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Technology continues to make payments for online businesses easier, faster, more secure, and more efficient. Aside from these benefits, business owners can also monitor and understand their online businesses’ financial reports. Before now, credit cards were the most secure payment system.

But now, online business owners can integrate more sophisticated third-party payment processors to secure payments.

Interested in securing payment for your products and services more efficiently?

Check out some of these SamCart payment processors and how to integrate them.

Integrating Your Payment Processor to Samcart

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SamCart initially started with a limited number of payment gateways. However, many other payment processors have been added to make the platform more adaptable to customers’ needs.

Integrating your payment processors into your funnel checkout page takes a few minutes.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • The first thing to do is to open your SamCart dashboard.
  • Locate the gear icon and click on it.
  • Click the “Payment Processor” Tab
  • Go to the “Additional Payment Options” section and click on the “Add New” tab.
  • A small pop-up window will come up to present the available integrated options.
  • Choose the option you want to add and continue with the instructions to set it up.

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Some Payment Processors

Samcart Payment Integrations

Besides the credit card payment options, many other options do not directly require customers’ banking details on SamCart exists. This is especially good for prospective customers who do not want to give out their banking details.

A good alternative is integrating other payment processing methods that do not require customers to give out their sensitive banking details.

Here is a list of some payment processors you can add to process payments and their peculiarities if you are looking for a specific feature.


Stripe is an excellent payment processor for invoicing, billing, and online payments. To integrate Stripe, select Stripe as your payment processor, but you must log into your stripe account with your login details.

After you log in, you will see a drop-down menu where you are to click the “Connect My Stripe Account” option. Your Stripe Account will show as “Active” on SamCart as proof that you have integrated it.

Stripe works with several features to help you manage your business better. Some of its advanced features include Radar, a fraud prevention feature that protects against fraud in real time. It helps with fraud and risk management for your business.

Sigma is another advanced feature that helps you access transaction-related data and create customized reports about your subscriptions, customers, etc.

Other advanced features include Atlas, which offers support for start-ups, online identity verification, and VAT and sales taxes automation.

The processing fee for using Stripe is usually 2.9% plus 30 cents for every transaction. But you may incur an extra 1% for international cards and another 1% charge for currency conversions.


A user with a Paypal account will also have to log in to integrate the payment processor with his SamCart. After selecting Paypal from the integrations options, select Paypal and log in to your Paypal account on the next page.

You must select the bar “Click Here to get your Paypal credentials” on this page. You will need to request your API signature from your Paypal account. After that, you want to copy your Paypal account username, API password, and your API signature.

Paste these details into the corresponding spaces on the page of your SamCart account and save the changes.

Paypal is a popular payment processor and is often used as one of the numerous payment options for shopping cart software. However, its processing fees are a bit complicated. Local transactions attract standard rates, while transactions featuring international currencies attract different but specific charges.

Paypal offers some additional features in addition to their advanced features. These additional features include the

  • Bill Me Later service, which allows your customers to buy without providing their credit card details
  • Inventory tracking
  • Online invoice feature
  • Fraud detection
  • One-Touch checkout, and many more.

Digital Wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay)

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Digital wallets also work as excellent payment processors, especially for mobile devices. Apple Pay is one of the popular e-wallets in use and has a user-friendly design.

To enable digital wallets, you must first locate the “General Market Place

setting. Click on the “Processors” tab on the left-hand sidebar. Under the “Processors Setting” section, you will find a toggle for “Enable Digital Wallets.” Click on the toggle to switch it to “On.”

You should see a green pop-up confirming that your settings have been saved. This is how you enable e-wallets in your marketplace settings.

You can also enable digital wallets in your product settings if you wish to enable digital wallets for a specific product. Check the “Payments” tab in the product and click on the “Allow Digital Wallets” toggle to switch it on. Finish by saving the changes you have made.

These e-wallets, whether Google Pay or Apple pay, make payment for items in shopping carts so easy and fast. All the user has to do, is swipe or tap his mobile device, and the payment is made.

However, they also come with processing fees. Apple Pay charges about 3% as a credit card fee, while Google Pay charges standard credit card fees and a fixed percentage of the transaction value.

Although SamCart integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay, you must first connect an active Stripe processor to your SamCart marketplace.

Credit Card Payment (Braintree)


Braintree is a payment system for merchants with high-volume e-commerce needs. It allows high-volume credit card payments and offers more sophisticated security features to prevent fraud.

If you have Stripe or, Braintree will override them to become your credit card processor.

Connecting Braintree is pretty easy. Go to your SamCart dashboard and click on the gear icon to access your General Marketplace Settings. You will find this gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Click on the “Processors” tab and the “Add New.” Select Braintree and enable live orders on your checkout pages by selecting Production credentials. You may need the Sandbox credentials to place orders in test Mode.

Label your processor and fill in the other spaces with the appropriate information. The Sandbox transactions are not compulsory, but you may need to enter the details to test your checkout pages. Click on the “Submit” tab after filling in the spaces.

As confirmation, Braintree will appear as “Active” on the dashboard.

Credit Card Payments (Easy Pay Direct)

credit card payments

Samcart integrates with EPD to help you secure payments. Its impressive features include its Transaction routing technology and Quick Click shopping.

To integrate, check the upper right-hand corner of your Samcart dashboard and click the “Setting” icon. Click “Processors” in the left-hand sidebar and “Add New.”

A pop-up window will come up. Select “Easy Pay Direct.” Another pop-up window will emerge for you to fill in your credentials. These include your EPD username, ID, etc. You can get these from your EDP merchant account’s “Account Information” section.

After entering your credentials in the Samcart pop-up, you must sign into your EDP to add the Webhook signing key to finish the integration.

Go to your EPD account SETTINGS, click WEBHOOKS and click on the “Create” tab under the “Endpoints” tab. Fill in the URL field with “” and subscribe to transaction.void.success and transaction.refund.success under the “Available Events” tab.

You can start securing debit card payments with EDP on your SamCart.

Authorize.Net is another payment gateway service provider that accepts numerous billing and payment options.

To integrate, click on the gear icon to open your “Account Settings” menu. Click on the “Processors” tab. You will find it in the left-hand sidebar.

Check the “Connect An Existing Existing Processor” section and select “Add New.” Click on “” when the pop-up window shows. Log in to your account and copy your API login ID.

If your account is in Test Mode, you want to disengage it. Generate a transaction key and signature key if you have not done so before. You will not enter these keys in your SamCart, but SamCart wants to ensure that you generated these keys at some point in your account.

Go back to SamCart and supply your API login ID in the designated space. Login on the login page, where you will be redirected, and click the “Allow” button on the next page to complete the integration.

A small pop-up window will appear to confirm the integration.

Bottom Line: Samcart Payment Processors for Checkout Pages

These payment options improve customers’ shopping cart experience, reduce the chances of cart abandonment and increase sales locally and internationally.

They also give your business the professional touch needed to keep returning customers.

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