers valuable time searching for the right complementary products to help them get the most out of a product they purchased. The order bumps may also be a better product choice for a customer than the product they initially set out to buy. 

Frustrate the Customer to Abandon the Checkout (Cons)

Pushing numerous unrelated products as order bumps can make your customers think you are too desperate to make sales. It can make your customers distrust your brand, products, and business altogether. 

Advertising too many products as order bumps may frustrate your customers at the checkout point and cause them to abandon the cart. Hence, you need to be practical and reasonable with what you offer as order bumps. 

SamCart Upsells and Order Bumps Alternatives 

Other alternatives to SamCart offer upsells and order bumps. Below are three popular examples.

  • ClickFunnel
  • Kajabi
  • LeadPages 

They offer upsell and order bump packages and features similar to SamCart’s. 

Do All SamCart Plans Offer SamCart Upsells and SamCart Order Bumps?

samcart pricing

Of all three SamCart pricing plans, only the Launch plan does not offer upsells and order bumps. But SamCart upsells and order bumps are available on the Grow and Scale plans. 

The Grow plan costs only $199 per month. But you can save $480 if you choose to pay annually. This is because the cost drops to $79 monthly if you pay annually. 

The Scale plan is $299 per month if you pay monthly. But paying annually costs only $199 per month, amounting to $2388 instead of $3588 if you opted for the monthly payment. 

If you use the Launch plan, you may want to upgrade to any of the higher plans above to access the SamCart upsells and SamCart order bumps features for your business. 

To get a SamCart discount in 2024, it’s best to choose an annual SamCart plan.

Not a SamCart user yet? Read our overview of SamCart, take SamCart for a test drive with this extended trial option!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Price My SamCart Order Bumps and SamCart Upsells?

Generally, SamCart order bumps are cheaper than normal and come with discounts if purchased with the main order. But you can price them the same.

There are many ways to determine the right price for your SamCart order bumps and upsells. A common method is to first survey the market. Check the price that your competitors are offering similar products. You can also check how often they make sales to know whether the price is customer-friendly. Reviews and ratings are a great way to tell. This information can help you decide whether you price your SamCart order bumps and SamCart upsells the same, add a few dollars to the price or offer them at a lower price.

Another method is first offering the products with the SamCart PAY WHAT YOU WANT feature. This is a reliable way to know what your customers think about the value of the products so that you can make an informed decision about the price when offering them as SamCart order bumps or SamCart upsells. This is especially great for complementary products you plan to offer as order bumps. It also works for upsells since they are upgraded versions of a base product. 

But remember to set the price limit to a considerable point and remember that you do not have to make losses to make sales. 

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